By Rockjaw Grang Part of the The Phoenix Estates continuity.
Battle At The Western Air Temple


None, Start of conflict


Destruction of Jang Hui, Landing at Seedy Merchants Pier


Invasion of Gaipan, advancing in the Fire Nation, Battle at Ba Sing Se, Battle at Sun Warrior city


The Phoenix Battles


Summer Solstice


Western Air Temple


Airship destroyed


Kumaro, Aditi, Appa, Juna (late battle)

Bharato, Lee, airship crew


Aditi, Kumaro


Forces involved

2 Airbenders, 1 Firebender, 2 sky bison

1 airship, fully crewed, 1 war balloon



Several Firebenders who willingly joined the army


Sighting "the Avatar"

Bharato was preparing to strike at Ba Sing Se, and was using the Western Air Temple as a launch point. When He saw the Avatars bison, he assumed the Avatar was at the temple too. He prepared to engage the Avatar, tacking with him a full airship crew.

The Battle

During the battle, while the occupants of the temple hid, Aditi and Kumaro attacked the airship. Kumaro heated the metal on the airship to the point he could strike it with his staff, and open up a hole that could not be closed. Immediately after this, Bharato dueled with Kumaro and Aditi. The battle went in Bharato's favor, until kumaro developed the ability to generate green flames. After that, Bharato began loosing, so he took Aditi's glider, and flew off. Aditi and Kumaro were later rescued by Appa, as Kumaro's glider had been burnt to a crisp, and Bharato had stolen Aditi's.


Juna decided that leaving the people of the airship to die was not right, so she flew to the airship, and rescued the ones who had been forced into the army.

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