Team Avatar fanart By The Bos Part of the Avatar: Guardian continuity.
Battle at the Royal Prison
Capital City Prison


Battle of Wulong Forest


Ambush in the Interrogation Room


Guardian's War


101 AG


Near the Fire Nation Capital


Liberation of Ozai


Team Avatar, Fire Nation Capital Citizens

Phoenix Warriors


Avatar Aang & Fire Lord Zuko

Jiang Rha (from a distance)

Forces involved

Team Avatar, Fire Nation citizens

Phoenix Warriors


Many injured citizens

None, but few captured


The Battle at the Fire Nation's Prison tower was a battle fought early in The Guardian's War. It was the first time that Team Avatar fights against the Phoenix Warriors, and is considered by Team Avatar to be a defeat due to Ozai's escape. It takes place in the chapter From the Ashes.


After Phoenix King Ozai was defeated by Avatar Aang at Wulong Forrest, he was imprisoned and repeatedly interrogated at the command of Fire Lord Zuko. He was imprisoned in an underground room guarded by Master Firebenders loyal to Zuko. The Phoenix Warriors still view Ozai as the rightful ruler of the Fire Nation and the world, so they set out to free him.

The Phoenix Warriors heard about a cave in at the Fire Nation capital city and heard that the Avatar and his friends were there, then left. They decided to use this opportunity to free Ozai.


The battle started when many Phoenix Warriors appeared and attacked the guards at the prison. The guards fell quickly and the Phoenix Warriors quickly found that none of the cells contained Ozai. They found the guards that Zuko placed at the back entrance that led to Ozai. After they were defeated, they blew down the door to get to Ozai. The resulting explosion was heard throughout the capital, where Team Avatar was. Almost all of the invading warriors went down the tunnel to make sure they could successfully free Ozai.

Team Avatar battles

When Team Avatar arrives, Aang quickly incapacitates the guards the Phoenix Warriors left guarding the front of the building. Toph engulfs them in earth so that they cannot counterattack. Toph and Aang make a tunnel toward Ozai's cell. When they arrive, they notice that Ozai is missing. They go up the path that was used to enter and find the guards, dead. They circle around the prison and see the Phoenix Warriors battling the civilians that Zuko called to fight while he was on Appa. The team scatters, battling different members who were ganging up on civilians. Aang did the most impressive attack, against 6 invaders, launching a rock engulfed in fire. The attack damaged the landscape and unintentionally provided a cover for the invaders to escape.


Team Avatar searches the skies for the invaders, but fail to find any signs of them. They return to the capital to interrogate the captured invaders, which leads to a confrontation with the Dai Li.

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