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"Hey everyone! Ready for Bowling Night?", Odd says in his Bowler's outfit.

"What's Bowling?", Sokka asks.

"It's a game were you roll a ball and try to knock over as many pins as you can in your lane in two turns.", Ulrich says.

"Sounds simple. But what is the floor like? If I am able to see my feet need to be in contact with a rock ground like the pavement outside.", Toph says.

Hours later inside the Bowling Alley...

"REALLY?! Wooden floors in the actual bowling area! I can't see the pins!", Toph says raising her arms in frustration, "At least the rest of the place has some sort of rock."

"Okay let's go rent some bowling shoes cause they are quite picky what kind of shoes you wear while bowling.", Odd says in snarky tone.

They kids get their bowling shoes while Toph sits at the table with some water trying to deal with the fact that she can't play cause she can't see the pins.

"Well Odd do you want to give a demonstration on how to bowl?", Jeremie asks.

"Sure.", Odd says.

Odd selects a ball, he walks over to the lane he is using and rolls the ball. When the ball reaches the pins he knocks over 7. He does the drill again and misses. On the screen a pin is shown as a ball comes at it the pin lifts up its skirt revealing hairy legs and red high heels. The ball goes in between the legs. Then the word open appears. Everyone in the gang gets sweat drops at the sight of the picture. Zuko runs off the throw up. Aang covers his eyes. Katara closes her eyes and shakes her head. Sokka drools dumbfound at the picture.

"What?! Why is Zuko running and you guys are giving some vibrations that tell me your grossed out.", Toph says slamming her water.

"Ehhhh... You don't want to know and your pretty lucky to be blind cause we saw something... Disturbing.", Sokka says.

Odd laughs at the funny scene with the pin lifting it's skirt. Zuko comes back.

"Hopefully they don't show that again.", Zuko says.

"They may actually but there is more pictures than that.", Odd says.

Yumi goes up and gets a 3 then a 6. Another angle of the pin lifting it's skirt plays making the gang repeat their previous actions.

When it gets to Sokka's turn he gets gutter ball then another gutter ball. The screen shows a group of pins laughing. Sokka gets annoyed.

"At least you gave your all.", Odd says.

At Katara's turn she got a 2 and a 3. The screen shows the pins bending over backwards to avoid the ball and in the end laugh.

At Zuko's turn he gets a gutter ball and then another gutter ball. The screen shows the pins laughing. Zuko gets mad and steam comes out of his nose.

"I hate games...", Zuko mutters. He sits down and bangs his head down.

Aang gets up and gets a 4 and a 6. The screen shows the word Spare.

"That's good. A spare means you get all ten down in 2 turns. It's the second best thing to a strike.", Jeremie says.

"What's a strike?", Sokka asks.

"A strike is when you get all ten pins down in one hit.", Jeremie says.

An hour later Odd has 45 points, Yumi 44, Sokka 2, Katara 25, Zuko 2, and Aang 30.

Wow. You and Katara are naturals.", Odd says, "But you two could use some lessons."

Zuko steams at the comment and Sokka tries restraining him. The two turn at the door where a girl enters in a grey shirt with a butterfly and black shorts.She gets her shoes and goes to the lane next to theirs. She pulls out her ball and sets it down. It's a glittering pink ball covered in butterflies.

"Mai would say a rainbow puked on that ball.", Zuko says.

The girl finishes preparing and she grabs her ball and rolls her ball and hits 9 pins. On her second throw she gets the last one. Since she is the only one playing in that lane she goes again.

"Something seems familiar about her...", Sokka says remembering the same grunt noises that she made while sending off that blast of light that she uses when she gets furious over getting gutter balls.

"Now that you say it she does seem familiar. Look at her eyes. Their the same shade as that girl we saw in Lyoko.", Aelita says.

"They kinda look like chocolate to me.", Odd says. Everyone stares at him.

"Her hair is similar too.", Sokka says, "Same colors."

"So your saying she is the same girl.", Toph says.

"More or less.", Sokka says shrugging.

Aang goes up for his turn again, a specter appears out of the machine that returns the bowling balls. Aang backs away.

"Uhhh... Guys. Is that suppose to come out?", Aang says pointing at the specter.

"No. It isn't. That's one of X.A.N.A's specters! Stay away from it! That is the same thing that attacked me!", Jeremie says.

Aang tries Airbending it away but it doesn't respond to the gust.

"Uhhh... Oh... If X.A.N.A gets a hold of any you things will not end well!", Aelita says, "We need to get to Lyoko now!"

"Aang, Odd, and Yumi. Get Aelita to Lyoko quickly!", Jeremie says.

Aang pulls out his glider.

"Hang on tight!", Aang saws and he goes into the sky with everyone.

"Are you sure this is the quickest way?", Aelita asks while screaming.

"Yes.", Aang says dodging a hawk.

Back at the Bowling Alley...

"What do we do?!", Sokka shouts.

"We need to wait for the tower to be deactivated.", Jeremie says.

"Luckily Aang got out but the doors are jammed now!", Katara says trying to open them.

"X.A.N.A must have locked them. Katara can you try breaking the glass?", Ulrich says.

"All I need is some water to do it.", Katara says.

Odd gives her a large cup of water and Katara bends it out and whips the door. The door starts to crack.

"Come on sis! You can do it! Keep the Waterbending going!", Sokka says.

"Sokka, your starting to become an annoy hogmonkey!", Katara shouts.

"Just bend the water woman!", Sokka shouts and Katara bends a large amount of water out of the cups and freezes Sokka to the ceiling.

"Hey!", Sokka says.

"Well you should have shut up when I told you to!", Katara says and goes back to whipping the door.

The girl tip toes to the bathroom. Toph finds this strange.

"Hey, Zuko. Follow that girl. She is being weird.", Toph says pointing at her.

"You want Zuko to follow her into the girl's bathroom?!, Odd says and burst out laughing, "Only a stupid boy would go in! Or a desperate five year old who wants to go in with his mommy."

"Maybe Sokka should go in... He is stupid enough to go in.", Zuko says smirking.

"Oh all right! It's better than being frozen to the ceiling!", Sokka says.

After being unfrozen Sokka darts for the girl's bathroom. He peeks in to see the girl looking around then she starts shining and her clothes are replaced with the exactly same armor dress he saw her in before in Lyoko. She disappears.

"That girl is the same girl we saw the other day!", Sokka says, "I saw her change without taking off her clothes."

"You mean she transformed.", Jeremie says realizing if he worded that wrong everything would go well... bad.

Jeremie checks his laptop and see that the three are in Lyoko and are facing some Krabs. Aelita makes it to the tower and deactivates it. The specter's victims faint and it dissipates.

"Glad that is over with...", Katara says.

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