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Battle at the Avatar Temple
[[File:Raava's spirit in Korra|px|Kyoraava, attacking Rujean]]


Battle at the Water Tribes/Spirit World


Assassination of Air Queen


Confrontation at the Fire Nation Capital


August, 10,425 A.G.


Omashu; Earth Kingdom Avatar Temple


  • Kyoko defeats Rujean
  • Zhì Kuài defeats Ding


Team Avatar




  • Rujean
  • Ding

Forces involved

  • Rujean
  • Ninja Forces


  • Zhì Kuài is almost killed
  • Kyoko loses access to Raava and the Avatar State
  • Rujean Dies


First appearance

Cuts and Bruises

Last appearance

Like Mother, Like Daughter


When Rujean threatens to take out Omashu and name herself queen, Kyoko has no choice but to turn herself over. With the plan that Team Avatar will follow close behind. After finding out that Ding wants Zhì Kuài, she turns herself over too. They are taken to the Earth Kingdom Avatar Temple, where Rujean gives Kyoko a poison that will make her at her most powerful, so she can kill her. Ding gives Zhì Kuài a poison that will slowly deteriorate her and she will become nothing but a weak little girl, and will forget all martial arts taught to her. She fights with everything she has but is still knocked out, but, when she is almost killed, she wakes up and kicks Ding in the face and shocks him with her Electrified kali sticks, she then stabs him with a dagger before passing out.

Kyoko turns into a smaller and light version of Unavaatu and fights her mother. Chai Tin shows up and bends the mercury out before damage can be done to Kyoko's body. Back to normal, Kyoko enters the Kyoraava State again and attacks Rujean. On the run and trying to kill Kyoko at the same time, Rujean is chased into a lake and Kyoko lifts herself up and zaps the pool with lightning, killing her. She sends her corpse away with Earthbending and Waterbending. Kyoko exits the state with a smile on her face as she kisses Xiao and goes to help Zhì Kuài. They defeat the ninjas and go to a hospital to tend to their wounds.

Ultimate Plan

Rujean goes to a lake near to Omashu and has her "army" stay there. While discussing it with Ding, she decides the best way for her plan to be realized is if Kyoko knows. She calls her daughter on the radio and tells her of the plan. Kyoko becomes more worried, if her mother gets that much power, even the Avatar will be unable to stop it. They make their way to the Earth Kingdom Avatar Temple located behind Omashu. Kyoko knows how this will go down, but, s
Earth Kingdom Avatar Temple

Rujean tells Kyoko to go to the Earth Kingdom Avatar Temple to turn herself over to them.

he hopes that she will make it out alive. If her mother were to get control of the world, nobody would be safe. As they are traveling there, Kyoko tries meditating to see if she can get help from Kurono, Ionnia, or Ping Kua. But, due to the built up stress, she is unable. She tries to calm down, but, she knows what will happen.

Zhì Kuài is training with Rumon to help her be able to fight Ding earlier, she easily defeats her boyfriend in a matter of seconds, venting on how he is not a good sparring partner. Xiao and Zenkai train together, in case they need to fight Rujean if something were to happen to Kyoko. The plan was to have Zhì Kuài fight Ding and Kyoko fight Rujean. If something were to happen to either of them, Rumon would heal that person while the rest of them battle the opponent. Chai Tin and Rumon together fight Zhì Kuài and she easily defeats them, remarking on how she needs better sparring partners, recruiting Zenkai and Xaio to spar with her. They join her and actually put up a fight, although she defeats them too. She says she wants to take on all four of them. They tell her that it will not end good, and she laughs saying "Yeah, for you" to them. Dodging a barrage of bending attacks of all four elements, Zhì Kuài takes down Xiao and Rumon simultaneously, almost being knocked down by Zenkai, but, regaining strength and attacking, swiftly taking out Chai Tin. Zenkai continues to attack her, but her ultimately gets electrocuted by his half-sister.

Kyoko continues to meditate, when the Earth Spirits, Shamo and Dao come and try to help her figure out a solution.


  • When Kyoko turns into Kyoraava, it is similar to when Unalaq was Unavaatu with Vaatu in Darkness Falls and Light in the Dark.
  • Kyoko loses her connection to the Avatar State and Raava.
  • Rujean is compared to Fire Lord Ozai, as they were both tyrannical people.
  • Zhì Kuài's Kali Sticks break and get repaired sometime in the 10-month gap in between Book 2: Bionics and Book 3: Growth.
  • Rujean's plan to take over Omashu had one hindering plan she did not see. The fact that if she were to take over Omashu, the Earthbenders in the city could bend it off the cliff, killing everyone in it, including Rujean.

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