Team Avatar fanart By The Bos Part of the Avatar: Guardian continuity.
Battle at Shu Jing Village
Shu Jing environment


Ambush in the Interrogation Room


Battle of Zhangzi Village


Guardians War


101 AG


Shu Jing Village


A few Firefighters captured


Team Avatar, Shu Jing civilians



Avatar Aang

Unknown Firefighters commander

Forces involved

Team Avatar, Shu Jing civilians



Few injuries



The Battle at Shu Jing Village occurred in the Guardian's War. It is a victory for Team Avatar. It takes place in the chapter The New Adventure. It is the first battle to feature the Firefighters.


After the Siege of the North, Mitros formed the Firefighters to avenge the loss of his brother and other members of his tribe. Even though the war has ended, he still feels the Fire Nation deserves to be punished and continues on his way through the archipelago so he can eradicate Firebending. He orders his men to attack villages near water and to kill any resistance; one of these villages happens to be Shu Jing.


The Firefighters attack and are met with resistance from the local Firebenders. While the Firebenders fight bravely, the numbers and skill of the Firefighters puts them on the defensive. The Firefighters had almost won before Avatar Aang arrived and divided the groups. He sided against the Firebenders until he found out what was going on, during which time the rest of Team Avatar arrived, with Sokka.

The Brawl

After a failed attempt by the Firefighters to turn Sokka over to their side, the battle resumed. The waterbenders launched a wave of water toward the Fire Nation citizens, only to have it deflected and evaporated by Katara, Zuko, and Aang. Toph created a shock wave that knocked many Firefighters off balance. Aang cuts the Shu Jing citizens off from the battle with an earth wall while Zuko and Katara each battle multiple opponents. Zuko knocks many of the Firefighter out with physical blows and they are sucked into the ground by Toph. The Firefighters, realizing they are fighting a losing battle, freeze a portion of the river and retreat.


The group manages to defeat the Firefighters, and they retreat by creating a dense fog from a nearby river. Team Avatar decides that they need to worry about many different organizations now, and must decide who to go after first. Mitros, angry at his loss, decides that he will have to assist in taking the towns, which proved to be bad for the citizens of the Fire Nation, particularly Zhangzi Village.

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