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This is about the battle. For the ninth chapter of Book Seven: Order, of The Legend of Korra, see "Ep.9: The Battle at Laghima's Peak".
The Battle at Laghima's Peak
Laghima's Peak


Voronon Resurrection


"The Worldwide Cure"


175 AG


Laghima's Peak - Earth Kingdom


Raava severed from Korra.


Team Avatar, Metalbending Police Force, Air Nomads, Zaofu

Equalists, Red Lotus, Dark spirits




Forces involved

Metalbending Police Force, Zaofu reinforcements, Metalebending Police Force, Avatar

Mecha tanks, Dark spirits, Equalists


  • Korra captured
  • Avatar severed from Raava


First appearance

Ep.9: The Battle at Laghima's Peak (only appearance)


The Battle at Laghima's Peak is a large brawl that had occurred at the area in question, in which Korra and her friends faced against her old enemies from the past.


Before the fight began, Vintana had managed to work out a message for Korra, in order to get her to the area so they could meet up to see if she was a disgrace or not. Korra was eventually made into agreeing when the message stated that if she didn't come, Vintana would target the world leaders. Korra and Vintana gathered many reinforcements for the confrontation. Korra had gathered help from the Eastern Air Temple and the United Republic of Nations, as Vintana got the Equalists and the Spirits of the Spirit World on her side.


The "ironic" ending status of Laghima's Peak, after the large brawl.

The fight soon began after everyone had arrived, despite Zikara giving the option to surrender first. Zikara led the charge at them. The brawl lasted a long time, with much of the fighters from both sides giving there all. Korra and Zikara handled a duel within the brawl, which resulted in some fighting to calm down a bit. During the fight, P'Li and El Niño arrived and ruined the duel. During the distraction, Zikara had managed to pull Raava free from Korra's body. However, before any true victor could be decided, it was abruptly stopped later on when the Worldwide Cure occurred, forcing both sides to withdraw, with Korra captured by Zikara as they left the scene.

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