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Jet's village burns
Battle at Kein Forest, Part 2
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Kyoshi Revolts





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Vaznock and Waterkai

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Battle at Kein Forest, Part 1

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"Book Two: Rebel: Advice from the Fallen"

Battle at Kein Forest, Part 2 is the twentieth and final chapter in the first of the three books in the fanon series, Kyoshi Revolts. Unlike most chapters, this chapter was carefully plotted out and written and contributed to by both writers of the series, with the same going for Part 1. The chapter was also awarded by being August's Featured Fanon Article, as well as being highly praised by users from all sides of the Avatar Wiki Fanon Community.


As Mina and Mitsuki begin their explosive duel, the Fire Nation soldiers and the rebels continue their historical battle. Quanlee and Kaila keep up with their vicious battle, and Chen must choose which girl he is destined to fight for. As the battle reaches its surprising conclusion, hope slowly fades, spirits are crushed, lives are taken, and as the Rebel City seems to be in Mitsuki's grip, it quickly becomes clear that only a miracle will be able to save the city from complete and utter destruction.


The chapter opens with massive fireballs being launched at many huts and buildings. Woman and children run across the scorched ground, where some bloody and gruesome corpses are bound. From the skies, now polluted with smoke, are about twenty massive airships, all dropping massive bombs. Kambi, surrounded by a large group of soldiers, watches the airships nearby. He proceeds to give an order, though he is attacked by a large, muscular Firebender. He grabs the man, and smashes him to the ground, telling his soldiers to take the Firebender into custody. Then Ray runs through the soldiers and kneels before Kambi. Kambi tells her to stand up immediately, as they have no time to dawdle. Ray tells him that an entire division of rebels is in danger of being captured. Kambi gives off a distressed look, and then, with an emotionless look on his face, he tells one of his lieutenants to order a massive retreat back to the outskirts of the palace to allow his men to take a breather.

Azula on airship

Mitsuki prepares to battle Mina

Meanwhile, while on a wing of the Royal Jet, Mina and Mitsuki get ready for a duel to the death. Their eyes soon meet, filled with hate and aggression. Mina, thinking she has the element of surprise, prepares to fire her arrows at Mitsuki, though she is not quick enough to see Mitsuki jetting behind her. Before Mina can move, Mitsuki launches two large fireballs at Mina's back. She barely turns around in time to disable the flame with her arrows. Mitsuki turns in a horizontal position, avoiding each of Mina's arrows and creating her own flame. Mina ducks, and the flame passes over her. At that moment, Mitsuki unleashes a barrage of attacks, causing Mina to fall back and lose her balance. Mitsuki then tells her that she'll enjoy watching Mina's precious city fall. Mina maintains her leveled head, and jumps back up, swatting Mitsuki's hand away. Mitsuki smirks, and then does a double kick.

At the same time, Kaila and Quanlee continue with their vicious battle. Kaila launches a few blades at Quanlee, to which she dodges and returns with a massive number of stilettos. Chen watches the duel, and, though he wants to help, he is unable to listen to Kaila's pleas, as the idea of fighting and perhaps killing or injuring his first, one true friend, Quanlee, doesn't allow him to go through and fight her (Quanlee). Tam Mee also continues to fight and defeat many rebels, blocking their chi with apparent ease. Tam Mee then cartwheels over to another division, in which the rebels all scream "AH! It's the crazy circus girl. RUN!!" Tam Mee simply shrugs, giggles, and flips away, coming across Kaila and Quanlee. Quanlee asks her for a little help, and Tam Mee says yes, but not before she "defeats" that "cute, red-haired rebel by the apple tree". Kaila and Quanlee then each throw a bundle of darts at each other simultaneously.

Back in the palace, Giu tells Kambi of Tam Mee's destruction of three divisions, saying that over 100 men have been found not dead, but paralyzed. Kambi immediately recognizes her as the Earth Kingdom heiress, and tells his men to flee upon sight. Giu, timidly says that "that wouldn't be a problem". Kambi asks Ray for options, though she can only sigh. Kambi asks her to translate that sigh into words. Ray then gives him the opinions, 1: They hope for a miracle, 2: The government evacuates the city. Kambi tells her that the second one isn't going to be an option, and says he'd rather die fighting. Ray sadly tells him that it may be their most likely option. Kambi sighs, and buries his hands over his head. Kambi then tells his men to wish him luck. Giu and Ray look confused, and Kambi tells them that he is going to turn himself in to Princess Mitsuki, and that maybe she will leave the citizens alone if he does. Giu and Ray both object, but Kambi tells them he must do what is right.

While on the Royal Jet, Mina and Mitsuki continue their intense duel. Mitsuki fires a massive stream of fire, though Mina is able to slide away and dodge it. Mina begins to tire, but she tries to hide it from the Princess as best as she can. Mitsuki, with an impatient look on her face, gets ready to hurl another attack at Mina, though instead, jet-packs herself up into the sky. Mina ponders at where the princess has gone, though Mitsuki's absent doesn't last, and Mitsuki jets behind Mina and launches two small but powerful fireballs. Mina stops the first one with her arrows, but the other one is able to get slight contact with her leg. Mina's eyes tear a little, as she feels the scorch on her leg and the sudden burst of pain. Mina tries to hide her now weak-point from Mitsuki, though the princess is able to decipher the weakness immediately. Mina doesn't back down however, and, despite the fact that she is in pain and is likely to lose, she stands her ground. Mitsuki merely laughs, and tells Mina that in just a few minutes, she'll be dead, "just like all the filthy rebels in this world".

Mina ends up at the peak of her aggression, and jumps up and fires six arrows at Mitsuki. Mitsuki is somewhat shocked by this, and does a flip backwards, apparently falling off the Royal Jet. Mina looks down to the ground to see if she can spot a fallen princess, but she doesn't hear or see anything. Suddenly, she feels a piercing hand grabbing her scalp. Mina has no time to react, and the hand, revealed to be Mitsuki's hand, pushes her down. As Mina falls to her death, Mitsuki jets back up to the jet, and smirks at the sight. As Mina falls, she can barely move due to pressure. She moves with all her might, and grabs an arrow with a rope on it, and fires the arrow at an airship. The rope is barely long enough to reach the airship, and the arrow is only able to sustain piercing metal for five seconds. In those five seconds, Mina quickly lets go of the rope at the last moment, falling about ten feet to the ground with only a few injuries. Back on Mitsuki's Royal Jet, the captain comes through a door in the roof, and informs Mitsuki that as she planned, the leader of the rebels is sacrificing himself.

Kaila and Quanlee continue dueling relentlessly, throwing blade after blade at one another. Eventually Tam Mee joins in, and Kaila finds herself outnumbered. She begs Chen to help, and he screams to Kaila that he's sorry, but that he can't bring himself to do it. At that moment, while Kaila is distracted, Tam Mee blocks her chi. Quanlee then gets ready for the kill, but suddenly, Chen finally stands up for Kaila, and briefly attacks Quanlee. Quanlee dodges his attacks, but is very hurt by what Chen did. Chen tries to comfort Quanlee, but she tells him she hates him. Kaila, while paralyzed, tells him that because he was such as wuss, he may be the one who has killed the entire city. Chen begs Kaila for forgiveness, but Mina falling to the ground suddenly interrupts them. Mina is too injured to move, so Quanlee simply keeps her pinned to the ground. Chen sits on the floor by Mina and Kaila, begging for forgiveness, while Mina tells him that "we [they] all failed". Chen begs Mina not to say that, though Mina tells him and Kaila that it's "been a fun few months".

Chen grabs Mina and Kaila's hands, and he tells them not to quit, but Kaila says it's finished. At that moment, Kambi walks out of his palace alone. The Fire Nation soldiers hold their fire. Kambi walks down to steps, and then puts his hands up as a sign of surrender, but he tells the soldiers not to hurt everybody else. Tam Mee and Quanlee, by Mitsuki's orders, get ready to arrest Kambi. Meanwhile, the soldiers prepare to break their deal with Kambi, and arrest all the other rebels. As Tam Mee and Quanlee approach Kambi, the other soldiers get ready to kill Kambi. The sun starts to set, and hope seems lost. Then, a rogue Fire Nation soldier grabs Chen, and tells his commander that "the Fire Prince is here!". Chen tries to get our of the man's grip, though the soldier simply laughs in his face, telling him he's failed his little rebel friends, and that by nightfall, every civilian in the city is going to be nothing left but ash and scorching flames. Chen is then filled up with rage, and suddenly, his eyes begin to glow!

Aang breaths fire

Chen in the Avatar State

Chen then fires a massive flame from his mouth. He then grabs the man, and burns him alive. Mina, Kaila, Tam Mee, Quanlee, Kambi, Giu, Ray, and the other rebels all watch as Chen rises into the air. The soldiers, terrified, all run away, as Chen furiously rises into the sky, it becomes clear that he is in the Avatar State. Kaila, watching Chen, then exclaims "Chen is the Avatar!! He was the Earthbender!", while Mina simply looks on in shock. Mitsuki, who was watching everything from the Royal Jet, is at first amazed by what is happening, but then quickly regains her composure, and says that she thinks it's time she and Chen had an "even" match. As she climbs atop the jet, Chen floats into the air, surrounded by a tornado of fire and air. He then fires a massive flame at the Royal Jet, though Mitsuki, who is a still match for Chen, even when he has so much power, counters the flame with her own. The rebels from below watch the amazing fire show from the sky. Eventually, Chen gives up, and goes back below.

Mitsuki, knowing what the Avatar State can do, orders a full and immediate evacuation. Tam Mee, Quanlee, and most of the other troops, with the exception of a few unlucky ones, all flee to the ships. The unlucky ones are all killed by Chen's fury. The rebels continue watching the amazing sight. Momo even comes out from his hiding place to watch. Meanwhile, on the Royal Jet, Mitsuki looks out to the nearly fallen city. Thoughts ring through Mitsuki's head, until eventually, she tells her captain to set "sail" to the Capital so she may speak to her mother, as she has a backup plan. She then looks out to the city one more time, and says the last line of the entire season: "I promise you Kein Forest, I'll be back." Back in the city, Chen starts to come down, and, seeing that the troops have left, slowly floats to the ground. The rebels in the city continue to stare at Chen in awe. Suddenly, he faints.


Early Plotting

Unlike most chapters of Kyoshi Revolts, Battle at Kein Forest Part 2 (as well as Part 1) was carefully plotted out and discussed by the editors of Kyoshi Revolts, Vaznock and Waterkai. This chapter was also the first chapters to have ever been thought up, with the exception of the five first chapters, which were created by Waterkai before Vaznock began participating. When Waterkai welcomed Vaznock into becoming his helping hand, he told Vaznock of his plans to have Mitsuki (who, though created by Vaznock, was already considered to be a character by Waterkai) attack Kein Forest, and that Chen would be the Avatar.

After that quick Email discussion, the season finale was not mentioned often, until Waterkai and Vaznock were well in production of their first book.

Coming Together

When the midst of Book 1 arrived, Waterkai and Vaznock started discussing the finale more, mostly this chapter, Part 2. It was decided that Chen would go in the Avatar State at the end of Part 2, and that the rebels would be victorious, though they would still of suffered some damage. However, ideas were still thin, as only a few points about the chapter were drawn.

But then, things changed. In Chapter 13, All Aboard, not only does Team Rebel's destination to Kein Forest begin early, but Mitsuki's idea of attacking Kein Forest is also hinted. The early journey was made because Vaznock was getting a little tired of the team simply wondering around aimlessly.

Points Drawn and Release


A character from Avatar: Better World, Yino's sudden and mid-paragraph death was an inspiration to the surprises and tricks the chapter contains

After City of Rebellion was released, Waterkai and Vaznock wasted no time in planning the chapters. The two planned the dates, and decided to release the finale on the 18th of July, on a Saturday. On the Monday before, they discussed the major points of both chapters, and when they reached an agreement, they commenced their creations. Vaznock ended up writing the majority of Part 2 (Waterkai wrote the majority of Part 1), and the two made sure to make both chapters very long and intense.

On the day before they released them, Waterkai and Vaznock Emailed their parts to each other, and both of them were very satisfied. This chapter had a few bugs, mainly Vaznock accidentally putting an "o" for Kambi's name instead of an "i". Vaznock also created a blog, informing users when the finale would be released.


  • The idea to have many surprises, twists, and turns is inspired by SuperFlash101's (who occasionally guest writes chapters for Kyoshi Revolts) main story, Avatar: Better World, which always has many surprises and intense battles.

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