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Battle at Kein Forest, Part 1
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Kyoshi Revolts





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Waterkai and Vaznock

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City of Rebellion

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Battle at Kein Forest, Part 2

Battle at Kein Forest, Part 1 is the nineteenth chapter and the first part of the final of the first book in the fanon series, Kyoshi Revolts. Unlike most chapters, this chapter was carefully plotted out and written and contributed to by both writers of the series, with the same going for Part 2.


Thinking they're safe with the rebels, Team Rebel begins to bond with the other rebels. But when a heavily wounded rebel scout tells them that a massive fleet of ships and airships is near, everybody begins to prepare for the attack. When it begins, it becomes clear that the rebels are outnumbered both in number and skill. Kaila fights at the front against Quanlee, and Chen is torn over who to help, while Mina prepares to fight Mitsuki, who is commanding the attack, hoping defeating her will end the battle.


The chapter opens with an arrow hitting a bulls eye on a practice target. We see the arrow comes from Mina, who's practicing with her bow. Kambi is with her, but Mina notices he's worried about something. She asks him what's the matter, and he says he senses something evil in the air. Kambi then calls some rebels with him, commanding them to search for traces of the Fire Nation in the forest. The rebels leave, but Kambi is still worried and he leaves, watched by a confused and worried Mina.

Meanwhile, Chen and Giu are talking outside the armory, with Kaila sharpening her hidden blade. Suddenly, Chen gasps and grabs at his back. When Giu asks what's wrong, he says it's nothing, just a scar. Giu says he must see Ray for that and Kaila, who joined them, asks who that is. Giu says she's a waterbender, but Chen says that scars cannot be healed. Giu laughes and says that Ray isn't just any waterbender, but when he wants to explain who she is, suddenly a heavily bleeding and burned man stumbling from the forest. The trio run to him and ask what happened, but he just says that he has to see Kambi. Giu then lifts the man on his back and then, they hurry to the palace.

In the palace, Kambi is becoming stressed from the waiting on his scouts, but when Giu drags the man in, Kambi recognizes him as one of the scouts. Upon seeing his wounds and burn marks, Kambi demands one of his servants to get Ray. The servant hurries out of the palace, and Kambi bows over the man, asking what happened. The man stutters that he was attacked and Kambi, impatient, asks who did it. The man then says, with much effort, F- Fire Nation Air Ships'. Then, the servant enters the palace, together with a young woman, dressed in Water Tribe clothes. The woman sits near the scout, placing her hands on his chest. She says he has internal bleedings, apart from his visible ones, bends some water out of her water skin and begins to heal the man.

While she's healing, Chen asks to Giu if this is the famous Ray. Giu implies and Chen says I can see why she's so special, she's beau-, but he's stopped by an evil look of Kaila. Giu laughes and wants to say the real reason but Ray stops suddenly with healing and says that she has healed his wounds, but he has lost to many blood and surely will die. Kambi is a bit shocked by this discovery, but then comes to reason and asks the scout how many there are. The scout coughs up some blood, scaring off Mina, and says with much difficulty dozens of them and silences. Ray puts her hand on his chest and states he's dead. Kambi orders his servants to burry him with honor and then speaks to Mina, Kaila, Chen, Giu and Ray. They must inform the rebels of the approaching danger and prepare for it.

Meanwhile, at the Royal Jet, Mitsuki is watching the landscape as they fly over the Earth Kingdom lands surrounding Kein Forest. She is joined by Tam Mee and Quanlee, whom she informs with a special mission. She says that 'our little friends' will probably also be in Kein Forest, and that they could prove an unpleasant obstacle in 'our way to victory'. She then turns around and says to them that Tam Mee and Quanlee should find and kill Chen and his girlfriends. Tam Mee is enthousiastic as always, but Quanlee simply nods. Mitsuki then turns around, leaving Quanlee with a worried look.

Airship crash

Giu crashes the Air Ship

At Kein Forest, everybody is busy with gathering supplies, arming themselves and putting up defenses. At last, one of the scouts arrives, telling them that the fleet of Air Ships has arrived. The rebels all wait in suspense, when suddenly a giant fireball comes out of the sky, smashing in on the wooden defences. The Air Ship becomes visible shortly after, sending more fireballs down. The Eartbender rebels, lead by Giu, then begin to shoot rocks at the Air Ship. Giu eventually succeeds in hitting the motor, making the Air Ship crash.

The rebels jubilate joyfully, but Ray silences them. They then see why: a giant fleet of about thirty airships and a royal jet approaches the camp, while sending fireballs to the rebels on the ground. The rebels try to stop them and manage to bring down two Air Ships, what makes Mitsuki order to the land the Air Ships and release the troops. She, in her royal Jet, and six other Air Ships stay in the air, while the other Air Ships release hordes of firebenders, soldiers, tanks and komodo riders. They begin to attack the rebels, who shelter behind their barricade, and do some damage without receiving much. But, suddenly, a Fire Nation tank manages to break trough the barricade. The soldiers there desperate try to stop it with fire- and earthbending attacks, but they can't manage to break trough the hard armor. Ray runs to the breach and performs an impressive breath of ice, freezing the tank. However, now there's a breach, the rebels are overwhelmed and slowly forced back.

Kambi, who is fighting in the heat of the battle, doesn't realize this, until one of his close advisors runs to him, saying he must retreat. Kambi looks around, seeing the dead bodies of both enemy and ally, but he also sees there are much more dead allies then enemies. He nods and shouts over the battlefield to retreat to the second level. The rebels obey and start to retreat, while fighting. While retreating, Kambi asks to his advisor where Ray is, and the advisor says she's defending the east flank, and Giu is defending the west one. Kambi orders his advisor to inform Giu of the retreat, while he informs Ray. He accepts, and Kambi runs to Ray, telling her to retreat her men. She oreders her men to do so, knocks back some soldiers and creates a huge wave of water out of a nearby river, sending it into the breach and freezing it there. After that, she runs to Kambi, who says she has to heal the wounded. Ray agrees and rushes to the second level.

In the Royal Jet, Mitsuki sees that the rebels are retreating to the second level. Mitsuki calls for Tam Mee and Quanlee, saying them 'it's time to do their job'. They both agree, but Quanlee is still visible worried, and the Royal Jet flies over the second level. Tam Mee just jumps out of it, Quanlee first sinks down with a rope and hen jumps. There they see Kaila, Chen and Mina, who turn around and draw their weapons, while Mitsuki watches with an evil smile.

Meanwhile, the Air Ships that were kept in the air begin to bomb the place. The rebels slightly begin to panic, but are calmed by Ray and Giu. Giu turns to Kambi, saying they have to do something about the Air Ships. Ray says she will do it with Giu, and Giu tries to flirt with her, but Ray says it's not the time for it. Giu then gets serious again and says he will do it. They go outside and Ray counts down. When the countdown is finished, Giu launches her in the air. In the air, she bends water from two water skins and uses it to freeze the bomb dropping exit. When the Air Ship tries to bomb again, it blows itself up. Ray is caught by Giu with earthbending and the two smile, but stop smiling when they see the mass destruction and the advancing Fire Nation troops. Giu asks Ray how many, and Ray says at least two hundred, Giu smiles, saying this is going to be fun, shakes Ray's hand and, together, they begin to run to the massive amounts of troops.


Mina notices Tam Mee and Quanlee

Meanwhile, Team Rebel is standing against Tam Mee and Quanlee, but Kaila says to Mina that she should go and that they could handle it. Mina goes away and Kaila says to Chen he should battle Quanlee and that she would battle Tam Mee. Chen hesitates, and Quanlee smiles and throws a stilleto at Kaila, who dodges it. Kaila is surprised by Chen's behavior, and asks him for help. Chen doesn't say anything, and Quanlee tells Tam Mee to go away. Tam Mee, who is happy as always, cartwheels away, and begins to block the Chi of many rebels. Quanlee and Kaila then both pull out a knife out of their sleeves, while Chen watches. Quanlee asks Chen who it's going to be, and Chen hesitates to answer. Quanlee then says again to Chen that he'll have to chose: her, or that ugly Fire Nation peasant. Kaila gets mad and says Why you..., before throwing her knife at Quanlee. Quanlee gets angry to and the two girls start a fight until dead.

Meanwhile, Mina encounters Giu and Ray, who are surrounded by Fire Nation soldiers and three Komodo Rhinos. Giu is able to defaet the soldiers with Mina, while Ray defeats the Komodo Rhiders. They then see Tam Mee dealing some huge damage to their defenses with her chi blocking. Giu offers to fight her (and adds she's good looking), but Ray stops him and says she will do it, because he will rather try to seduce her then to fight with her. Ray departs to fight Tam Mee, who also notices her and runs to her too. Much too Tam Mee's surprise, Ray can hold her of for quite a long time, but eventually Tam Mee succeeds in sneaking a lucky punch on Ray, blocking her bending. Ray can barely save herself by throwing a smoke bomb on the ground, leaving Tam Mee blind. When Tam Mee can see again, Ray is gone, but Tam Mee just shrugs her shoulders and cartweels to another division.

After Ray departs, Mina asks to Giu if he could do her a favor, and Giu says he would be glad to. Mina points to the Royal Jet, and asks Giu if he could launch her to that. Giu says he doesn't know, but that he surely can bring her half way. Mina says that's no problem, and she shows him an arrow with a hook. He then nods, and asks if she's ready. Mina gulps and nods. He then launches Mina in the air with Earth, and as expected, she only makes it halfway. She then shoots her arrow, and the hook gets stuck at the wing of the Royal Jet. Mina gulps again, and starts to climb the rope, to the Jet.

Meanwhile, Mitsuki is smiling as she's watching the whole thing from her safe place in her Jet. She then hears a strange sound, and sees the hook on the wing. She smiles evilly, smashes a window and steps on the wing, waiting for the unexpected visitor. It appears to be Mina, who climbs on the wing and sees Mitsuki, immediately taking a fighting stance. Mitsuki smiles again and asks what 'our little slave' is doing her. Mina growls angrily and Mitsuki says with a poor voice if she has hit something sensitive. Mina then shouts above the noise that she's here to make an end to this battle. Mitsuki asks how she's going to do that, and Mina shouts she will kill her. Mitsuki then also takes a fighting stance and whispers that Mina should come and get her.

Behind the scenes

Production Notes

Suki versus Azula

The final shot of Mina and Mitsuki was inspired by Azula and Suki's shot

While the battle at Kein Forest chapters actually are the last chapters of Book 1, they were the first to be planned. Both Waterkai and Vaznock were eager to discuss and write the final, as they had planned it even before The World Like it Shouldn't Be was released. The discussion of the final went well and quite fast, as both writers had the same overview and ideas. After the discussion, the writers decided that Waterkai would write Part 1 and Vaznock Part 2, but that they would keep to the overall rules.

While writing, Waterkai restricted himself to write it as action-intense as Eruption or Final Encounter Part Two: Truths. Because he had a deadline, he had to hurry up, but he didn't started writing until Friday. On Friday evening, he had the chapter finished and sent it to Vaznock, who already sent his part. They both liked each other's chapters, with a few corrections and on the following Saturday, the chapter was placed on Avatar Wiki.

While this chapter was originally planned without great interference of Ray or Giu, Waterkai tought, that the womanizing, humorous Earthbender Giu and the smooth, but serious Waterbender Ray would give an extra awesomeness to the chapter. The writer got many inspiration for the battle from his favorite movies (such as Lord of the Rings) and anime/cartoon series (such as Avatar: The Last Airbender and Inuyasha ).


  • The line Mitsuki says at the end is literally taken off one of Azula's lines in Avatar: The Last Airbender.
  • This is the first time Mina is willing to actually 'kill' a person.
  • The lonely Air Ship at the beginning of the battle is inspired by the lonely Fire Nation ship at the beginning of the Siege of the North.

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