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This article is about the battle. You may be looking for the two chapters, Battle at Kein Forest, Part 1 and Battle at Kein Forest, Part 2.

Battle at Kein Forest
Jet's village burns


Siege of Kyoshi Island


Conspiracy of Kein Forest




130 AG


Kein Forest


Kein Forest Rebellion victory


Kein Forest Rebellion

Fire Nation



Princess Mitsuki

Forces involved

  • Many Rebels
  • Royal Jet
  • Fire Nation Airships
  • Warships
  • Many Firebenders and Soldiers





The Battle at Kein Forest was a battle between the Kein Forest Rebels and many Fire Nation soldiers. Princess Mitsuki led the decisive campaign with the goal of taking over the city and killing the members of Team Rebel. The battle was very bloody, and there were many causalities happened on both sides, though the rebels suffered more. However, just seconds before the leader, Kambi, would be killed and the battle would be won by the Fire Nation forces, Former Prince Chen went into the Avatar State, revealing himself to be the Avatar. Princess Mitsuki was able to avoid major causalities by retreating immediately, though some men were still obliterated by Chen.

In more personal terms, the battle also caused a torn relationship between Avatar Chen and Phoenix City heiress, Quanlee, whom Chen was forced to briefly attack to save Kaila, a fellow rebel, friend, and somewhat of a romantic interest to him. Mina also fought Princess Mitsuki on a Royal Jet with hopes of killing the Princess, though Mina was nearly killed in the battle and wounded from injuries. Many rebels were also temporarily paralyzed in the battle, due to the fighting of "Earth Kingdom" heiress Tam Mee.

The battle caused severe damage to the city. Princess Mitsuki, while leaving, also vowed vengeance on the city, ordering her armada to sail to the Capital, so she may discuss her backup plan with her mother, Supreme Fire Lord Azula.


The history between the Fire Nation and rebellion is purely severe animosity and total hate. Throughout many battles, rebels have had a large impact on the outcome, always saving a few people and stopping the Fire Nation from achieving their long-wanted goal: absolute and total control of the entire world. Examples of the strength of the rebellions are abundant, most notably a near victory in saving Omashu from being captured and by nearly saving Kyoshi Island from Azula.

However, eventually, rebellion deceased for a while. At first Supreme Fire Lord Azula thought it was due to her heavily guarded prison for young rebels, though in actuality, a young rebel named Kambi, was gathering up rebels and people who simply disagree with the Fire Nation's rule from all over the globe, until he had so many followers that he was able to create a city within a resourceful, unoccupied forest, known as Kein Forest. Within the forest, they built a large, heavily guarded Rebel City.

When Azula heard of this, she merely laughed it off as ambitious fools, though in the loss of some small invasions, she decided to ignore the city. This proved to be a mistake, however, and undercover rebel assassins snuck into Capital and built a secret, underground base, in which they would gather men until a selected week in 130 AG, when they would sneak into the palace, and kill Azula. Meanwhile, Kein Forest prospered, and Kambi soon found himself some trusted advisers, an Earthbending boy named Giu and a Waterbending girl named Ray.



Mina surfs while on Team Rebel's temporary cruise to Kein Forest

After a duel at harbor in Ember Island, Mina, Kaila, Chen, and Momo (the Avatar's old lemur) all fled to Kein Forest for safety from the Fire Nation. Princess Mitsuki, however, was able to find out that they were traveling to Kein Forest, and quickly developed the idea of invading the city. Apparently, Azula was supposed to lead the attack, though she instead needed to take care of the rebel assassins (all of whom she killed), and Mitsuki was given the task of attacking the city.

Finally, after a long journey, Team Rebel finally made it to Kein Forest, in which they were welcomed warmly by Kambi and given a room in the palace. Meanwhile, Princess Mitsuki had all her airships and her personal Royal Jet modified to provide an enormous challenge to the rebels. At this time, Mitsuki had the entire battle plotted out, leaving almost nothing unplanned and even having a backup plan just in case the battle would not turn out in their favor. The rebels of Kein Forest, however, were clueless of the upcoming attack.

Eventually, though, Kambi began to sense something evil in the air. He sent his scouts out to survey the surrounding land, and only one returned alive. Kambi's worries were proven right, as the scout told him and the rest of the rebels that hundreds of airships and warships were heading straight toward Kein Forest. In a state of panic, the rebels all prepared for battle, running all their drills and forming battalions. As the airships began to close in on the rebels, Princess Mitsuki gave her friends a mission: to stop Chen and his friends right in there tracks.


Invasion and First Retreat

Airship crash

Giu destroys an airship's motor

As the rebels watched the skies, an airship finally became visible. In just seconds, a huge fireball was launched from the airship. Giu, however, leads a group of Earthbending rebels right under the airship, and they continuously launch massive rocks, and eventually, Giu successfully hits the motor, causing the airship to crash. The victory is short lived, and thirty airships soon become visible. Mitsuki, seeing the damage, has the airships land and the troops are deployed. Meanwhile, the warships land on the shores of the forest, and the troops march toward the city.

The rebels hid behind a barricade, and fired at the Fire Nation soldiers, doing much damage to their supplies. But out of the clear blue, a Fire Nation tank broke through the barricade, and the Fire Nation troops stormed through the outer limits. Kambi quickly learned of this, and ordered a massive retreat to the city grounds, which was carried out by Ray and Giu. When Giu and Ray met, they soon saw the remaining airships in the sky were launching multiple bombs. To stop them, Giu launched Ray into the air, and she froze the bomb barricade on an airship, causing the airship to blow itself up.

As the rebels and Fire Nation troops seemed to be on even ground, Mitsuki told her friends it's time to carry out their respective missions. Tam Mee and Quanlee were deployed from the Royal Jet, and soon meet the members of Team Rebel in combat. Tam Mee, however, ran right past them, and instead took on a battalion of rebel troops herself. Meanwhile, Quanlee met Kaila in combat, and Chen was too hesitant to fight Quanlee, so he surprisingly backed down. Meanwhile, Giu launched Mina up into the sky, and Mina shot her arrow at Mitsuki's airship and climbed up on onto a wing of the jet, in which she came across Mitsuki, who challenged Mina to "come and get [her]".

Second Retreat and Personal Duels

Azula on airship

Mitsuki prepares to fight Mina

Mina and Mitsuki began dueling, and surprisingly, Mina was able to stand her ground against the princess. Down below, Quanlee and Kaila dueled viciously, and Chen remained too hesitant to join in. Tam Mee also did huge damage to the rebel troops, and eventually defeated an entire battalion, hurting the rebels greatly. Kambi then ordered another retreat over to the palace grounds, though it was not long before he made a fatal decision: that he would turn himself in to Mitsuki in order to possibly save his fellow rebels' lives.

As Mina and Mitsuki's duel continued, it became evident that Mitsuki was gaining the upper hand. The heat in Kaila and Quanlee's duel raged on, though Chen remained stillborn. Back up on the jet, Mitsuki slowly began to hit Mina's weak points, causing her to stumble and lose her balance. Mina stood strong, and launched three arrows right at Mitsuki. Surprised, Mitsuki did a back-flip, and for a moment, seemed to have fallen off the jet. When Mina tried to see if this was true, Mitsuki, who was clinging under the wing of the jet the whole time, grabbed Mina by her scalp, and forcibly pushed her off the jet. Immediately after, Mitsuki received the information that Kambi was turning himself in.

As Mina fell, Kaila and Quanlee continued dueling, until Tam Mee stepped in, and blocked Kaila's chi. Just before Quanlee killed Kaila, Chen finally decided to stand up for Kaila, and briefly attacked Quanlee. In response, Quanlee told Chen she hates him, leaving the former Prince sobbing. Coinciding with this, Mina launched one of her arrows with a rope up to a close-by airship, and was able to swing to the ground, alive, though she already had very bad wounds and was unable to move. Kambi then stepped out of his palace, and Tam Mee and Quanlee approached him, ready to restrain him for the kill.


Aang breaths fire

Chen enters the Avatar State

Just seconds before Kambi's surprise execution was supposed to take place, a rogue soldier grabbed Chen, and, recognizing his as the former Prince, laughed in his face and harassed Chen about the loss. This suddenly triggered Chen to go into the Avatar State, revealing himself to be the Avatar. The rebels and the Fire Nation troops could only watch in awe as Chen rose into the sky. Mitsuki, who was watching it from her Royal Jet, climbed to the top to meet Chen in combat, saying that she was looking forward to having a finally "even match".

Chen then fired a massive flame at the jet, but even with his enhanced power, Mitsuki was able to counterattack with a flame of her own. Eventually, her flame began to overpower his flame, and Chen then floated back to the city grounds. Mitsuki, knowing the power of the Avatar State, ordered a massive retreat, in which Tam Mee, Quanlee, and most of the soldiers boarded the ships parked on the outskirts of the forest. A few unlucky soldiers were killed by Chen. Mitsuki then ordered that the entire armada sail to the capital, as she has a "back-up plan". Back in the city, Chen started to calm down, and suddenly, he fainted to the ground.


The battle left many buildings of the city destroyed, as well as major casualties for the rebels and moderate causalities for the Fire Nation soldiers. Many troops were also found temporarily paralyzed or with blocked chi after the battle. The exact amount of casualties is currently unknown, though, as stated by Ray, because of Chen going into the Avatar State, many of the injured rebels have remained alive. Chen also had great trouble accepting his new found title, though, after talking to the fallen members of Team Avatar, Chen finally accepts his destiny and responsibilities, and begins to learn Waterbending from Ray.

Supreme Fire Lord Azula was also furious at the outcome of the battle, though she made it clear that she was not at all upset with Mitsuki. Azula ordered an emergency meeting be held, though when mention of Mitsuki having a back-up was brought up, Azula discussed the rest of the issue with Mitsuki in private. Apparently, the first step of Mitsuki's plan was to release General Yi from prison.

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