Battle at Hund Creek
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Battle at Hund Creek

"GO GO GO! You'll never survive the next assault with that kind of fighting!"

All the groups sighed and tried harder. The chief had been training everyone very hard and they almost were dying from exhausting. Out of the thirty groups that had recently been here only seven remained and some of the remaining groups were missing members. Nothing could stop the waves of enemies that were attacking every few days. After three days of non-stop training everyone was exhausted. Dorn smashed a rock against the dummy's skull with amazing accuracy. We were so trained we could hit a target fifty feet away with barely any focus. Ruen was able to stand but was currently sleeping.

"Sir.... the... enemies.... Hund....Creek."

The scout who had delivered the message was bleeding and about to die. Yusha ran over as quick as she could and began to heal but she was to late. The chief immediately screamed for everyone to get ready to move. Within minutes the camp was on the move getting armor on and sharpening weapons. In all the confusion Ruen was forgotten, lying on his bed. The troops were ready and moving within thirty minutes the creek was a mile away at the edge of the forest of stone.

Battle of dominance.

I stared out on to the battlefield looking for Yuzan. My master needed her alive. I turned and rose my hand creating a group of shadow clones. Inwardly I laughed, these empty shells were nearly unstoppable. The clones scrambled twords the enemy foces to engage.

Katara prepares the icicles

Yusha prepares a death blow.

Seeing Yuzan I leaped towards the next pillar before Yusha jumped out of nowhere tackling me. I quickly created a shadow mask so that she couldn't see who I was. I refused to hurt her considering our past together so she was able to get me down easily. As she prepared for the death blow I quickly rolled out of the way and sent several shadow bolts at her. Dodging she jumped to another pillar which I proceeded to destroy with shadow bending before creating some shadow clones. Leaving them to take care of her I ran towards the battle. Weaving through he enemy ranks I saw Yuzan. Smiling I ran towards her when out of nowhere Dorn that huge idiot of an Earthbender hit me in the face and I blacked out.

Rain of shadow

Yusha looked up and saw an enemy on a pillar. Suddenly he released a dark cloud and several more appeared.

"Got a group of enemies up there I got em."

By the time she climbed up the pillar the battle had already started. The one figure jumped towards the battle but she tackled him in mid-air. A cloud of shadow distorted his face before forming a mask. He refused to fight back for some reason and so she easily nailed him, making him fall to the ground. Preparing a Demon Snake finishing attack took a lot out of her and before it was finished the figure blasted her with shadow. He then created other shadow warriors before running off to the battle below. She used a water whip to knock them of the pillar but they always came back up. As she tired they started to get closer. Suddenly a dark cloud covered the entire area and all the enemy soldiers stopped. The they kneeled and started to worship the cloud as if it were a god. Dorn looked confused but his urge to crush people seemed to prevail and the enemy army was decimated in minutes. The cloud seemed to grow more dense and started to pulse with energy. Blasts of shadow hit everywhere and wherever one hit a new soldier appeared. In less the seven seconds everyone else was surrounded. Dorn somehow escaped and signaled for Yusha to meet him at the camp. At that moment one thought was in her mind.

"What Happened to Ruen!"


Ruen woke up with no one by his side. When he stepped outside the camp was deserted so he guessed that they had went to fight in a skirmish. Angry that no one woke him he grabbed his bow and started running towards the shore. As he got there he saw a pillar explode and a dark cloud fly off in the direction of the creek. Confused he looked out to sea and saw...... Boats every where. Scared he ran towards the temple to Aang located at the edge of the Forest of stone to pray. Nearby there were enemy soldiers everywhere.

"They've completely surrounded the valley!"He thought to himself.

He looked up and saw that he was surrounded by enemy soldiers. One stepped forward and shot that strange dark energy that he had seen so many times.

"Oh Son of a......"Was all he managed to say before he was blasted.


Sorry it was so short.


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