Dai Li defends Kuei
Battle With the Dai Li pt 1: Earth King's Kidnapping
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Finding Ursa



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October 21, 2012

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To The Impenetrable City

Battle With The Dai Li pt 1: Earth King's Kidnapping is the ninth chapter of Finding Ursa.

"What? How could this have happened?" How growled in frustration.

"We don't know, How, but my guess is Long Feng," Sung said.

"Long Feng? Isn't he still in prison?" Katara said confusingly.

"Katara, Long Feng escaped last week. However we don't know how he escaped. I think he's a metalbender," Sung said.

"Wait, how is Long Feng a metalbender. The only known metalbenders are me and my students. I swear if one of those lily livers taught Long Feng how to metalbend, I'm going to send them to the next dimension," Toph shouted.

"Wait, so what do we do?" Aang asked.

"I think now, we should go to Lake Laogai, there's no way Long Feng captured him on his own. Us four will go, you guys stay here and tell us any news you have of him when we come back," Iroh commanded.

The four eventually found Lake Laogai, and continued walking until they walked right into the trap. Long Feng and 20 Dai Li agents appeared right in front of him. "Avatar, so could to see you again," Long Feng said, and grinned.

"How did you escape, Feng?" Toph angrily asked.

"Well, I figured out to metalbend. Extraordinary, isn't it?" Just as he said that, He throw a large boulder at Aang. He quickly blocked it using earthbending and threw 2 rock at Long Feng. Meanwhile, Iroh send two quick streams of fire towards a Dai Li agent. He got hit and fell to the ground. Iroh taped his mouth shut while Toph stuck him together using earthbending and hid him in a wall. Meanwhile, Katara throw multiple jets of water towards the Dai Li agents, many of whom fell. She then throw a large wave at Long Feng, knocking him down. Aang froze him to the wall. Realizing the full moon was out, Katara bloodbended him still, while Aang proceeded to take away his bending. He went into the Avatar State, and just seconds later, his earthbending was gone. The other Dai Li agent escaped using a secret back door while their leader was laying on the ground. After trying to throw a boulder at Aang, he fell back to the ground.

"What did you do to me, Avatar?" Long Feng weakly asked.

"I took away your bending. You can't use it to hurt or threaten anyone else ever again," Aang calmly explained.

"Aang, Katara, let's go!" Toph shouted.

The gang finally arrived at the palace where they started interrogating the captured Dai Li agent.

"Where's the Earth King? Where are you hiding him?" Toph quickly asked.

"You have to answer. If you don't..." Toph smiled as she let Katara in front of her. She started to slowly bloodbend the Dai Li agent. Both Aang and Iroh were shocked as to how powerful she can possibly be.

"The rest of the Dai Li agents are trying to overthrow the Earth King. But first, they want to capture you, Avatar. They also have the Fire Lord's mother."

"Ursa" Iroh gasped. The Dai Li agent continued.

"Avatar, I want to join you. I have seen the wrongs of Long Feng and my fellow agents. I joined the Dai Li to protect Ba Sing Se. But now, I realized that I signed up for the wrong thing. My name is Hiro by the way," he said.

"Guys, he's telling the truth," Toph said.

"Fine. But first, where is the Earth King?" Aang asked.

"He's just outside of Ba Sing Se." Everyone nodded as they climbed on Appa and continued to fly towards the Outer Wall.

When they arrived, things weren't as they looked. Citizens of Ba Sing Se were being locked up and taken away. Aang used airbending to quickly get to the truck and let everyone go. Hiro and Toph came down soon after and used earthbending to destroy their new, little "headquarters". Katara started healing some who were injured and took the citizens to their houses. After taking everyone and healing them, she joined Aang and Iroh. Dai Li agents quickly were running away and were falling apart without their leader. Then, Toph heard a sound. Hiro used earthbending to move a large earth column.

"Avatar, thank you again," Kuei thanked. "Wait, he's a Dai Li agent. Arrest him!" Kuei yelled.

"Don't worry. He's on our side now," Katara explained.

"Oh good."

"So, Kuei, how exactly did you get captured?" Aang asked.

"Well, it was about a week ago. Long Feng had escaped from prison. When he entered my throne room, I asked my guards to arrest him. However, they were all hurt or dead. I tried to make a run for it, but I was too slow and they eventually caught me. Long Feng tried to brainwash me, but I knew a way to break it. Afterwards, they took me outside the Wall and turned me into their prisoner."

"Good luck, Aang, Katara, Toph, Iroh on your journey," Kuei said.

"So, Hiro, where exactly is the Fire Lord's mother?" Iroh asked.

"Right now, she should still be in Yu Dao," he said, "but we got to get there quick before they take her," he finished.

They went on Appa and set a course for Yu Dao.

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