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Battle Of Whale Tail Island Part 1
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Avatar: Legend Of Fire





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November 29, 2011

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Battle Of Whale Tail Island Part 1 is the tenth chapter of the fanon series Avatar: Legend Of Fire and is the first part of a two part chapter.


Confused, scared and lost, the Avatar questions whenever or not he is capable of performing his duty and what it might be, but quickly comes to a realization that he needs to be more decisive as the Battle Of Whale Tail Island begins, he finds himself drawn into a conflict he had known nothing about.


The bliss of waking up in a warm bedroll was ruined for the young Avatar. The second he woke up, the first thing that came to his mind was the war and the second thing that came to mind was the fact that he'd have to go to the air temples, that seemed so far away now, alone. Being alone, it was something he had somewhat come to grips with when he was told he had to leave, however, now he was used to Jin's company, in fact, he found it hard to imagine travelling through the water again alone, given that his last journey through the ocean wasn't quite as smooth as one would have wanted it to be. The thoughts bounced around in his head, from the moment he woke up in the empty tent to the moment he walked out to find a busy and bustling camp, though the sun was barely peaking through the horizon. War. This was what it looked like. Men putting their backs into carrying crates, weaponry, morning drills and shouts orders and arguments. The clatter of armor and swords made Takeo nervous. This was war and he was the one that had to stop it. As he walked through the busy camp, he looked at all the soldiers that passed him, after today, they might be dead, they won't return home to their families, they'll never hold their loved ones again, all due to the fact that Takeo still wasn't a fully realized Avatar. He was flushed with a sudden urge to go as far away from there was possible.

He saw Jin in the corner of his eyes, sharpening his jian sword and tying his headband onto the hip of his right leg; they exchanged glances for a moment, but said nothing. After a quick breakfast, Takeo returned to his tent and made sure his stuff were in his bag before putting his armguards on and leaving the tent after throwing his bag over his shoulder. Not even two steps into the light of the outside world and Prince Zhu was already there, hands behind his back, his straight posture and his elegant face.

"Avatar Takeo." the prince greeted him in a calm tone "I was hoping we could talk."

"Sure." Tak blurted out an answer and lowered his gaze. He wanted Takeo to stay and help, but the very thought of going into a battlefield scared him so much that he couldn't even bare to think about it.

"From your short argument with Jin last night I assume my father had not told you about the war?" his tone was calm, but he raised an eyebrow.

"No... he didn't mention it." and it angered Takeo so much that he was scared to even show it to the prince.

"I'm sure my father had his reasons, he's... a soft man." He seemed to be lacking a better word "My father believes that by not retaliating, he'll let the Earth King feel superior and he'll stop his attacks; however I have my doubts about such a tactic, walk with me." The two began to walk, side by side, Takeo walked at the princes left in the same pace as he, and they walked slowly through the camp. "Regardless of my father's beliefs, or his reasons for not telling you about the danger you must face, I must implore you to reconsider fighting with us today. Unlike my father, I do not wish to take this lying down, to let them insult us and walk over us."

"My apologies, your grace, but I'm afraid I won't be of much help to you."

"As I have already explained, your presence gives us more than just an extra soldier and I have faith that you're as gifted a bender as any other Avatar, if not more so." The prince stopped and so did Tak, who looked forward to see large platoons of soldiers making formations and a large bulky man riding a komodo rhino, the animal whose footprints he and Jin discovered yesterday. "Takeo, this is as much your fight as it is ours, I understand you're scared, I understand that this is unexpected, sudden and frightening, but there's no escaping it, the only thing you can do now is face your destiny head on and the longer you wait, the more you will regret it, the more you will question yourself and doubt will consume you."

"It's it the duty of the Avatar... my duty to preserve the peace?" Takeo questioned, his face blank and his mind deep in thought

"The peace is already broken, the only way to restore peace now is to end this war before it becomes a real threat and with you fighting alongside us, I have no doubts that we will win."

"I just..." why couldn't they have told him about this war before he left? He was so scared, he was going to die, a lot of people were going to die and it'll be his fault for not being able to stop it. No, he won't allow it... he can't. "Alright, I'll help, what do you want me to do?"

"Go put your bag back into the tent and come meet me in my tent as fast as you can, I'll go gather Captain Cho and Jin and I'll brief you both on the battle" he said, the corners of his lips tugging upward, just a bit.

Earth Camp

Lieutenant Daisuke sighed as he waved his men an order to cease and to return to their posts after a quick routine inspection. Their camp, such as it was- a group of tents made out of cloth and some of rock surrounded by a wall of rock around them, which the earthbenders so graciously bent for their protection. Daisuke laid his bare hand on the green hilt of katana and rested it there as he began his slow walk back towards his tent, green and large it stood, towering amongst the other tents, near the northern part of the wall. Daisuke was a tall, young man in his twenties, beautiful some women called him and the last thing he saw himself doing was guarding an empty island, so backwater that the women don't even understand basic etiquette. He rubbed a hand through his cleanly shaved face as his brown eyes adjusted to the sunlight, his long black hair tied into a ponytail behind him, he looked fitting this morning- a green Earth Kingdom plate, which he wore over his grey long sleeved tunic, the sleeves firmly tucked into the armguards that stretched from his wrists near his elbows. His black boots were also armored with green greaves, his grey pants tucked firmly into the black boots. He stood proud in his armor, mostly because he knew how well it fit him; women just couldn't resist a man in uniform.

"Lieutenant!" someone shouted as they ran towards him, it was a simple soldier, armored in the tradition green uniform, he came to a stop a few steps away and saluted his lieutenant and Daisuke only nodded at him "Sir, We've received a letter for you." The soldier was still young and enthusiastic, not that Daisuke was much older than him, and maybe it was just a sense of superiority that made him loathe his duties so much.

"Ah, probably another woman sending me a letter about how much she misses me." he sighed- Omashu this time, no, maybe Gaoling? There was so many of them that he couldn't help but amuse himself with a game of 'where from next', but he always misses "I swear these girls get too attached, a few sweet words, sometimes a bit of wine and they just can't help but fall in love, it's annoying." He winked an eye to the soldier.

"Aren't you dating my sister...?" the soldier muttered angrily.

Daisuke coughed ", yeah...I mean... go clean something." he snatched the letter from the soldiers hand and shooed him off, frowning. The soldier glared at him as Daisuke walked towards his tent. Daisuke didn't dare look back as he walked towards his tent, he didn't even manage to catch a glimpse of the letter yet, only when he entered his tent did he notice the royal seal.

"Well... this can't be good." It was a green envelope, in the middle there was red wax, unbroken with the king's personal seal. A letter from the king, maybe he was getting a new assignment, maybe his father managed to convince the Earth King to let him return to Ba Sing Se! Oh how he missed Ba Sing Se, the women, the parties, it was a life of joy if anything, but alas, whenever a royal letter came it was usually a death sentence. He carefully broke the seal and removed the sheet of paper from the envelope, unrolling it carefully he began to read the beautiful calligraphy inside.

Lieutenant Daisuke,

For your loyal service and devotion to the Earth Kingdom, you are hereby promoted to the rank of Captain. I, King Xanshi, personally congratulate you on your hard work and promotion and instill with you all the military power and responsibilities that come with the rank of captain.

But, as of this moment, you are to relieve yourself from the command of Whale Tail Island and focus only on your new objective. I have recently received word that the Avatar is travelling to the Southern Air Temple and as we speak, he might already be there, however, he should have or still should pass through Whale Tail Island and because of that, I order you, by a personal decree to do everything in your power to capture and detain the new Avatar.

In our previous letters we sent you, we described the new Avatars appearance in great detail and I hope it will be enough for you to identify and subdue him. He is a threat, if he is not captured; the Earth Kingdom risks a chance of losing this war. Do not fail me. I hope to hear good news from you soon.

38th Earth King Xanshi.

Daisuke's eyes widened as he read, he crumpled the piece of paper up. He never wanted to be promoted, no, why couldn't they demote him? Give him a desk job? He's running around here, risking his life fighting while that mad lunatic polishes the throne. He sighed; this was his fathers work no doubt. He moved to the table that stood on the other end of his tent, a dark green tablecloth covered it rough wooden top, it was too long, and it touched the woolen rug that lay on the floor. He flipped through the other letters, pulling out the ones that described the Avatars appearance. Tall, black hair, ember eyes, powerful bender (that last part was very intuitive), they described his face very well, accompanied with a small sketch of what he might look like. Grandma's tales, no teenager of seventeen or however old he was had that kind of a beard; whoever relayed this information was no doubt drunk, or lying, or one of those sages had a "vision" those repetitive ramblings they keep spouting only serve as fuel for Xanshi to stone more of them to death, the king loved stoning people to death, it was almost like a pastime to him, he loved it almost as much as he loved hanging them.

Now, here he was, hoping that the Avatar has yet to arrive. So he might prepare, hoping, that he still hasn't left the island. He face-palmed, damned slow hawks. He was a dead man- relieve him from duty, which was a laugh, where would he go? The Fire Nation had them cornered; of course, his continuous letters to General Lee weren't attracting reinforcements.

"Lieutenant." A voice came from outside his tent. Daisuke sighed and waved them in.

A soldier stepped in, saluting.

"Lieutenant we-"

"It's captain now." He tossed the piece of crumpled paper to the soldier, who caught it and unrolled it, his eyes also widening as he read. "I'll let it slide this time."

"Captain, we've received word tha-"

"Look, I don't want to be rude, but I outrank you, so who cares- I'm relieved of duty here, it's not my problem anymore."

"But sir-"

"Terribly sorry, I wasn't clear the first time?" Daisuke asked, his tone a bit louder this time, though this the same cocksure attitude.

"But sir," this time he spoke fast enough so Daisuke couldn't intervene "We've received word from our spy, the Avatar- he's on the island, also he sent us their battle plan"

The captain took the piece of paper and read through it and then Daisuke cackled with bliss. "Oh wow I'm in luck; go on then, what are we waiting for? Let's go prepare our men to attack and tell the men, I want the Avatar- dead or alive."


The main tent was as big as Takeo remembered it. However, now instead of being nearly empty, inside of the tent sat four other men. One of them was a large, bulky man with a shaved head, a single ponytail sticking out on the back of his scalp, a few earrings in his large ears. He had a black goatee around his mouth and he was so tall and muscular Takeo wondered what he looked like in the battlefield, he had a large battleaxe on his back, he wore light armor, the red Fire Nation plate and black pants, nothing else, his muscular arms left bare. The other two were a soldier, dressed in what seemed like the standard Fire Nation armor and Zhu, who looked as elegant as ever, though focused on the map. And then, there was Jin. Jin wore his usual clothing, a black tight vest with yellow trimmings, black pants tucked into black boots and his red headband, wrapped around his right hip, the hilt of his jian sticking out from his shoulder as it hanged on his back. Jin smiled when he saw Takeo.

"Glad to see you decided to stay." Jin muttered as Takeo sat down next to him.

"Well, I know you'd kill yourself if I wasn't around." Tak smiled, but before Jin could reply Zhu spoke, in a loud and clear, commanding voice.

"Alright then, we're all here" he tapped the sketch of the area, pointing to the other large open area of the forest "This- is the Earth Kingdom camp, their forces have thinned down through all of this fighting, so we're expecting this to be our last wave to finish them off."

The words made Takeo bite down on his lower lip. Finish them off- slaughter them, as much as he hated the idea.

"This," his finger ran slowly and gently over what seemed like an area of cliffs on the map "is the referred to by the locals as the small canyon, it leads to the other side of the forest, exactly several hundred feet from this side of the Earth Kingdom camp." He tapped the far south of the camp. "Captain Cho here," Zhu gestured to the large bulky man with the scowl on his face "Will lead the main assault, leading our men across the forest into this field, a direct attack that will force the Earth Kingdom to draw its forces to the defense and fight them." he then tapped the canyon again "I'll be leading my men through this pass, it will take longer, however when they'll be fighting Cho on the west side, their defenses will be weakened and we will flank them, uniting the two platoons and rushing the camp, finishing it."

"What do I do?" Takeo asked a bit nervously, but for whatever reason- excited.

"Jin told me last night about your tussle with the pirates, you two are very skilled individuals, powerful and quick, that's why the whole plan will rely on you two- you'll be the diversion."

"Wait, what?!" Takeo was suddenly taken aback "Isn't it a little... unsafe to be sending two men to divert an entire camp?"

"You diversion will Captain Cho enough time to smash through their defenses, charging their camp, they won't be expecting it, and they'll be preoccupied with you two when it happens, doubly so when my forces rush in." Zhu smirked "All you have to do is cause a bit of mayhem, start a fire or two, and when they start to divert their attention to you, be sure that Cho and I will be there."

"This wasn't in the first plan..." the soldier spoke up, a bit confused.

"This plan is better, if we charge in like this it'll turn into a slaughter."

"But... isn't it a bit dangerous?" Takeo asked nervously.

"All you have to do is a start a couple of fires." Captain Cho spoke up in a gruff angry voice "Just do as you're told." He stood and began waking "I'll ready my men, be there on time, if you fail- we all fail."

Takeo gulped, not the encouragement he had hoped for.

"You'll do fine; I put my faith into you." Zhu smiled again.

Jin stood "Alright then, lets go." He sounded unaffected "The sooner we get this over with the sooner we can go." He smiled at Takeo

"Great to see you're up for it."

"I'm always up for it." Jin replied in his cocky tone as the two of them walked out of the tent.

And just like that, Takeo was enthralled into battle he had known nothing about. However, that thought only came to his head when he and Jin were already slogging through the forest, running, jumping over logs, taking a few minutes to rest from running by simply walking and sometimes sitting down, for a few seconds. They didn't have much time- Captain Cho informed them that an hour after their left, his platoons would advance and so would Zhu's. Him and Jin didn't really speak for a greater part of the journey, Jin kept looking at the map, drawing a line through it with his finger when they stopped. And after a while, Jin came to a full stop and gestured to Takeo, who was a few steps behind him, to stop as well. Jin ducked and Takeo followed his lead, the two of them looked forward, but there was nothing only... a wall?

"A wall." Jin noted, very keenly "That was quick, Zhu said that had only been in this location for a day.

"They are earthbenders, you know." Takeo reminded him

"Oh right." Jin said, somewhat absent mindedly, it made Takeo question how seriously he took this entire affair. Jin crawled forward a bit and then saw a soldier patrolling along the wall, he stopped. The soldier was dressed in dark green, the uniform of the Earth Kingdom. "Cover me, I'm going in." Takeo wanted to object, but before he could say anything, Jin rolled forward, crawled a bit and hid behind a tree. When the soldier began to continue his patrol, Jin jumped out of the forest, landed in the grass near the wall and rushed the soldier, drawing his jian, the white blade gleaming in the rising sun. The soldier turned to the sound of Jin running, his hand moved to draw his own sword and just as he grasped the hilt, blood spewed out from his neck; he couldn't even let out a sound of pain or anguish as his lifeless body slammed into the grass. Takeo's eyes widened, he rushed out of the forest, stopping behind Jin and glaring at the dead body

"You killed him!" Takeo sounded off in a very quiet and hushed voice.

"Your genius is astounding." Jin replied his tone loud "And why in the name of Enma are you whispering?"

Takeo gestured wildly to the wall of stone next to them, as if it wasn't already obvious, his face made a scowl.

"Oh right." Jin finally understood, but his voice still wasn't hushed. His hand tapped the wall "Thick." His voice was quieter now "We'll have to vault over it." He looked at the top of it, it stood a meter or so taller than them. "Up you go then."

"Me? Why me?!" Takeo tried to shout, but his hushed voice only grew quieter.

"Because if I go in there and there's a bunch of guards, they'll rush and kill me, if you go in there and there's a bunch of guards, you can still set off a large fire before they kill you, making the plan a success, just get to the top and pull me up."

"Eh, fine." Takeo looked up "Boost me up."

Jin laced his fingers together and laid his palms out in the air in front of Takeo, pressing his back against the stone wall. Tak placed a single hand on the wall for balance and his right foot into Jin's laced fingers. "On three... one... two... three." Jin pushed his hands upward and Takeo used his palms as footing to jump, grabbing onto the top of the wall and pulling himself up. His left leg came up; going over the wall and helping him bring himself over the edge. He sat on top of the wall and then, right when he was going to turn and pull Jin up, he saw two soldiers, turning in his direction, he fell- forward. As he hit the ground with his stomach he immediately pushed himself up to run, as he did, he slid on some dirt and nearly fell, but managed to hide from the coming soldiers, as they apparently didn't see him.

"Hey, Limpy!" Tak heard Jin shout, hoping that the soldiers didn't.

As he heard the soldiers voiced becoming louder and louder as they came near him, Takeo pulled up one of the corners of a large tent and ducked inside. As he crawled through the floor, hoping that nobody was in the room, he saw the shadows of the soldiers pass through, they laughed about something and for a moment, Takeo thought it was about him, but then he heard the last bit of their conversation.

"And than, he said-"then it cut off as the two of them walked off. Takeo gasped, catching his breath; he could feel the adrenaline rushing through his body and the Goosebumps spreading through his arms and back. He stood and turned around. Thankfully, the tent was empty. It was a large tent; it contained a bed, a small fireplace, a table covered with a dark green tablecloth, a woolen rug and a bedroll in the far corner. On the table there was a katana, a green hilt sticking out of a black scabbard, the pommel of the blade looked like gold. Takeo looked at it for a moment, there was a small Earth Kingdom insignia carved on the golden pommel, next to it was a large jug and some glasses, a large map and a pile of letters, a thick scent came from the jug it smelled like wine, the cheap kind the bums in the Fire Nation smell of. Then, Takeo heard voices heading towards the tent and shadows passing through the small slits near the ground, they loomed into the tent and Tak knew- they were coming inside. He ducked, hiding behind the table. Light burst into the room as the tent flap came open, inside stepped two soldiers, Takeo didn't dare look up over the top of the table to look at them, but he heard the voices come closer and he then he knew they were about to come to the table. As his only option, he slid under the table cloth and found himself sitting under the table, holding his breath as two pairs of feet stopped near his face.

"Seems like luck is smiling on you then," one of the soldiers spoke "if he's actually here."

"If luck was smiling on me I'd be in a brothel in Ba Sing Se, drowning myself in Fire Nation wine and Earth Kingdom women." the other answered and Takeo heard the sound of liquid being poured into the two goblets from the jug. "Not this cheap thing, the men stole this from one of the villages, tastes like paint."

"Maybe it is paint" the other soldier noted as they began drinking "tastes fine to me."

The other soldier sighed "If you survive, I'll buy you a proper glass of wine in Ba Sing Se when we return, then you'll know the taste of true, delicious wine."

"I'd be honored, Lieutenant Daisuke." The other soldier replied as they collided wineglasses gently in a toast.

"It's captain now." Daisuke took a sip and set the wineglass down onto the table "This is turning out to be quite the day, once our men ambush Prince Zhu in the canyon, the battle for this island will be one."

"You're placing so much hope in the capture of the prince." The other man noted.

Daisuke chuckled and a Tak flushed with emotions. They know. They knew about the plan.

"The king will lord me when I bring him the Avatar and the Prince." He paused for a moment and Tak heard the sound of him sipping on his wine "Just imagine, Captain Daisuke ending the war by bringing him the prince and the Avatar all at once." He then smiled widely "oh and you can be certain that the war would end, nobody out of that sorry lot they call soldiers can even strategize their way out of a privy, much less lead an army, the Firelord will no doubt bend his knee when we use his son as leverage and the Avatar... well lets just say it'll be another seventeen years before we see him or her again." they collided glasses again and laughed, but Takeo was overtaken with fear and horror. They knew. They were going to kill Zhu and him. "Cho won't even reach our walls, our men will overtake him and without any sort of back of from Zhu, his men will be slaughtered."

"We should stone Cho to death, that ape took my ear off the last time we fought."

Daisuke chuckled "He has his uses."

Takeo felt a lot of saliva gather in his mouth and he gulped, maybe, a bit too loudly.

"An-" the soldier stopped talking and for a long moment there was silence, Takeo stared at their feet, unsure about what was going on and then- the blade of a katana pierced through the tabletop and thrust into the ground, inches from Tak's face. The Avatar gasped and rolled to the side, coming from under the table. He quickly got to his feet and turned to face the two soldiers, one was young, with long black haired tied into a ponytail, the other was stout and had a rough face and a dark beard, a chunk of his left ear missing, Daisuke was gripping the hilt of the katana, which stuck out from the table, the wineglasses and the jug of wine had dropped to the wool carpet and giant red puddles began to spread through it, he pulled the katana out and pointed it at the intruder.

"An intruder!" the other man shouted.

Daisuke tilted his head as he looked at Takeo, who stood frozen, nobody did anything for a moment and then- Daisuke lowered his sword, quickly. He took a step forward and from quickly his hand searched through the pile of letters, he pilled out a large sheet of paper and unfolded it with one hand. He looked at the sheet of paper and then at Tak again.

"Eh, all you Fire Nation soldiers look the same, kill him." he threw the paper back onto the table and slashed with his katana, Takeo jumped backward, just as the soldier rushed him. Tak was thrown off for a second, but quickly he punched the air with two powerful rapid strikes that sent fireballs out of his knuckles, the soldier dodged the first one and ducked under the second one, they hit the far end of the tent, sending small bursts of flame into the rug and cloth, inconspicuously- it caught fire and Takeo had an idea. He jumped sideways as the soldier rushed at him and kicked at the rug as their feet, sending stream of flames into the wool, it caught fire quickly and the, before either of the soldiers could act, Takeo brought his hands up into the sky, making the flames fire upward into the ceiling of the tent. The soldier screamed and stepped backwards, but Daisuke jumped over the rug and swung his katana at Tak's head, Tak ducked, narrowly avoiding the sharp blade, Daisuke brought his foot forward, kicking Tak in the stomach and sending him tumbling backwards, Tak quickly rolled back as he hit the ground, avoiding the thrust of the captains katana, quickly jumping to his feet he threw a few more punches and fireballs, which Daisuke avoided, however- the tent was engulfed by flame.

Takeo ran outside, and only then did he realize that thick black smoke was erupting into the sky from the large flaming tent, soldiers were rushing towards it. Before the Avatar could even get his bearings he had to lunge forward to avoid another slash of Daisuke's blade and once they were outside, the captain sent a powerful stomp to the ground, making a small wall of earth rise in front of Takeo, blocking his path. Takeo turned and his hands moved to protect his face as Daisuke sent another slash. However, the slash did not come, Takeo's hands slowly retracted and he couldn't help but smile at what he saw, as strange as it sounds- two dead Earth Kingdom soldiers and Daisuke's katana being held back by Jin's jian.

"You started the party without me I see." Jin muttered through his teeth at he held back the captains katana.

"Another one? Is anyone even protecting this camp?!" the captain pushed Jin back and Tak rushed forward and rolled, avoiding the captain and joining Jin's side, he got to his feet and took a battle stance.

"Jin, they know!" Tak shouted, in a hurry, in fear, he hoped that Jin would have a solution.

"Know what?" Jin raised an eyebrow, but still pointed his blade at Daisuke.

"About the plan, they're going to ambush Zhu!"

"What? But ho-"

"Are you two seriously having a conversation right now?!" Daisuke shouted, annoyed and irritated

"Oh, sorry" Takeo muttered sheepishly

"Why are you apologizing to him?!" Jin shouted.


Jin sighed. As the two turned and burst into a sprint, all around them, soldiers clad in green armor rushed to the area, some of them carrying spears, some drawing their swords while others taking battle stances and preparing to use the earth around them to fight and kill the intruders.

"Here!" Jin slashed through one of the tents and they rushed inside, Tak turned around to send a fireball through the hole just as a soldier was trying to run inside, the fireball hit him in the chest and made him stagger backwards, dropping his sword he began flailing at his clothes and armor until he stopped, dropped and began to roll around in the dirt and grass.

The two rushed out through the tents entrance, but outside was another group of soldiers, in the corner of his eye Takeo caught a glimpse of the fire spreading from the large tent to the other surrounding tents and to the area, a few soldiers trying to put it out while the others scrambled and screamed "Intruders!" and various other words that Takeo would have been punished for using in the temple. They all seemed distorted, soldiers rushed towards Takeo and Jin, Tak throwing more and more fireballs at the tents around them. They ducked behind a few barrels as another group of soldiers rushed by.

"What do we do?" Takeo asked, scared.

"We stick to the plan, but... we have to stop the ambush, if they succeed, this whole plan will fail and Zhu will..."

Takeo knew what Jin meant, he didn't have to say it, the prince would get captured or die in fact, if Zhu failed to reach this camp, they would all die. Takeo looked over the barrels behind which they hid, several tents and the grass in the camp was burning, the main tent was nearly burned down, that's cheap Fire Nation wine for you- it was so flammable that Takeo heard stories about men getting drunk on it and then accidentally setting themselves on fire when they tried to Firebend.

A rock hit the barrels with incredibly force, destroying them and sending Jin and Tak onto their backs, both of them quickly got to their feet as Daisuke jumped over the barrels and slashed at Jin. Jin blocked with his jian and pushed the katana to the side, slashed at Daisuke's face, the captain leaned backwards, dodging the slice and thrust his katana at Jin's chest. Jin spun backwards, spinning the blade over his head tilted towards the ground and knocked the thrust aside as he spun, he stopped at Takeo's side.

"Do something!" Jin shouted, a bit annoyed.

Takeo took a battle stance, but then he stood up straight and in a commanding voice he spoke "My name is Takeo, as the Avatar, I command you to stand down." He could feel pride rushing through him, Daisuke seemed shocked and Takeo glanced at Jin, to see him angrily glaring at Tak.

"Are you stupid?!" Jin shouted at him, extremely annoyed "Kill him!"

Daisuke laughed "You're the Avatar?!" he laughed even louder "Are you serious?!" he kept laughing for a few seconds "Oh wow, I really am lucky, this is going to be even easier than I thought at first." He looked at Takeo again "But you really look nothing like the sketch, did you shave your beard?"

"My what?" Takeo blinked.

"Never mind..."

Daisuke rushed at them and slashed again, Jin blocked and Takeo sent a fireball at the soldier, who ducked under it and jumped backwards. Takeo turned around and sent a few more blasts of fire into the surrounding tents, setting out a few more fires. The two teenagers ran again. And then they saw that the entire camp was rushing towards them, they slashed through another tent, setting it on fire as they passed and narrowly dodged a barrage of rocks that nearly destroyed the stone wall when it collided. A few arrows flew past them; almost hitting them, a wall of earth erupted in front of them, forcing them to take a different turn into another row of tents. Soldiers were rushing front the other end of the row and Tak jumped forward, sending two powerful streams of flames from both his palms. The soldiers stopped, slammed their feet into the ground and both brought their hands up, quickly enough, a wall of earth grew from the ground, blocking Takeo's flames which spit into every direction, sending flames into more tents.

Jin and Tak cut through another tent, a soldier was sleeping in one of them and Jin, cruelly enough, stabbed him in the chest before he could even grab his sword from the ground. From tent to tent they went and finally the stopped, Jin laid a hand on Takeo's shoulder as they stood in an empty tent.

"Find them!" Daisuke roared as soldiers scattered into every direction, the louder clatter of armor and footsteps sound through the camp and Takeo knew that they were surrounded, the whole camp was closing in on them, but then, suddenly- a horn.

"It's an attack!" they heard someone screech and the soldiers stopped what they were doing. BOOM a large explosion coupled with the sound of the wall coming down and more screams filled the air.

"It's Cho!" a soldier proclaimed "Everyone, defend the camp!" and the soldiers rushed from their direction to the direction of the attack. Jin and Tak exchanged glances and smiled, a bit relieved, but before they could say much more- a sword cut through the side of the tent and Daisuke rushed in, swinging wildly. Jin blocked a few hits and pushed Tak backward, through the other end of the tent and both of the rushed outside as the tent collapsed.

Komodo rhino
Daisuke came at them, his sword above his head, aiming to hit them, Jin moved to intercept and the two blades kissed and locked, both of the fighter pushing at each other with full force, both hands gripping the hilts of their weapons.

"Takeo, go!" Jin shouted "Get to Zhu!"

Takeo hesitated for a moment "Go!" Jin shouted again through his teeth and Takeo felt his feet turn and burst into a sprint, he rushed through the flames and the fires that slowly consumed the tents and saw a massive battle unfolding near a broke wall, red versus green, fire clashing with rock and walls of earth, the sound of steel hitting steel and screams of men, blood rushing through the grass, he saw Cho ride through the Earth Kingdom soldiers on his rhino, slicing through them with his battleaxe, he couldn't stop. Takeo ran, and he ran and the only thing that kept him going was hope, that Zhu was still alive.


  • This is the first battle to happen in the fanon so far.
  • At one point there were supposed to be dragons, but the idea was scraped due to the difficulty of implementing them into the actual fight.

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