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Battle of Whale Tail Island
Earthbending soldiers


Skirmish in the Unmarked Islands


Earth-Fire War


534 BG


Whaletail Island


Fire Nation victory


  • 4 Earth Kingdom platoons
  • Captain Daisuke


Prince Zhu

Captain Daisuke

Forces involved

Fire Nation Military

Earth Kingdom Military



Heavy, nearly all forces destroyed


The Battle for Whale Tail Island was a two week long military campaign led by Prince Zhu of the Fire Nation in the year 534 BG in hopes of liberating control of the island from the Earth Kingdom invaders. It was one of the most destructive and open military confrontations since the beginning of the Earth Kingdom oppression of the Fire Nation. Due to a long lasting peace, this was one of the first open battles fought between two military forces of different nations.


Given leave by his father to take some men to the unmarked islands to protect the villages, Prince Zhu faced The Earth Kingdom forces valiantly, rescued several small islands from the Earth Kingdom influence and eventually interrogating one of the commanders to find out that they had been repairing, supplying and sending their forces from Whale Tail Island.

Upon collecting his forces and various recruits from the small islands, Zhu sailed to the Whale Tail Island and parlayed with Lieutenant Daisuke for them to abandon the island as it was under the protection of the Fire Nation, which was refused. Upon the Lieutenants refusal of the terms, the prince sent a messenger hawk to Captain Cho to gather his military forces and arrive to the island to support his campaign.


Zhu led several small victorious battles against the Earth Kingdom forces, destroying their shipwrights and several camps, though the battles had casualties on each side, the greatly outnumbered Fire Nation forces had taken the upper hand once they had forced the Earth Kingdom forces to regroup and retreat deeper into the island. Though at first outnumbered, The Fire Nation forces led by Zhu quickly became too destructive for the dwindling forces of the Earth Kingdom to handle. Daisuke had sent letters to other generals, requesting aid in the protection of Whale Tail Island, however futile as no reinforcements were dispatched. Daisuke's and Zhu's leadership abilities proved to be too uneven and Zhu quite remarkably had The Earth Kingdom on the run now, despite their heavy losses. The invasion force Zhu had brought with him had dwindled to a minimum and he had to strike, Daisuke himself had lost many men and now the cards were more or less even.

However, the arrival of Avatar Takeo accompanied by Jin was a great blessing for Zhu. Seeing as both of them were skilled fighters, Zhu used them as a small distraction squad while he himself led his forces around Daisuke's camp and main forces to flank them. As this was happening, Captain Cho led the main assault, which served as the second distraction for Daisuke's forces.

Blue fire shield

Though not everything had gone as planned, Takeo and Jin clashed with Daisuke and set his camp ablaze, however realizing that Daisuke was on to Zhu's plan, Takeo ran off to warn the prince about the ambush that was set for him, as Cho broke through the main gates of the Earth Kingdom camp and bravely fought on the front lines. Before the secret Earth Kingdom squad could ambush Prince Zhu, Takeo alerted him to their location, which saved the entire force of soldiers from being buried alive in an avalanche. Takeo, now accompanied by Zhu's invasion force, charged into the Earth Kingdom camp and regrouped with Captain Cho, swiftly surrounding and charging at the Earth Kingdom forces, destroying their camp and scattering their forces


This marked the first victory for the Fire Nation against the Earth Kingdom forces, liberating the people of Whaletail Island from the Earth King's grasp. After the battle, Takeo continued his journey to the Southern Air Temple and Zhu gathered his forces and returned to the defense of the unmarked islands, ending the campaign for Whale Tail Island. The now newly appointed Captain Daisuke used this opportunity to trail the Avatar and followed him to the air temples.

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