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Battle For Ba Sing Se, Part 2: Suki of Kyoshi Island
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Battle For Ba Sing Se, Part 1: The New Era

Night had fallen on Ba Sing Se. The city's inhabitants were running away in fear of the Zhiming Assassins. On top of the royal palace, Suki and Tai Kun were going at it. Tai Kun threw a punch at Suki who dodged it easily. She lashed out at the Zhiming leader with several quick jabs, but Tai Kun leapt back to avoid her. Not waiting another second, Kang Dae generated a bolt of lightning in his hands, intent on firing it at Suki. The Kyoshi Warrior looked over, knowing she could not dodge the bolt in time. Suddenly, there was a burst of fire ascending to the roof of the palace. Rong landed in front of her brother just as he fired the bolt. She intercepted it and fired it into the sky, making sure she did not kill Kang Dae. Bo and Ling landed on the roof seconds later. As soon as Ling hit the roof, he Metalbent the structure underneath him, flinging all of the Zhimings except Tai Kun off of the roof. As the four comrades fell, Shun quickly took action, softening their landing with an air cushion just seconds before they would have died. Bo, Ling, and Rong joined them seconds later, riding down on a water spout. The two teams now stood at the bottom of the enormous stairs, standing face to face. "You have two options," Ling stated. "Surrender or die."

Kang Dae had a good laugh at this. "Can't you children see that is over?" he asked. Rong walked forward, looking her brother straight in the face. "Oh, what now little sister? Are you going to try to make another peace offering?" Kang Dae said, mocking his sibling.

Rong hesitated before speaking. "No," she answered. Ling and Bo were shocked by her answer. "I thought I could help you. I thought I could make you see the error of your ways, but now I finally see the cold, harsh reality: There is no hope for you, you monster! Your days of evil have come to an end!"

Kang Dae had not expected this. A small part of him was a bit hurt by his sister's words, but he would not let this stand in his way of achieving his goal. He shot a fire stream at Rong, but she nullified it and countered with two fire blasts from her hands. Rong then dodged an arrow fired by Yanshu. The archer fired several more arrows at his opponent, each one being barely avoided.

Meanwhile, Shuang and Ling had gone head to head, with Shuang unleashing a wave in Ling's direction. Ling raised an earth wall to block the wave, and then lowered it, allowing him to attack. Ling levitated four boulders out of the ground and kicked them all in Shuang's direction.

At the same time, Bo and Shun were fighting each other. Bo covered himself with water, forming the Octopus Form. With several movements of his arms, Bo sent five different water tentacles at Shun. The Air Nomad countered with an Airbending slice, rendering the tentacles useless. She then proceeded to let out a large breath of air escape from her mouth, blowing Bo back several yards. The Waterbender got up and water whipped the Airbender before moving in for his next attack.

Meanwhile, on the top of the royal palace, Suki and Tai Kun were still locked in a fist fight. Although Tai Kun was out of his element, he knew he did not need it to beat this child. Suki, however, knew that she would eventually tire her enemy out. Suddenly, a thought occurred to her in the midst of battle. There was one particular Zhiming that Suki had not seen yet. "Where is Hong Wu?" she asked.

Tai Kun let out a slight chuckle. He had forgotten that Suki and Hong Wu were arch rivals, and he took joy in the fact that he would be the one to tell Suki that not only had Hong Wu died, but it was he who robbed Suki of her closure. "Hong Wu is no more," Tai Kun answered.

Suki's eyes widened. "No! What did you do?!" she demanded.

"He failed to show any bit of competence, so I decided to end him."

Suki was now enraged. "You bastard!" she shouted. "I was supposed to end him!"

"You should be more worried about yourself right now!" Tai Kun retorted. The Earthbender grabbed Suki and threw her over the side of the palace. Suki screamed as she fell. Suddenly, she felt something beneath her. She had hit a small earth slide and had slid down it. She looked up to see Tai Kun leap down from the top of the palace and land on the slide himself. "Now we end it!" he shouted. He and Suki were now standing at the top of the steps ascending to the palace. Suki was now aware that this would be more of a challenge. Tai Kun was now able to use his bending. Suki grabbed her katana and lunged it forward, aiming at Tai Kun's chest. Tai Kun managed to shift the earth beneath him, allowing him to slide out of the way. He then lifted a boulder out of the ground and shot it straight at his opponent.

At the bottom of the steps, Bo and Shun were still battling. The Airbender fired a storm of air bullets at Bo, but the Waterbender countered with an ice shield. Bo then converted the ice shield into an ice column and started to convert small amounts of it into ice disks. Shun dodged several, but was knocked back by a few. The Air Nomad was now wounded in two areas. Bo walked over to her and formed an ice whip. As he prepared to strike, Shun extended her right arm and Gravitybent her enemy, sending him to the ground. With some difficulty, Shun got up and loomed over the helpless Bo. "This time I'll make sure you die!" she yelled. Suddenly, she was hit in the arm by a knife. She stared at it for several seconds, and then dropped to the ground. Bo looked behind him to see who had come to his rescue and saw the Si Guan Lian standing there.

"Well, that was a pretty good shot if I do say so myself," Kuong boasted.

"Hey, guys!" Bo said, only half happy to see his friends.

"Hey, I hope you know how long it took us to find you guys," Ren remarked. Shun was on the ground, groaning in defeat. Bo and his friends looked down on her.

"Go ahead! Finish me!" she said. "By killing me you will ultimately make yourself a hypocrite! You will kill one of the last two Air Nomads in the world!"

Bo looked down on Shun and did not hesitate to do what he did next. "You are no Air Nomad, you witch!" he shouted. He formed an ice shard in his hand and stabbed through Shun's neck, killing her instantly. The Air Nomad jerked her neck forward, and died. "Guys, they have the Earth King and the Council of Five on the roof!" Bo informed his friends.

"We are on it!" Otaka said.

"Let's hope we can make it out of this one, friends," Gahno said.

Before Kuong could leave, Otaka grabbed his arm. "What do you want now, Ot-" Kuong was cut off by Otaka's lips meeting his. "Let's make it out together, okay?" she said. For what Gahno and Ren were sure was the first time ever, Kuong was silent for a moment. Instead of talking, he simply nodded and ran off with his friends to help in the battle.

Meanwhile, Kang Dae and Rong were still battling each other. Kang Dae hurled several fire arcs at Rong, who raised fire shields in defense. She then fired a fire slash at her brother, who dodged it by merely a few inches. Kang Dae took a moment to regain some strength. The man was hyperventilating. He was even laughing a bit. He looked up at his sister who was just now sending a fire arc his way. Kang Dae unleashed a huge amount of fire from his mouth and from his hands, countering Rong's attack. Rong dodged yet another arrow from Yanshu, who was becoming quite angry with himself. Never before had he felt so pathetic. His archery abilities had surpassed even those of a Yuyan Archer, yet he missed every single time he fired at this girl! With an enraged cry, Yanshu ran at Rong, but soon found himself sidestepping a fire ball. Rong looked at Kang Dae after attacking the archer. "Kang Dae, is this really what you want?" she asked. "Do you really want all of this to happen?"

"I thought you said that you didn't care about me anymore?" Kang Dae said, repeating his sister's earlier statement.

"I'm sorry. I was angry and upset. I need you to listen to me! I need you to come with me! Help us win this battle and return home to mom and dad!"

Yanshu was becoming more impatient by the second. "To heck with this!" he shouted. He ran at Suki, bow in hand, but in a matter of seconds, Yanshu found himself to be under attack. He was hit with a fire blast from not Rong, but one of his teammates. Yanshu screamed as he was burned to a crisp. The archer then died silently on the ground.

Rong looked at Kang Dae with tears forming in her eyes. Without saying anything, Kang Dae read his sister's thoughts. "What can I say," he said, shakily. "I guess something you said got through to me."

Rong ran over to her brother and embraced him with a hug. "Oh, thank spirits, Kang Dae," she said. "Now you can help us and we can see mom and dad together again!" she said, happily.

"Sorry, sis, but I never agreed to that," Kang Dae said. "No, I have to pay for what I have done. I can't possibly go on anymore. Much less face mother and father."

"Kang Dae, what are you talking about?" Ron asked, puzzled as to what her brother meant.

Kang Dae formed a fire ball in his hand. He took one last look at his sister. "Goodbye, Rong," he said. "Thank you for showing me the error of my ways." A single tear ran down Kang Dae's cheek. Rong suddenly realized what Kang Dae planned to do. Before she could stop him, her brother had blasted himself in the side of the head with a fireball. Rong's tears were no longer ones of joy.

In the midst of battle, Ling and Shuang were still dueling. Ling shot an earth column out of the ground, attempting to strike Shuang. The maniacal Waterbender countered with a water spout, shooting himself over the column and then back down onto it. Once Shuang landed, he slid down the column and faced Ling. He then shot his arms straight forward, locking Ling in his Bloodbending grip. Shuang laughed, insanely as he twisted Ling's body around. "Shuang, listen to me," Ling started. "Shut up!" Shuang ordered. "I'm going to enjoy this!" he said. "And I'll do so by making your death as slow and painful as possible!"

"Shuang, I know what your problem is," Ling said. "It's written all over your face." Shuang paused and wondered what Ling was getting at. "You were bullied; tormented," Ling said.

"No! No! You don't know anything about me!" Shuang screamed.

"Don't lie, Shuang," Ling said.

Shuang knew Ling's words were true, but he wished they weren't.

"Okay, honey, have a fun first day of school!" Shuang's mother said to him.

"Fine, whatever," a fourteen-year-old Shuang said.

"What does that mean, buddy?" Shuang's father asked.

"I hate every kid in that school!" Shuang said. "They are all just a bunch of punks and thugs."

"Well, you never know what kids are like until you meet them," said Shuang's mother.

Shuang nodded and walked out the door. He walked until he reached his school. Outside, there were many kids chatting amongst themselves. Shuang proceeded to walk into the school. He was hoping to avoid seeing any of the arrogant ruffians his school was well known for. Just as he was about to enter the school, Shuang heard a voice call out. "Hey, silver boy!" one of them called out. Shuang deeply inhaled and turned around. "Why are you going inside so early? Do you want to make sure you can sit right in front of the teacher?" the student asked. He and his cronies had a good laugh at this.

"Leave me alone, Hoka," Shuang said, quietly.

"Look at the little goody-two-shoes with his books!" Hoka called out. "Why do you care so much?" he asked.

"Because unlike you, I actually care about being smart," Shuang retorted.

Hoka scoffed. "Are you calling me dumb?" Hoka asked, advancing towards Shuang.

"No, no, I swear I wasn't!" Shuang insisted. Suddenly, Shuang was lifted off of his feet. Hoka's cronies dug through his backpack and took out all of his books. They started tearing them up before his very eyes. "No! Stop!" Shuang begged. "Those are my favorite books!"

"Shut up, you little nerd!" Hoka yelled. He then brought Shuang over to the edge of the water that was part of the city's enormous waterway system. "Let's see how good you are at swimming!" he said. Shuang screamed as he was hurled into the river. He was swinging his arms, desperately trying to keep his head above the water. He saw all of the students laughing and pointing at him as he was drowning. Suddenly, the water shot up from beneath him and Shuang landed on solid ground. Shuang had landed on the opposite side of the river.

With tears streaming down his face, Shuang snapped. "That is it!" he screamed. "I have had enough of everyone! I swear I'll make sure that everyone suffers one day! I will make all of you pay!"

Shuang froze as he remembered that awful memory. He remembered running away, living out many of his days in the icy Northern Water Tribe tundra. As time passed, Shuang grew more and more insane. And each and every day he blamed those kids for what had happened. His hatred for them and for humanity in general grew stronger and stronger. He constantly hunted for arctic hen among other things found in the tundra in order to survive. Tears ran down the Waterbender's face and he released his grip on Ling.

"Look, I know that we are enemies, but it is my personal duty to help people who have gone through rough situations," Ling said. "You can leave Tai Kun and the Zhimings behind. You can start over."

Shuang decided what he wanted to do. He looked to the top of the stairs and ran for them.

Suki and Tai Kun were still brawling. Both of them were getting worn out. With what little strength she had left, Suki yelled and swung her fans at Tai Kun. The Earthbender ducked, avoiding the attack. He then came back up and grabbed Suki's wrists. He squeezed them, forcing her to drop her fans. Tai Kun picked them up, closed them, and snapped them both in half. Suki was horrified at the destruction of her most cherished possessions. She threw a punch at Tai Kun with another fierce yell, but Tai Kun grabbed her fist and punched her in the stomach. Suki dropped down to the ground with a cry of pain. Tai Kun loomed over his fallen enemy, preparing to strike her down. "I knew you were no match for me," he said. He raised his fist and Suki prepared for the end to come.

This is it. She thought. I'm finally going to die. I lost. It is over. Suddenly, a bright flash of blue light appeared between Suki and Tai Kun. Both of them stared in amazement as Avatar Kyoshi appeared before them. She was not glowing as most spirits did. Instead, she appeared as if she were still a mortal.

"It is not over, Suki," Kyoshi stated. She turned to face Tai Kun. "You will regret deciding to invade my island and make yourself an enemy of my second great granddaughter, Tai Kun," she said.

Suki's eyes widened as she took in what Kyoshi just said. "Second great granddaughter?" she repeated.

"You didn't think there was a reason I was watching over you this whole time?" Kyoshi asked her descendant. "Now, as for you," she said, referring to Tai Kun. Tai Kun raised a boulder out of the ground to defend himself, but was stopped by Kyoshi who created an earth column to destroy the boulder and restrained both of Tai Kun's arms and legs. She then placed her hand on his forehead and everything glowed very brightly for a few moments. When the light disappeared, Kyoshi released Tai Kun who dropped to the ground.

"What did you do to me?" he asked.

"Your Earthbending is gone forever," Kyoshi said. "Now I will let my descendant take care of the rest." Suki looked at Kyoshi and then Tai Kun. "Here, take this gift," Kyoshi said. She touched Suki's forehead and everything glowed brightly once again. "With this you will be able to take away a person's bending, but you may only use it once. Use it wisely."

Suki bowed to her great-great-grandmother. "Thank you, Kyoshi," she said.

"You are welcome. And Suki, I am so very proud of you." Kyoshi then disappeared in an earth tornado.

Tai Kun stood up and faced Suki. "This is not over, you little brat!" he shouted. "I will end you, Suki!" Just then, a man reached the top of the steps. Suki and Tai Kun looked over to see Shuang standing there. He looked at both Suki and Tai Kun, his eyes darting back and forth. Both Suki and Tai Kun knew that Shuang would shoot only one of them, but neither knew which one. In a flash, Shuang formed two ice daggers in his hands, ready to kill them both. Suki and Tai Kun took their defensive stances.

Suddenly, a bright, blue flash of light appeared, soaring through the sky like a lightning bolt. The beam of blue light hit Shuang directly. The lunatic was suddenly acting very strange. Suki and Tai Kun watched as the Waterbender's arms began to move against their will. His fingers were twitching as well and Shuang was clearly worried. "What's happening to me?!" he yelled. "No!" he shouted. Shuang let out a horrifying scream as his upper body jerked back and his head faced the sky. Suki and Tai Kun were speechless at what was going on before their very eyes. Just then, Bo, Ling, and Rong reached the top of the steps. Shuang raised his arms up in the air and clenched his fist. All of a sudden, he spoke with a voice that was not his own. "Finally, I have achieved what no other spirit has ever achieved before: total control of a mortal's body!"

Suki, Tai Kun, and everyone else knew this voice. "Hong Wu!" Suki shouted.

"No! It can't be!" said Tai Kun.

"Oh, but it is, my friends!" Hong Wu shouted. "I have taken control of Shuang for good and now I will lay waste to all of you as well as the Avatar and his friends!"

Suki could not believe this. "This is impossible!" she said.

"Oh, really? Let me show you just how possible it is!" Hong Wu shouted. "Hong Wu is no more! I shall now and forever more be known as Hong Shu!" He ran at Suki, ice dagger in hand. He swiped at her, but missed due to her sidestepping her foe. She quickly turned around, spun Hong Shu around and grabbed him by his forehead. In an instant, Suki Energybent her nemesis, removing his new Waterbending abilities. Hong Shu stumbled backwards, not at all saddened by the loss of his bending.

"Now you are nothing anymore! You have no bending and no knives!" Suki shouted.

"Not yet, anyway," Hong Shu said with a grin.

Suki grabbed her arch-rival by the neck and shoved him to the ground. "I am going to make sure you die for good this time!" she stated.

Hong Shu let out a laugh at this. "You know, I think you and I are destined to do this forever," he said. He kicked Suki's jaw, causing her to cry out in pain as he made his escape. He then bolted away as soon as he could. Ling attempted to stop him with a landslide, but Hong Shu leapt over it and landed on Ling's face. He then shoved Bo and Rong aside as he ran away.

"We have to go after him!" Rong yelled. In a flash, she and Bo blasted their way down the stairs, pursuing Hong Shu.

Suki turned back to face Tai Kun. "Now it really ends," she said. Tai Kun attempted to charge his foe, but soon collapsed to the ground. He looked up at his enemy, baffled at this shocking turn of events.

"But I do not understand! The prophecy! It foretold that I would dominate everything! How could it be wrong?!" he asked.

"Not all fantasies come true, you savage." Suki unsheathed her katana and took one last look at Tai Kun. Then, without hesitation, she screamed as she swung her katana down, swiping Tai Kun's head clean off. She stood and looked at the decapitated body of one of her worst enemies. She had finally won. The Zhiming Assassins were no more.

Rong and Bo came back to the top of the steps with disappointed looks on their faces. "Sorry, Suki, he got away," said Rong.

All of a sudden, an earth column formed just a few feet away. The Si Guan Lian had come down with Earth King Kuei and the Council of Five. Kuei took this opportunity to shake Suki's hand. "I think I and all of the Earth Kingdom owe you an immense debt of gratitude," he said. "Thank you, Suki of Kyoshi Island."

Suki, Bo, Ling, and Rong all sat lounging outside of the Jasmine Dragon. Feng was also sitting out back. Accompanying them were Gahno, Ren, Kuong, and Otaka.

"Well, it looks like we did pretty well, huh, guys?" Gahno asked.

"Yeah, I never imagined we would ever save the Earth Kingdom," said Ren.

"And it looks like everything turned out well for us," said Kuong.

"Yeah, It sure has," said Otaka. "I'll never forget this."

Out back, Rong was staring off into the Ba Sing Se sunset. Ling stood next to her with his arm on her shoulder. Without the need for Ling to say anything, Rong answered the question he was about to ask. "He died who he was," she said. "He found his true identity and he helped us by killing one of his own. I am going to miss him so much."

Ling began to tear up. "You know, seven months ago, when I took a vacation to Kyoshi Island, I never thought I would end up making such amazing new friends, going on a life-changing adventure, and meeting the most beautiful and most amazing girl in the world," he said.

Rong began tearing up as well. The two embraced each other in a deep, passionate kiss that lasted for over a minute. "I love you," said Ling.

"I love you too," Rong said.

Ling felt something rubbing up against him. Feng was rubbing his face against his shoulder. Ling turned around and petted the beast, who let out a soft growl.

Out front, Suki and Bo stood looking at the sunset from there. "So much has happened in the last seven months," Bo said. "So much has changed. I never thought I would ever meet someone as awesome as you, Suki," said Bo. "You are a true friend." Suki and Bo embraced each other in a hug.

"This is definitely what Ty Lee would have wanted," said Suki.

At the scene of the battle, a piece of parchment lay at the site of where the great Tai Kun had been slain. The parchment read of a prophecy that Tai Kun had misinterpreted. Out of nowhere, a man picked up the parchment and tucked it away. As he walked down the steps, he uttered the prophecy himself. "Although the conqueror has fallen, a warrior of light will arise and dominate every weakling in his path."

Suki and Bo were still sitting outside of the Jasmine Dragon when Suki heard a familiar roar. She and Bo looked up to see Appa soaring through the sky. The sky bison landed and the heroes known as Team Avatar dismounted. Suki was excited to see her friends again after so long. Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Zuko, Ai, and Momo all got off to look at Suki and Bo. "The Earth King told us what you did, Suki," Sokka said. "I cannot say how proud I am to have you as my girlfriend right now." Suki ran over to Sokka and the two kissed for a few moments.

"It is so great to see all of you again!" Suki said.

"It's great to see you too, Suki," Aang said.

"You guys are not mad at me, are you?" Suki asked.

"Of course not," said Katara. "We completely understand."

"But could you actually tell us next time, honey?" Toph remarked. Everyone had a laugh at this.

"So, where were you?" Suki asked.

"We were setting up our new living arrangements," Zuko explained.

"We are moving somewhere else," said Ai.

"Where?" Suki asked.

"A new place where all of the nations are united together in peace and harmony," said Aang. "We will now be living there."

"Well, it looks like you were right, Kyoshi," Avatar Hozen said.

"I'll say!" said Avatar Wuming.

"Yes, and I thank you for listening to me," Kyoshi replied.

"So now what will happen to her?" Shui asked. "Will she go back to being a nameless member of Team Avatar again?"

"Not a chance," Kyoshi responded. "She will be remembered for a long time for what she did. This is not the end of Suki's story; this is just the end of a chapter in that story."

As Appa soared away, Suki, Bo, Ling, and Rong were all mounted on Feng. "So, are you guys ready to go to the new nation?" Suki asked.

Feng growled I compliance.

"Absolutely!" said Rong.

"Count us in!" said Ling.

"Absolutely!" said Bo.

"Alright, let the next chapter begin!" Suki said. With a whip of Feng's reins, the friends were off to what would soon be known as Republic City.


Special Thanks

  • Thanks to Girlygurl97 for giving me the idea of a story revolving around Suki in the first place.
  • Thanks to all of the subscribers who stuck around until the end.

Author's Notes

  • The line Hong Shu says, "I think you and I are destined to do this forever" was inspired by a similar quote from the Joker from the movie "The Dark Knight"

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