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Battle For Ba Sing Se, Part 1: The New Era
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Battle For Ba Sing Se, Part 2: Suki of Kyoshi Island

Suki and her friends had finally gotten off of the railway and were now riding on the back of Feng through the lower ring of Ba Sing Se. "So, now what?" Rong asked.

"We have to get to the royal palace," Suki stated. "We've got to warn the Earth King about the Zhimings before it's too late."

"Alright, then let's get a move on," said Ling.

"Kyoshi, this is madness!" yelled a man with a large, gray beard. The man was dressed in Earth Kingdom attire. "One of us must contact Aang!"

"No, Hozen. I have faith that Suki and her friends will be able to defeat this evil descendant of Chin," Kyoshi replied.

"I agree with Hozen! We cannot risk having this madman destroy the peace which all of us have fought so hard to keep over countless centuries!" argued an Avatar dressed in Fire Nation attire. "Regardless of how you feel about this child, you cannot allow your affection for her and her friends to cloud your judgment!"

"These are not mere children, Wuming!" Kyoshi rebutled. "Surely you know that by now after watching how well they have done in battling the Zhiming Assassins!"

"Kyoshi is right," said a woman in Water Tribe clothes. "The Avatar is the world's greatest hope for peace, but we must be able to rely on others to do good things. Besides, Avatar Aang and his friends are occupied with another important matter at the moment. " "You make an excellent point, Shui," Kuruk noted.

"So, what you are trying to tell me is that whatever Aang is doing right now is more important than keeping the Earth Kingdom from collapsing?!" asked a middle-aged man wearing green kimono.

"There will always be more than one thing in the world that requires attention at any given moment," Yangchen stated, wisely.

"After hearing all of the Avatars' opinions, I believe that this decision is unanimous," Roku said. "We will let Suki and her friends finish the job they started."

Kyoshi smiled after hearing this. "Those who have voted in my favor will not regret their decisions. I promise."

Two of the guards saw them first. Five people walking towards the palace. "Hey, what do you think you are doing?!" one of the guards shouted.

One of the figures fired a lightning bolt at the guard's face, obliterating him, instantly. The other guards were now on alert, some drawing their spears and some taking their attack stances. Before any of them could attack the intruders, the middle figure made several motions with his hands and bent an earth wave at his opponent, sending them all into the sky and then crashing back down to the ground. The Earthbender manipulated the ground under the guards, transforming it into sand. The guards screamed as they were dragged underground – losing air by the second. Then, the screams were silenced as the Earthbender hardened the sand, trapping the guards beneath the ground. A third person walked over to where many guards had fallen into the water. The person froze the water, trapping them in ice. As more palace guards approached, a fourth person Gravitybent the guards into the steps leading to the inside of the palace. As the Airbender kept them trapped, the Earthbender transformed the stairs into a slide and slid up using an earth wave. Once he reached the top, he found himself surrounded by guards on all sides.

"Give up! You're completely surrounded!" one of them shouted.

The Earthbender grinned menacingly and slammed his fists into the ground, causing it to send the guards flying in all directions. The Earthbender proceeded to enter the palace, but heard a soft moan. He looked down to see one of the guards still alive. The man looked up at his attacker and managed to mutter several final words. "Wh-who are you?" he asked.

The Earthbender smiled before responding. "The end of freedom," he answered. He picked up the guard and tossed him over the front of the palace. He then walked through the palace, smashing his way through each door until he made his way to the biggest door in the palace. Seeing that the door was made of metal, the Earthbender bent a huge earth column into the door, sending it flying into the throne room. After the door landed on the ground, the Earthbender walked into the throne room and stared face-to-face with Earth King Kuei.

"Who are you?!" he demanded. "What do you want?!"

"Is it not obvious?!" the Earthbender asked. "What I want is total control of this kingdom!"

The Earth King scoffed at this. "I think not! I don't know who you think you are, but I will not allow you to conquer me or my kingdom!" he replied.

Just then, four men and one woman burst into the room. "Your majesty, get out of here!" shouted General Sung. "We will deal with him."

"I don't think so," Kuei said.

The Council of Five members turned around to face their king. "What do you mean, sir?" asked General Danao.

"I'm not going to be weak and cower while my nation is in danger of losing it's freedom! I will stand and fight!" Kuei explained. The five generals looked at Kuei like he was insane. "But your majesty-" one of them started. He was then struck from behind by an earth pillar and died as soon as he hit the wall. The other four generals turned around and lashed out at their enemy, but he was too quick. The evil Earthbender propelled himself into the air, soaring over the remaining four generals. He landed behind them and hit them each from behind with four separate earth pillars, sending them flying out of the throne room. The four generals hit the ground, unconscious. The man turned to face Kuei who showed no fear.

"Who are you?" he asked.

"I am Tai Kun. I am your death," the man answered.

Kuei threw several punches, striking the man's chest. Tai Kun did not even flinch. He dealt a blow to Kuei's face, sending him to the ground in defeat. The Earth King looked up in defeat, preparing for the final blow, but Tai Kun did not strike. "Well? What are you waiting for? End me," he said. "I've failed as a leader. Just put me out of my misery!"

Tai Kun grinned, evilly as he looked down on the defeated Earth King. "No, not here," he said. "I have a much better way in mind." Tai Kun lifted the Earth King and walked with him out of the palace.

Suki and her friends had been forced to slow down. It was impossible for Feng to run at full speed through the crowded Ba Sing Se streets. As they trekked through the middle ring, Suki was deep in thought about recent events. Bo noticed that Suki was troubled and moved over to check on her. "Hey, is everything okay?" he asked.

Without turning around, Suki responded. "If only I could have saved her," she spoke. Bo knew who Suki was referring to. "Listen, Suki, Ty Lee would not have wanted us all to let her death affect our mission," he said.

"I didn't want her to come in the first place!" Suki screamed, catching the attention of Ling and Rong, as well as several bystanders. "If I had just ordered her to stay on Kyoshi Island, then she wouldn't have died!"

Unsure of what to say next, Bo moved aside and let Ling speak. "Listen Suki, you can't change what has happened. You can't spend all of your time wondering 'what if'. I know you and Ty Lee were close, but you have to focus on our mission now," he spoke. "The entire Earth Kingdom – the whole world is counting on us. We have to be fully focused and ready to do what it takes."

Suki turned around. "Oh, don't you worry about me being focused," Suki replied. "I'm going to make sure this ends for good."

The Si Guan Lian members were walking through the upper ring of Ba Sing Se. "Where are those kids?!" Gahno asked, exhausted from searching.

"Why don't you ask Mister Misdirection?!" Otaka asked, referring to Kuong.

"Look, I said I was sorry, alright?" Kuong said.

Suddenly, Ren noticed something was up. People were swarming in the opposite direction of her and her friends. They were heading towards the palace. "Hey, you guys notice that all these people are going somewhere?" she asked. The other three Si Guan Lian members looked around, noticing this as well.

All four members turned around and started walking in the direction of the palace.

Suki and the others had finally made it to the upper ring of the city. As they continued walking, they noticed everyone was walking in the same direction.

"Why is everyone going in the same direction?" Ling asked.

"I don't know," said Rong. "Should we investigate?"

"Let's," said Suki. Team Suki rode Feng until they saw everyone was gathering near the palace, looking up at something. Suki and her friends looked up in horror to see the Zhimings on the roof. Suki and the others gasped as Tai Kun let out a booming, evil laugh.

"Citizens of Ba Sing Se, behold the face of your new ruler!" he shouted from atop the palace. "Tonight will mark the beginning of a new age! The age of the conqueror! The age of the demolisher! The age of Tai Kun!!!" The people below were panicking.

"No! He beat us here!" Suki yelled.

"It is as the prophecy foretold! 'Even though the conqueror has fallen, a warrior of might will arise and dominate every weakling in his path'!" Tai Kun bellowed, echoing the prophecy which he now held in his hand. However, not all of the letters on the rather dirty parchment were visible. Conqueror read 'onquer r' and might read 'ight'. "Now, I will begin my new reign as Earth King with a special coronation!" Tai Kun shouted. Kang Dae, Shun, Shuang, and Yanshu all came out, each with a restrained Council of Five general. The people below screamed in horror at the sight of this. The screams were even louder once Tai Kun revealed the restrained body of Earth King Kuei. Suki and her friends now knew it was time to act, but there was nothing they could do. "Now, watch as I execute your Council of Five and your king!" Tai Kun shouted.

"Bo, give me a boost!" Suki shouted. Bo nodded and took out the water in his water pouch. He created a water spout, rocketing Suki up to the roof of the palace. Tai Kun was about to execute one of the generals, when Suki came flying onto the roof, her fans in front of her. She slammed them into Tai Kun's face, knocking him backwards. She landed on the roof, facing the other Zhimings. She put away her fans and drew her katana. "This ends now!" she shouted. She was then socked in the face by Tai Kun. Suki stumbled backwards, but quickly regained her balance.

"That. Is. IT!!!" Tai Kun roared. "I am going to destroy you once and for all you obnoxious little pest!"

"MY NAME IS SUKI!!!" She screamed at her enemy. The two moved in and started what was surely their final battle. The Battle for Ba Sing Se.

Author's Notes

  • The scene in which The Zhimings are invading the palace and Kang Dae fires a lightning bolt at one of the guards' faces is a reference to a similar scene in The Rise of Jun.

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