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By Omashu Rocks Part of the AvataRPG continuity.
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Batsu is a secondary character from AvataRPG



Batsu was raised by a single mother in a poor Northern Earth Kingdom community. Without much advanced technology or tools, the residents of his village depended heavily on earthbending to successfully complete tasks such as irrigation, construction, and protection. Like the other boys of his town, Batsu's began his earthbending training under the village elder at the age of ten, and by the time he was 17, he had nearly mastered the art. Around the same time, a pandemic struck his community and cut the population by a third, killing Batsu's mother in the process. This devastated him, and he lost respect for other people and the value of life. With this new mindset and no secure job in a shattered economy, he left his village in search of a better life. On his travels he passed a thief attempting to flee capture, and he apprehended the criminal using earthbending. Impressed, the authorities offered him money to capture another wanted thief. Thus, Batsu's life as a bounty hunter began.


Batsu is indifferent to the ever-changing society he lives in. Because he is uninterested in daily politics and social squabbles, he lacks loyalty to any allies or is nation. He is only obedient to those who pay a hefty price for his talents. If he has a substantial amount of money secured, he will simply hunt down his prey without any care or sympathy for his target.


The reason Batsu's services are in such a high demand is because of his high skill in earthbending and tracking his targets. Along with his ability to defeat enemies in battle, he can find just about any target he is paid to capture. He is also talented in setting traps and can wait hours at a time for someone to fall into them.

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