Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Bathe in Flames in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.
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August 29, 2013 - ?




A new saga begins

United Republic kept the balance between the four nations for over a hundred years. This fifth nation provided a place for those of all four nations to live together in harmony.

Eleven years ago, Republic City burned.

More than two-thirds of the city's population perished in the inferno that was said to be caused by the young Avatar. With the Council dead in the blaze, the Order of the White Lotus took command of the city and sentenced the Avatar to life in prison. They told everyone that peace was restored.

But we know better.

My father has a plan for the world, and it seems he will stop at nothing to get to the Avatar...

About the series

Bathe in Flames is the long-planned sequel to Emblem of the Outlaw.

The purpose of the series is not only to resolve some of the lingering conflicts of its predecessor, but further to fix some of the issues the writer thought existed in its canonical predecessor, Legend of Korra, as well as look at common themes of morality, technology versus nature, maturation, and shipping. Please enjoy!


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The players

Team Avatar

Zian Ye - the native firebender Avatar who was imprisoned by the Order of the White Lotus for over a decade after burning down Repulic City in late 223 AG
Jie Kita - a "jack of all trades" nonbender of Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom descent
Torao Mori - an earthbender who controls his prosthetic arm through constant metalbending

Anying Jiaboen

Moshui - the leader of Anying Jiaoben who has mysterious plans for the fate of United Republic
Ila Amaruq - the waterbending daughter of Moshui
Suyin Lao - Moshui's mistress and right hand woman in Anying Jiaoben, who has an extremely tense relationship with Ila
Norio Date - a half-deaf, legally blind old man and master swindler who is the most senior, and arguably most useful, member of the Anying Jiaoben

Order of the White Lotus

Ryuu Date - the current self-proclaimed leader of the Order of the White Lotus who is known to be corrupting the organization; brother of Norio Date
Kangdae - one of the few survivors of the Second Air Nomad Genocide; the mysterious, silent right-hand man of Ryuu Date
Maniitok Aguta - a waterbender and the left-hand man of Ryuu Date
Saomik Aguta - the non-bending son of Maniitok
Amaya Tsuji - a younger earthbender orphan who joined the Order of the White Lotus rather than live on the streets
Meelo - the grandson of Avatar Aang, who remained in the Order of the White Lotus to try to save the organization alongside Tuzo
Tuzo - best friend of Meelo, trying to save the Order of the White Lotus with the help of his airbending friend


Renshu Tian - a firebender and the apparent leader of the rebels, known by his alias "Tianlong"
Kilaun Akrittok - Renshu's childhood friend who tentatively follows as a member of the rebels; a waterbender known by his alias "La"
Hisoka Inoue - one of the most dedicated members of the Technobenders; an earthbender known by her alias "Unagi"


Hei Bai - a giant panda spirit who is rather docile unless provoked
Koh - one of the oldest spirits who entertains himself by stealing the faces of those foolish enough to cross paths with him
Painted Lady - the spirit of the Jang Hui River
Yoru - a corrupt spirit who built his own palace and army in the Spirit World
Odraz - Avatar Ishio's badgermole
Naga - Avatar Korra's polar bear dog
Appa - Avatar Aang's sky bison
Fang - Avatar Roku's dragon


Wan - the first Avatar; a skilled bender who has watched over the Avatars for over ten thousand years
Roku - a fire Avatar who formed a bond with the current Avatar while the young Avatar was imprisoned
Ishio - earth Avatar who sacrificed himself to save the living world from the world of the spirits
Korra - the water Avatar who stopped the Anti-bending revolution
Aang - one of the founding fathers of Republic City who saved the world from the Fire Nation's plot for domination
Kyoshi - an earth Avatar before Ishio who stopped the reign of Chin the Conqueror
Kuruk - a water Avatar who lost his wife to Koh the Face-Stealer
Yangchen - an air Avatar who cured the world of all its conflicts during her time of Avatar
Huojin - the fire Avatar responsible for uniting the Fire Nation
Osamu - an earth Avatar who became a renowned military strategist and esteemed general
Tarqeq - the water Avatar attributed with the uniting of the Northern Water Tribe as well as creating a relationship between the Northern and Southern Tribes


Prologue: Freedom at a Price
Chapter One: Fate is a Middle-Aged Man

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