By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe continuity.
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Earth Champion

Bat is a tough yet small Labrador From the Altonian Starlight Fighting Championship in the earth elemental course. It wasn't exactly clear why he was in the earth course when he can't bend the earth in anyway, shape, or form. But he was too good at fighting and his sensory to be let aside. It was never clear how he lost his eyes ether.

Bat first appears when Toph reaches the final challenge of the day. Bats appearance actually made Toph a bit insulted since he looked not like much of an opponent. But Bat quickly proved to be a very tough adversary when he kept dodging Toph, which was making her panic. He found out she uses the similar way of sight when he shook of his sweat and Toph attacked outta impulse. Now swing how scared Toph really is, he ends up disqualifying himself, something he never did before.

Afterwards he whispered to Toph the question on her motives, and left after getting his answer.

Bat later on showed up and tried to calm Toph down, feeling the same vibrations. He also saves Toph from getting killed instantly by Raviente.

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