By Gingalover Part of the Ginga Densetsu Avatar continuity.
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Book 3: Fire ~ Blue's Defeat -

Bat is a black Labrador that had lost his eyes when he was a little pup. At first he thought he wasn't gonna make it until he started risking his life to master "The Mind's Eye", similar to Toph's sensory power.

Book 3: Fire

Bat appears when he captures Tom and Zuko to lure Aang into his trap. He lies to them both, hiding in the shadows, saying he was Blue so he can "kill two birds with one stone" and have Blue killed. His plan was going well, even after Zuko finds out he wasn't Blue at all. He quickly jumps out and glides to a platform a mile away and commands his forces to fire at them with a special cannon called "Phoenix Blaster". He almost succeeds until he misses his chance when Wan Shi ring came in and ruined his whole plan.

Later on that morning he was panicking about what to tell Hougen. He didn't know what to do until Bruge came in and came with the idea to stop Toph's sensory. He wasn't sure how they were to accomplish that until the dog, Kite came in and volunteered to handle her.

He shows up much later at the Boiling Rock prison. He remained quiet until he announced that there was a spy among the group. He ratted out Toph, resulted in her eyes getting zapped. Later on her also rats out Aang by ripping off his headband.

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