By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe continuity.
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Hidden Lands


Killed by Hyata

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Acid projectile

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Future meets Past

Basiliscus is a gecko-like female Colossi that encounters Terra when she enters her territory. She is one of JD's colossi made for a deadly guardian. It, like Kuromori, is able to climb up vertical walls around its area, and also can shoot acid projectiles at her opponents, making an encounter with this colossi almost fatal.

If a true appearance means seeing the true person, Basiliscus nearly never had one. For most of the time she was with Terra, she wasn't visible except for her eyes and her mouth. She had a deadly advantage over Terra, since not only is her territory naturally dark, but it was during a new moon. This means that she's close to invisible! She used the cover of darkness to attack Terra many times, and avoided many of Terra's attacks too. She would have killed her if Hyata and Yamato didn't show up and kill her first.

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