By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe continuity.
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Hidden lands

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75 feet


320 tons

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Colossi in a Half-Shell

Basaran is a very large Tortoise Colossi that was encountered and was supposed to fight Cyborg. He is created by Yveltal as a guard just like the others, but unlike any colossi before him, he kept secret on how to defeat him. This way he can fight as much as he liked without risking injury. Like Avion, Basaran doesn't care much what people think or need, but he's pictured as more of a bully towards his opponents, laughing at their failures and showing them up. Although his shell can withstand many blows, his underbelly and tail are actually slick, like that of frogs skin.

He first appears in his territory when Cyborg comes around. He starts off aggressive and shoots at the half-robot to give him some space so he can walk out. When Cyborg shoots him, he replies with his own shooting. He got a lot of humor through Cyborg's mishaps and laughs strongly at his so-called robo-dork. He managed to paralyze Cy and drive him off, but before he can go, another opponent faces him. He didn't even get the chance to attack before the opponent takes his chakra orb and throws it to Cyborg, thus killing him.

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