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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan.

Baotu of the Dixia
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Earth Kingdom




712 BG


??? BG

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Dark Grey

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Light Tan

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Ex-General Senlin, Haoke, Hei Shichang gang, Dufan the Fencer, Qian Zei


41st Earth King Ta Po, Mousha Quan gang, Shan-Yu, 42nd Earth King Qiang Zhen

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Crime Boss of Ba Sing Se's Underground


Crime Boss


Dixia gang

First appearance

Book 1: Air Chapter 9: The Escape

Baotu is a minor character in the fanon Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan. He is a crime boss of his own gang, and also helps criminals and/or escaped prisoners to leave the city and begin "life anew".

Baotu, is also a master earthbender, and only earthbends to kill a traitor, or to defend himself from the authorities. Baotu is a minor character within the chapter Chapter 9: The Escape Part 1: New Identity and Chapter 10: The Escape Part 2: The Assassination.


Being the successor of his father, in his great-grandfather's gang, the Ba Sing Se's Underground. Taking to power at the age of 23, due to his father's imprisonment then death.

Baotu, planned to be like his great-grandfather who swiftly led the gang until his death. Appearing to be a kind man, any who double-cross Baotu, are surely to be killed.

Baotu, has been a wanted criminal for three decades now, for crimes of theft, murder, and abusive acts. His arrest will be a hefty price, though being notorious, most people do not know of his existence or that of his gang of criminals.

Rumors go about the city of Baotu being dead, and the gang disbanded. That is the way he likes to keep it, gives less suspicion when one of his henchmen tries to fulfill a contract.

Encounter with Haoke

One day a woman came to him pleading for his help, her son was locked away and he needed the help of his men to assist her son to escape. In return to devoting her life, as criminal assistance agent and harboring fugitives within her home and helping them leave the city.

Encounter with Senlin

Haoke, brings in Senlin, and Baotu helps Senlin leave the city with a new identity, and everything that is needed for him to do so. In return, Baotu sends Senlin on a contract to rob a tea shop in the Lower Ring that happens to be the richest tea shop within the lower ring.

Bringing the sacks of gold to Baotu, Baotu grants him his request, and sends him off as a merchant.

Assassination of Shan-Yu

Along with the leader of the Hei Shichang gang, "Shady" Ying Xiao, Baotu fought back to back with him, eliminating several Mousha Quan members. Upon reaching the hideout, Shan-Yu identified himself as Fire Nation, and saying he was a unique bender.

Ying Xiao, was in search of the Mousha Quan's Muzhis, his job was to extort them first before returning to help Baotu defeat Shan-Yu. Going one on one against Shan-Yu, Baotu discovered that he was one of those firebenders who uses his mind to bend fire and not his limbs. He remembered the stories his father told him about the great Combustionbenders. It was a rare occasion that there was someone in this world born a combustionbender.

He learnt that a combustionbender was extremely dangerous and to take caution when fighting one. But he did not remember one of their weaknesses. After fighting Shan-Yu for a long while, out appeared Ying Xiao, and he began fighting off Shan-Yu as well. After about an hour, Qian Zei came and threw a rock at Shan-Yu's third eye, blinding his third eye.

With that Shan-Yu got angered and tried to firebend from his third eye, but in the process it exploded in front of him, and it killed him. Finally defeating the Mousha Quan the men of the two allied gangs, killed off the rest of the members, were to some had escaped. Those were left to the guards to arrest, or execute.

The Dixia and Hei Shichang celebrated, for the fall of Shan-Yu.


Born an earthbender, and taught by his father in the arts of earthbending, Baotu, soon masters earthbending as he takes the leadership of Ba Sing Se's underground after his father's death, being taught later by his father's right-hand man.


  • Baotu's grandfather (Grandfather; Deceased)
  • Baotu's father (Father; Deceased)


Preceded by
Baotu's father
Dixia Gang's Fanzui de laoban
689 BG - ??? BG
Succeeded by


  • Baotu in Chinese means "thug".
  • Baotu was an inspiration of Lightning Bolt Zolt.
  • Baotu will almost exactly look like Lightning-Bolt Zolt.

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