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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan.

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Earth Kingdom




674 BG


658 BG (Age: 16)

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Earth Kingdom, Earth Kingdom army, Ba Sing Se citizens, Captain Wei, 41st Earth King Ta Po, 42nd Earth King Qiang Zhen

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Personal Royal Courier of the 42nd Earth King


Earth Kingdom

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Chapter 16: Comrades and Connections

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Chapter 16: Comrades and Connections

Baotong is Qiang Zhen's nephew and personal courier who delivers letters and other important document around the entire Earth Kingdom. He is a minor character in the fanon Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan.


Not much is known of Baotong other than he was related to Earth King Qiang Zhen, the Earth King was uncle, and the boy needed a job. Qiang Zhen, gave his nephew the job as his person courier, because, he could trust family more than just anyone.


Baotong was running an important document to the mayor of Lu'an, that's when his fate was sealed, in a dark alley Kimaru was waiting for someone important to run by. Bending the water from the forming puddles on the ground, Kimaru made water tentacles to grab Baotong and pull him into the alley so that Kimaru could make the kill. After Baotong, was slain Kimaru ran from the scene leaving the body and the documents behind within the satchel.

In the morning after Kimaru and friends were long gone in the waters between the eastern Earth Kingdom and the southeastern Northern Water Tribe, the local guards had found his corpse after house wife was going to take out her garbage she had seen the body and screamed at the top of her lungs.

The news had reached Ba Sing Se, and Earth King Qiang Zhen was devastated, along with personally having to break the news to his cousin and her husband.

Respark of the War

Through enough evidence, it was discovered that the weapon lodged into Baotong's body belonged to a soldier within the Northern Water Tribe. A scroll for declaration of war and accusations were sent to the chief of the Northern Water Tribe.

Scouts were sent out to the area between Chi-Ji and Lu'an, down a road they had found an abandoned campsite with a few treats. The corpses of four merchants and two body guards were found rotting, the report had stated, that the four merchants had looked like they were drowned and the body guards had looked like they had starved to death.

Days later, within the Northern Water Tribe capital city, the Chief's nephew was assassinated by way of dagger that was checked to have been poisoned by a White jade bush plant, common in the southwestern Earth Kingdom. The two nations have declared war on each other not having knowledge to the circumstances.


Book Two: Water

Book Three: Earth



  • Baotong means, "paperboy" in Chinese.

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