By Midori122407 Part of the Avatar: Tales of the World continuity.
Roku's waterbending master
Biographical information

Water Tribe

Birth place

Northern Water Tribe


Valley of Relics




119 AG

Physical description


Hair color


Eye color


Personal information
Bending style(s)

Northern Waterbending


Knowledge of the past


Spirit Leader Avatar

Chronological and political information

Spirit Sage Water Bending teacher


Valley of Relics


Apprentice Sages

Bansi's History

Bansi lived in the Northern Water Tribe and was always spending time with his family, which was part of the Tribal royal family. He was always at the Spirit Oasis and found himself talking to the Moon Spirit. One day, he found himself talking to a great spirit known as Chanta, the Spirit of the Waves. Chanta told him to look for the Spirit Sages and to become one. Ever since then, he has dedicated his life to finding the Spirit Leader. He now helps the Spirit Sages in the world.

Bansi's Valley Search

During his 20s, Bansi looked for the Valley of Relics and eventually found it. When he did find it, he met Hiresh, the man in charge of the Spirit Sages since this organization connected to the Sunflower Sisters. Bansi protected not only the Avatar, but also the Spirit Leader. He stumbled across the Valley's records room and found the true history of the Spirit Leader and the valley.

Bansi in Republic City

Bansi left the valley with Hiresh to help the Sisters of the Sunflower and the White Lotus to find the Spirit leader. He is often giving June advice in answering questions of the past.

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