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Fire Nation


45 (Deceased)


56 AG


101 AG

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Mongke, Kato, Mung, Hong Wu


Aang, Jun Katara, Sokka, Toph, Zuko, Suki, Mai, Ai, Iroh, Azula, Jin, Chao, Omar, Hong Wu (formerly), Ming, Hoku, Konghe, The Mechanist, Water Tribes, Earth Kingdom

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Former Phoenix King, Former Leader of the Sons of Ozai


Sons of Ozai, Fire Nation

First appearance

Rise to Power

Last appearance

The Final Battle, Part 4: The Fall of Jun

Voiced by

Robin Atkin Downes


The Adventures of Team Avatar

After the Rebels suffered defeat in Ba Sing Se, they retreated to the Great Divide and made it their temporary headquarters. The Rebel leader, Bujing had been murdered by Joo Dee and the Rebels were in need of someone new to lead them and decided to have a series of Agni Kais to determine who was worthy. Banhen, having made it to the final match, faced off in the final Agni Kai against Jin who had also made it to the final duel. The two battled fiercely until Jin stabbed Banhen's eye, making it seem like he was defeated. When Jin was about to be declared the winner, Banhen blasted her unconscious and was declared the new leader of the Rebels. He was later given his trademark eyepatch as a result of his duel.

After becoming the new Rebel leader, Banhen set a trap for Jun and his team by luring them to the Great Divide with offers of a partnership. He then gave away the location of Team Avatar and with that, Jun dismissed the thought of a partnership which prompted Banhen to order his soldiers to attack. After a brief quarrel, most of the Rebels' soldiers had fallen back. Outraged, Mongke demanded why Banhen attacked him, reminding him that they had been old friends. The Rebel leader explained that he did not order his soldiers to attack Mongke and then tempted him by telling him he could join the Rebels and help him rule the world. Uncertain of what to do, Mongke did not give an answer and Banhen decided to let him think it through. In a last ditch resort, Banhen fled the battle and regrouped with his soldiers. He was later approached by Hong Wu who made a deal with him saying if he and his soldiers successfully killed Jun in battle, he would give them five-hundred gold pieces which Banhen accepted.

Several days later, Banhen invaded the Fire Nation and encountered Ai, Cheng, and several other Earth Kingdom soldiers. He and his soldiers slaughtered everyone but Ai who managed to escape. He then made it as far as Ember Island before encountering Team Avatar directly for the first time. When Fire Lord Zuko threatened to destroy he and his soldiers, Banhen warned him that if he did so, he would never know where his mother, Ursa had gone. Zuko lashed out at Banhen but was no match for all of the Rebels' tanks. After he drove Team Avatar away from Ember Island, he took it over as well as several other towns and villages including the fishing village of Jang Hui and the town of Sheng Li.

Several days after his encounter with Team Avatar on Ember Island, Banhen led his troops into the Fire Nation Capital and began the Battle for the Fire Nation Capital. He sent in decoy tanks which the Fire Nation soldiers as well as Jun's team identified as having actual soldiers inside. Once they had taken the bait, Banhen ordered the second wave of tanks to come in and began his assault on the capital, forcing Jun and his team to retreat. He then quickly defeated the Fire Nation soldiers on the beaches and moved on to the plaza. At this point, Zuko had sent more soldiers as well as Sokka, Toph, Suki, Ai, and Chao to stop the Rebels from advancing any further. However, Banhen was able to continue by defeating the soldiers and by Chao revealing his true colors and helping him subdue Toph. Once he reached the top of the volcano, Banhen gave a speech saying how Zuko was a weak Fire Lord and if they helped him, the Fire Nation would become a superpower once again. This convinced many citizens as well as some of Zuko's soldiers to turn against him. Banhen entered the Royal Palace and made it as far as the throne room before Zuko came to ask him where his mother was. Banhen explained what happened and then attacked Zuko but was unsuccessful in ending the Fire Lord. After Zuko left to help Aang, Banhen battled in the throne room with Jun and nearly lost. He was saved at the last second by Mongke who had decided to join him. With Team Avatar gone and Jun and Azula outmatched, Banhen had taken over the Fire Nation and was lated crowned Phoenix King. He then decided to change the name of the Rebels to the Sons of Ozai, saying it sounded better.


Banhen is ruthless and power hungry. He is more so than Ozai ever was. Banhen will never run from a fight unless there is no other solution.


The Adventures of Team Avatar


  • The image above was illustrated by Firebender896
  • Banhen's name means "scar" in Chinese.

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