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The Ban Clan Compound was the traditional home of the Mountain Master of the Ban Clan and his highest-ranking lieutenants.


The Ban compound was originally a medium-sized farmstead in Ba Sing Se's Agrarian Zone. When Ti Xi's grandfather founded the Ban clan, it was originally headquartered in the Lower Ring, but after several attacks on the headquarters by rival clans he decided to move his operation to a more remote location. Feeling a location in the Agrarian Zone was a good compromise between proximity and remoteness, he chose a farmstead he liked in the Agrarian Zone and pressured the family that owned it to sell. He later bought up some of the nearby farmsteads and had the whole complex walled off. Over the years existing buildings like barns and silos were converted to the clan's purposes, and additional living quarters were built.

The location of the compound allowed Ban officers to enter Ba Sing Se proper as needed, but also allowed a location that could be hidden from rival clans. Indeed, only Ban clan officers who had proven themselves loyal were allowed to live at and know the location of the compound. On all official records the compound was registered as a farm, which also helped disguise it. Mostly this was due to the clan bribing officials, although there actually was a small farming operation there where injured or elderly clan members could work.

When Ban Ti Xi succeeded his father, he kept most of these policies in place. However, once Ti Xi's son Ban Zhengyi was revealed to be the Avatar, his lieutenant One-Eyed Wu gave the location of the Ban compound to the Ban clan's main rivals, the Du clan. The Du clan attacked the compound. Taking advantage of the confusion, Wu killed Ti Xi and Xin Kao and successfully pinned the blame on the Du clan.

After this, control of the Ban clan and the compound passed to Wu. He continued to operate the clan out of the compound. However, with the assistance of the young Avatar and his willingness to use violence ruthlessly, over time Wu absorbed or destroyed many of Ba clan's former rivals. Therefore, he no longer felt the need to keep the location of the compound a secret, and instead set it up as a front for a successful mercantile operation run by Wu.

Avatar Zhengyi grew up at the Ban compound during this period. The Avatar also lived there for some time as an adult, and after his death the main house of the Ban Compound was converted into a shrine dedicated to him. Along with other artifacts related to Avatar Zhengyi, Long Feng secretly had the compound closed off and later dismantled sometime in the early 90's AG. After the Hundred Year War ended, some pieces of the compound's buildings were recovered. Some Avataric artifacts related to Zhengyi were sent to the museum on Aang Memorial Island in Republic City, while other artifacts and pieces of the structure itself were installed in other temples around Ba Sing Se.


The compound was located in the southwestern section of Ba Sing Se's Agrarian Zone, about a quarter of the distance from the Inner Wall. The entire complex was about 1,000 square meters, and followed the traditional quadrangular layout of a Ba Sing Se farmhold.

There were several one-story, two-to-three bedroom houses arranged around the compound exterior for housing Ban lieutenants and their families. The members of the Ban family itself and very high-ranking lieutenants lived in the main house, which was a large two-story mansion with several small suites of its own, as well as a large hall, kitchen, dining room, nursery, lounges, and foyer complete with a divided-flight staircase. This main house was located on a central axis directly across from the compound's main gate. There was a courtyard area on all sides of the main house, including a training area behind it and an artificial pond. Clan business was usually conducted from the main house, specifically the large communal dining room in which Ti Xi kept a favored large wicker chair. His men nicknamed this room the "Throne Room."

The compound was considered quite a nice place to live compared to the Lower Ring of Ba Sing Se, and the prospect of living there was used to encourage new Ban members to work hard for the clan and rise through the ranks.

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