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The room in which the victim was screaming was dimly lit. In the room, there was an old man who was face to face with the murderous Shuang. "You had better tell me where they are, or I will end you right here," Shuang threatened.

"I told you they were headed to Omashu. I don't know where else those kids are goin'." Nabi said, weakly.

"You are lying!" Shuang yelled.

"No! I swear, I'm not fibbin'! Please let me go!" Nabi pleaded.

Shuang formed an ice shard and prepared to send it into Nabi's heart, but a familiar voice stopped him. "Stop, Shuang," said Tai Kun.

Shuang turned to face his master. "Why? Have you found the children, yet?"

"They are in Omashu," Tai Kun replied. "And since we have not heard back from Shun and Hong Wu, then they have surely left by now!"

"Shall I set a course for Omashu, my lord?"

"No. We have plenty of spies in the area who are waiting to ambush the children. Now, leave this old man to rot in silence." Both Tai Kun and Shuang left the room, leaving Nabi in tears.

Feng was racing out of Omashu with Team Suki on his back, when suddenly, earth pillars began shooting up out of the ground. Suki yanked on Feng's reins in order to evade them. "Look up there!" Bo shouted out. "Zhiming Earthbenders!"

Rong blew the Earthbenders away with two fire slices, while Bo lashed out with a water whip. The other Earthbenders were sliding on earth in hot pursuit, but were taken down by a whirlpool of land from Ling. "Great job, Team Suki!" Bo said, optimistically. Feng bolted away, heading for Team Suki's next destination.

Two days had passed since Suki and her team had left Omashu. The group was now staying at a small town known as Lianhua. "Alright, guys. No evil Earthbenders here," Bo said.

"Well, that is a relief," said Ling.

"So, what do you guys want to do for dinner tonight?" Suki asked.

"Well, it depends on how much money we have," Ling replied.

Suki checked her pockets and took out ten silver pieces. "We have enough to get us a good meal until tonight, but we need to find a way to come up with some more money soon," she said.

"Okay, let's go find a place that sells roast duck," Bo suggested.

"Sounds good to me," Rong concurred. The group of four rode Feng through the streets of Lianhua until they finally found a diner named 'Kao's Meat House'.

"This place looks good," said Suki.

"Then let's stop here," said Bo. The Waterbender suddenly noticed something was amiss. "Wait a second... where are Ling and Rong?"

Suki and Bo looked around for their friends, but could find no trace of them.

Rong and Ling were walking through the streets of Lianhua by themselves. "Hey, Rong, do you think we should have ditched our friends back there?" Ling asked.

"Don't worry, I'm sure they will be alright," Rong responded, reassuringly.

The pair approached a vendor who was selling cabbages. "Two cabbages, please," Ling ordered.

"Here you are," said the Cabbage Merchant. "Ah, it is so nice to finally see someone buying my cabbages and not destroying my cart," he added.

Rong and Ling quizzically looked at each other. "Alright then," Ling remarked. As the pair ate their cabbages, they left the small town and went into the fields of bamboo on the town's outskirts. "Rong, I think you know this already, but I think you are a really amazing person. You are really compassionate, brave, and there are so many things we have in common," Ling confessed.

"You know, Ling, this is kind of sudden," Rong started. Ling's heart sunk in his chest. "But I feel the same way about you." Ling's face lit up at these words. "By the way, Ling, have you ever heard the story of the Avatar twins?" Rong asked.

"No, I haven't" Ling responded.

"It's about a brother and sister who were both born as the Avatar. They ended up having to fight each other to the death in order to keep their Avatar title," Rong explained.

"Why are you telling me this?" Ling asked.

"Because, that story always reminds me to never let anything stupid come between someone I love. I don't want to lose you, Ling," said Rong. After a few silent moments, Rong and Ling shared a deep, long kiss under the moonlight.

Suki and Bo were hanging out outside Kao's, waiting for Ling and Rong to return. "Doesn't it worry you at all that our friends are missing?" Bo asked.

"They obviously aren't missing," said Suki. "They probably just wanted to be alone. Haven't you always noticed how they act around each other?"

"Well, now that you mention it, they do seem to like each other," Bo admitted.

Out of nowhere, a man bumped into Suki, knocking her over. "Hey, watch where you're-" Suki stopped when she saw what was on the man's back. She saw a sack with arrow quills sticking out of the top.

"Is there a problem, little girl?" the man asked.

There was no doubt now. Suki recognized the man's voice. "Yeah, there is a problem," Suki said. She sent an uppercut into Yanshu's jaw and sent him into the ground. The archer got up and locked eyes with Suki. He drew three arrows out of the sack on his back and shot them at Suki. The Kyoshi Warrior dodged them and leapt into the air. Before Yanshu could take aim again, Bo bound his feet to the ground with ice. Suki landed in front of the archer and dealt several blows to his face. "You know, it seems to me that Tai Kun keeps sending you instead of his more high-ranking soldiers to take us out," Suki pointed out.

"Ever heard of a distraction, princess?" Suki's and Bo's eyes widened at these words. They immediately took off, desperate to save Ling and Rong.

Rong and Ling were still walking through the fields of bamboo when they heard rustling in the trees. "Do you hear that?" Rong inquired.

"Yeah, what is that?" Ling replied.

Before they could say another word, Kang Dae appeared out of nowhere and grabbed Rong from behind.

"Let her go!" Ling demanded.

"Or you will do what, pebbles?" Kang Dae retorted. Ling prepared to crush Kang Dae where he stood, but he immediately stopped when he saw Kang Dae produce a small flame in his hand.

"Take one step and your girlfriend is dead," Kang Dae said, menacingly.

"I won't let you get away with this!" Ling shouted.

"Like you have a choice?" Kang Dae breathed a large amount of fire and sent Ling to the ground. By the time Ling recovered, Kang Dae had vanished into the night.

"No," Ling muttered. "NO!" Ling slammed his fist into the ground and pounded a huge dent into the earth which became a wave of earth seconds later. "I can't believe I lost her!" he screamed.

Suki and Bo came running to the source of the sound. "He's back here!" Bo called out.

The pair approached Ling with worried looks on their faces. "What happened to Rong?!" Suki asked.

"They took her!" Ling yelled. "It's all my fault!"

"No, Ling, don't say that," Suki said, attempting to calm her friend.

"We have to find her!" said Ling.

"I agree," Suki concurred. "Our mission can wait. We have to find Rong!"

Team Suki walked away from the bamboo field, preparing to find their friend.


  • The title was named after a famous Chinese folk song that also happens to be my favorite.

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