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Warning! This page contains spoilers for The Weatherbenders.

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Baktan is a member of the antagonist Meteorologists in The Weatherbenders. He is the brother of Kianna's husband.


Baktan was born three years after his brother. He discovered his Waterbending capabilities when he was five, and trained to master the art over the next ten years. He was declared a Waterbending master at the age of sixteen, and soon even taught a class of his own.

It was after training, however, that Baktan believed he would need other abilities as well. At age 23, he left to briefly live in the Fire Nation, seeking out legendary swordmaster Piandao. He spent four months training with him, and eventually mastered the art of the sword. He crafted his own sword, and returned to the Northern Water Tribe after this. He continued to train prospective warriors in both Waterbending and swordfighting.

In 100 AG, he fought against the Fire Nation during the Siege of the North, but was disappointed when he found out Avatar Aang, merged with the ocean spirit, stopped the attack. Baktan fought well, but felt under-appreciated, with most of the credit going towards Aang and his friends.

In 102 AG, his brother's wife, Kianna, approached him to join the Meteorologists, with the intent of taking down Team Avatar in mind. Baktan agreed, and they met up with General Zorro and Reeaki the next day. Baktan would later predict Reeaki's desertion based on how he acted, but no one listened. That July, Reeaki indeed left the group to support Team Avatar, frustrating Baktan that no one trusted him.

Him and Kianna used Weatherbending to produce a large blizzard at the Southern Water Tribe, one of three events that forced Team Avatar out of their current living situations.

He would later get his chance, along with the rest of the Meteorologists, to deal with Team Avatar. This came in chapter five, with him dueling Sokka and Suki. Suki later left this battle. Baktan fought Sokka hard, but later all of Team Avatar was overwhelmed by Weatherbending moves done by Zorro and Ezan. After this, Baktan followed the Meteorologists to their next stop: The Fire Nation Capital.


Early in his life, Baktan was a caring person, looking out for others and also being helpful. He would help young benders who needed that boost to master a move. However, after learning the art of the sword, Baktan became egotistical and placed himself above all others. His helpful side faded and he became very strict, berating students who struggled.

Baktan typically does not trust people very easily, even his own allies. More of this may come up in future chapters.


Baktan is experienced in both Waterbending and swordfighting. He can take on any fighter when at the best of his abilities. Baktan can even combine Water and sword attacks, such as freezing water on to his sword to create ice whips. This can make any swipe by him fatal.

He is also well-versed in Weatherbending, able to control precipitation and moisture. This was seen when he and Kianna created a blizzard at the Southern Water Tribe.

Author's note

The move of using his sword in combination with Waterbending was inspired by one of Avatar: Guardian's characters, Mitros, an original work of The Bos.

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