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Biographical information

Baz, Kid, and Sage Sven's son


Fire Nation

Birth place

Fire Nation Capital


Fire Nation Capital

  • 12 in Book 1
  • 13 in Book 2

814 BG



Physical description



Short, Sturdy





Hair color

Dark brown

Eye color

Dark brown

Personal information
Weapon of choice

Black Dragon Backbiter




Gatton, Finosa, Grandma, Father, Mother


Fire Nation, the Avatar, Miss Lang


Jinca, Posse, Assassins, Raingeous, and Bard

Chronological and political information



Fire Nation





Baizken is the son of Sage Sven, and Avatar Gatton's grandson. All of the men in his family are firebenders, as well as his sister. He, however, was not blessed with the ability of firebending.


Early life

In school, he has a close group of friends who love playing hide and explode. He and his sister often have spats, but Baizken has never gone out of his way to be mean to his sister. Jealous of his sister's ability to firebend, he found his own calling with swords. When he was five, he had toy swords (which he secretly modified) which he loved.

Fall of the Sages

When he was twelve, his grand father came home tired more than usual, but Baizken didn't think much of it. One day at school, he got into a fight with the school bully, Jinca. After being saved by the bell, he went into town and got a sword of epic proportions, the Black Dragon Backbiter. He went home, after getting the sword, and talked to his grandmother and sister. He and his sister had been invited to the temple to see their father and grandfather, the Avatar.

They road to the temple on the back of their grandfather's dragon, Duma. After arriving and discovering they were not welcome in the temple, they met the evil sages Raingeous and Bard. While his sister stalled the sages, he looked throughout the temple and found a secret tunnel. After fighting guards and running from sages, he was stopped by Bard. After a grueling battle, Baizken was forced to use his swords secret weapon and slayed the sage. After that he freed his father who had been imprisoned and met back up with his grandfather. They all devised a plan for taking down the evil sage.



At an early age, Baizken was fascinated with swords. He created and polished his own techniques. As well as sword strategy, Baizken learned how to modified the swords themselves; he could change the balance, make them lighter or heavier, and even sharpen the blades. He focuses more on precision than on power making his sword very accurate.

Black Dragon Backbiter

This was Baizken's first real sword. He payed 300 gold pieces for ti and he certainly got his money's worth. The sword is exactly 3 feet from tip to tip. It is made out of a first tooth from a black dragon and is covered in iron. Whenever heat hits the blade the sword glows a bright orange, protecting Baizken from fire. As well as that special ability, the sword has a small tip at the end about an inch and one-half long. When Baizken pushes the button on the swords handle, the sharp tip flies out with a small wire attached to it. If he presses the button again, the spike will retract.


Baizken is a kind person who almost always remains calms. He is, however, often suspicious of people. He often has a quirky sense of humor when it comes to most things.


  • He has a habit of making wild predictions, only some of which come true.
  • He is the school champion at hide and explode, and he is not afraid to boast about it.
  • He is a big Fire Nation history buff.
  • Despite having no formal training, he is a very skilled fighter, having learned by observing both benders and non-benders.

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