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Bai Fu
Biographical information

Fire Nation



Physical description


Hair color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Throwing stars

Fighting style(s)

Ninjutsu, Firebending


Munni, Order of the White Lotus, Heng Gan, Saura


Ji Qing, Sozin Sha

Chronological and political information



Master of ninjustsu, Second-in-command of Sakiyan White Lotus members


Order of the White Lotus, Sakiya

First appearance

The Lord Elder and The Lotus Gambit

Bai Fu is a ninja and Munni's second-in-command of the Sakiyan reigon of the Order of the White Lotus. He has been through much in his past.



Bai Fu started his ninja training when he was young and since then has become a master of ninjutsu. He can also Firebend but prefers not to and only does so in case of extreme emergencies.

The Town Prison

When Munni was taken to the town prison, Bai Fu, disguised as a prison guard, found Munni in his cell and freed him as well as Heng Gan and Saura. He then escaped with Heng Gan and Saura on Zelbo.

He later accompanied them to Munni and Mizele's house where he informed Mizele and the others about Pahtik. Shortly afterwards, Southern Water Tribe ships attacked Sakiya and he stayed behind after Heng Gan and Saura left.

Journey to the Eastern Air Temple

After Munni escaped from prison, he and Bai Fu met up with each other and encountered Sha. After a brief fight, they gathered other members of the Order and went to the Eastern Air Temple to find Pathik. Once there, their stay was short after Pathik told them Heng Gan and Saura were in trouble. Bai Fu, Munni, and the rest of their companions left to find them.


Bai Fu has a serious personality and is not easily amused. However, he has a good heart and is friendly.


Bai Fu is a master of Ninjutsu. He also uses throwing stars. Bai Fu also has the ability to Firebend but only uses it in extreme emergencies as he prefers not to use it.


Bai Fu wears a hooded robe. The hood conceals his face. His actual face has black hair that resembles Zuko's hairstyle.


His hair is similar to that of Zuko's book 2 hairstyle.

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