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Bai is one of only three Lightbenders and the only one who is not an Avatar, and she is the Lightbending tutor to Aang. Her main enemy, along with Aang and Iroh, is the ruthless Azula, who is trying to unlock Darkbending and Lightbending to normal humans, and threaten the world once again.

Bai is the only human that had more Yang than Yin as a set quantity, allowing her to lightbend. She is a master at lightbending and defeated Aang and Shiron many times in duels.



Bai was born as a non-bender in the Sun Warriors, she was a lonely kid (although she has a brother), and really wished she could bend an element. Her older brother, Seron, who was a firebender, told her the only thing she could bend is rubber. Out of anger, she challenged him to an Agni Kai, a tradition that was supposed to be only in the Fire Nation. He accepted the challenge, saying he'll be meeting her in a week. Meanwhile, she went to the Fire Nation, and was welcomed by their lord, Zuko, for being one of the Sun Warriors. She told him she actually cannot bend an element and wished they could help, which they said they can't, much to her disappointment. On the way back to the tribe, she stumbled into Aang and Katara playing with their bending, and when both elements hit her, her Yang power increased dramatically. Angrily, before they even knew who they struck, she shouted at both of them and ran away.

When she went back to the tribe, she was trying to bend any fire. She said she could try lightning generation sometime, and when she did, she exerted a large light beam. She was happy to know that Aang and Katara has given her her wish, a bending art. She didn't know its name, but she called it 'White-mutated-lightning'. She practiced lightbending everyday, and she mastered it in no time.

When it was time for the Agni Kai, they went to the Fire Nation Capital, her brother thinking he'd defeat her in one minute. She, however, struck him with a light ring (See lightbending, fighting styles for more information), which knocked him off the field. Surprised, he generated thunder on her, and she used lightning redirection, but her increased Yang sent the Lightning out as a Light Beam, which knocked him off. Afterwards, she used the lightbending's speed and attacked him quickly. He afterwards went extremely angry, and made three long range fire whips. She answered with three long range light whips, which knocked him out, her being the winner of the Agni Kai.

One the way back home, she found a weird new city she has never seen before. Puzzled, she went there and called, only to be chased by 'Firebenders with dark powers' all the way to Ba Sing Se, since she used the light speed. There, she met Avatar Aang, and told him she was chased. Knowing he is the Avatar, she kept the lightbending a secret, until she saw Aang use it himself.

Book 1: Fire

She went with Aang to a Spirit World trip to Fanon:the Syndicate of Light, where she met Avatar Shiron, who told her about how he locked the Yin and Yang quantities, and how he locked pure darkbending because of its dangerousness.



Bai is titled the best Lightbender, as she is better than both Avatars in the art, even in the Avatar States. She usually creates rings of light around her that expand and cause damage to what the circumference hits. She may use light speed to move quickly and hit enemies. She can redirect lightning as Light Beams, or even create them by attempting to Generate Lightning. She can also redirect Air and Water, which was proved when Katara dueled her to make sure she is qualified for teaching Aang, and she redirected all water towards Katara.


Bai is a good cook too, and she has a passion for tea, just like Iroh, which quite satisfies Iroh, he finally found someone who likes tea.

She is quite good with swords too, fighting Azula during a solar eclipse with her sword. She proved it again while in an Agni Kai with Zuko, where both powered up their blades with bending. She did it again with Sokka. The only one she couldn't beat is Piandao. In fact, Piandao defeated her in no time.

She is very intelligent, and solves most problems facing her. She is a quick learner, since she learned advanced Lightbending techniques from Shiron in no time, and had to reteach them to Aang.



  • Bai, before Aang discovering it too, could be called the Last Lightbender as a pun of Aang as the Last Airbender.
  • Bai's name in Chinese comes from Baiguang, which means white light. Likewise, Avatar Shiron's name is based on the color 'Shiro' (White) in Japanese.
    • Her name was initially Baiguang, in fact. Soon, Guang was set to be her last name, while Bai was her first. Afterwards, the last name was discarded.
  • Bai was initially the Mistress of the Syndicate of Light, and the Syndicate of Light was a normal area that was hidden like the Sun Warriors. However, the Syndicate of Light was moved to the Spirit World and the idea was discarded.
  • Bai is Katara's biggest rival because she defeated Katara in their first duel. Bai developed a strong rivalry with her, and Katara initially refused to heal her after Azula struck her hard with a Dark Beam.

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