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Biographical information

Southern Water Tribe, Northern Water Tribe


Southern Water Tribe

Birth place

Southern Water Tribe


Southern Water Tribe (formerly)
Earth Kingdom


16 in Book Two: Spirits


155 AG


248 AG


Huong (as the Paladin of Anger)

Physical description


Hair color

Dark Brown

Eye color

Completely Red (while under Fann's control)

Personal information
Weapon of choice

water, light, darkness

Bending style(s)

Waterbending, Bloodbending Lightbending, Darkbending, Mindbending, Energybending, Invisibility





Chronological and political information




Paladin Bagguk was a waterbender who would later become one of the first six Paladins during the Harmonic Convergence of 171 AG, and the first Paladin of anger. He was also one of the founders of the Blue Lotus. He was fused with Fann, the spirit of anger. Years later he, along with the other Paladins revived the ancient arts of Lightbending and Darkbending.

Following his death, he was reincarnated into Huong, who was born in the Earth Kingdom.


Bagguk was born in the Southern Water Tribe in 155 AG. His father Qallo was from the Northern Tribe and his mother was from the United Republic. His father was a big supporter of Unalaq and remained loyal to the North. Bagguk took the side of the Southern Tribe during the Water Tribe Civil War, but was careful to keep his support secret, and would spend a lot of time with his friends.

Bagguk and his friends were outside shortly before Harmonic Convergence began. Once it began, dark spirits emerged and locked their sights on the Bagguk and his friends, chasing them into the Frozen Tundra.

Bagguk tried keeping the group together, but they ended up separating into three groups. Bagguk, Massak and Cannaq fled as fast as they could, but all fell down a crevice, trapping them and leaving them to the mercy of the spirits. Three spirits emerged, choosing one friend each and finally passing into their bodies. A week later, Bagguk, Massak and Cannaq were helped out of the crevice by the other nine, with none of them remembering what happened during Harmonic Convergence. They all returned to the Southern Tribe, finding that the North had left and that the South was now fully independent.

The night Bagguk returned, he began having strange visions, and began piecing back together what happened to him and his friends. The voice of Fann began speaking to him, threatening his friends. Bagguk played into Fann's trap, and became angered by the spirits threats. The voice of Fann became so frequent, Bagguk pleaded with his parents to see a healer and a spiritual expert. However, Fann, seeing this as a threat, went into hiding inside Bagguk's mind, eventually leading to Bagguk and his friends being sent to a mental health facility. For months, Bagguk and his friends were left to their conditions as the spirits inside them became stronger, eventually leaving them comatose.

One night, Bagguk lost all control over his spirit, and Fann was able to take over, leaving the staff trapped inside their own worst fears for an unknown amount of time, and reached the other Paladin's. Reaching inside the minds of Massak and Cannaq, Fann was able to draw out Ogon and Shah, and they were able to take over their hosts bodies. However, they were unable to leave the other three Paladins in the facility.

Later life

Bagguk and the other Paladin's would continue capturing prisoners for their army, and never regained his sanity. He spent his remaining years practicing his skills in Mindbending, tapping into the fear of his captives and drawing strength.


At the age of 93, Bagguk passed away, and was reincarnated into the strong willed earthbender named Huong. The other Paladin's were also reincarnated into the Earth Kingdom, only miles away from each other.



Prior to his merging with Fann, Bagguk was a fun loving, jovial young man, always helping his friends.



Main article: Waterbending

Waterbending was Bagguk's main ability before his merging with Fann. Bagguk was a promising student, being able to think outside the box to defeat his opponents. While just like any other waterbender before Harmonic Convergence, Bagguk's skills grew stronger in the art, influenced by his anger and Fann's spirit, even being able to bloodbend for a time before he turned to other ways to defeat his opponent.


Main article: BloodbendingFor a few decades, Bloodbending became Bagguk's main line of attack against his opponents.


Main article: Lightbending


Having mastered Lightbending, Bagguk was able to tap into one of its sub-skills, the ability to become invisible. He was the only Paladin to achieve, however it is not known if he mentioned the skill to the other Paladins. Through the use of this skill, Bagguk was easily able to track down and take people as captives without being seen.


Main article: Darkbending

Being merged with the spirit of anger, Bagguk's was far more proficient in Darkbending than he was in Lightbending.


Main article: Energybending

Like the other Paladins and the Avatar, Bagguk eventually learned how to energybend. Drawing power from the anger of their Energybender captives, Bagguk was able to gain complete control over someone's darker emotions, mainly their anger.


Main article: Mindbending

Being the Paladin of anger, Bagguk was able to influence the anger of those around him through the power of Fann. He could leave his victims in an enraged, murderous state.

Other Skills

In combat, Bagguk was very agile and quick in his attacks.

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