Bad Dreams, Good News
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Long Feng



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November 4, 2009

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The Great Storm

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Blood and Garlic

Bad Dreams, Good News is the seventh chapter of Long Feng.


For the next few days, Yue felt well in the daytime, but anxious and restless at night. She sleepwalked, and gazed out of the window, trying to get out. Katara looked after he carefully.

One night, a huge winged lemur fluttered outside their room. It seemed to be calling to Yue. She got out of bed and tried to follow it, still sleeping.

The next day, in the churchyard, Yue spied a tall, foreign-looking figure. She startled Katara, and herself, by seeming to recognize him. "His green eyes again! They are just the same.", observed Yue.

All this time, Yue had been growing thin and pale, and the wounds on her neck did not seem to be healing.

News at last! Katara got a letter from a hospital in Jang Hui. Aang had escaped alive from Long Feng's castle......but the dreadful things he saw there gave him a dangerous brain fever. He was weak, but getting better. Katara hurried to him.

They got married right away, without waiting until Aang was well enough to travel.

Meanwhile, back on Ember Island, Yue's fiancée Sokka arrived to look after her. She felt much better now: she stopped sleepwalking, ate much more, and looked pinker, plumper, and prettier than ever. "I am full of life!", exclaimed Yue.

At Jet's hospital, the patient Ozai was behaving very strangely. He was crawling on all fours, sniffing like a dog. He kept running away to Sozin, a big, empty house nearby that had just been bought by a foreign gentleman. "The master is at hand!", stated Ozai.

Ozai fought the nurses who tried to restrain him, but calmed down suddenly when he saw a huge winged lemur flying across the moon. "I have worshiped you! Now you are near!", exclaimed Ozai.

He went quietly back to his room, catching and eating flies as before. "I shall be patient, Master. It is coming!", exclaimed Ozai.

But he still had sudden rages. During one of these he attacked Jet with a sharp knife.

He then tried to lick up the drops of blood from the floor of his cell. "The blood is the life.", muttered Ozai.

Escaping again to Sozin, he fought with carriers bringing heavy boxes of earth, from the wrecked Earth Kingdom ship.

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