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Backwoods Pirates' outpost
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Northwestern Earth Kingdom; near Mt. Makapu

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A Rough Start

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The Backwoods Pirates' outpost was an outpost where Earth Kingdom Backwoods Pirates tried to cheat travelers of money. It was destroyed when Sha Lu came to save Jenju.[1]

History Edit

The outpost was attacked and burnt down by the Fire Nation twice prior to Jenju's visit.

Jenju arrived at this outpost the day after his parents were killed by the Fire Nation. He was persuaded by the shop owner to purchase a cold drink, although Jenju did not have any money. The owner prepared Jenju a drink, while Jenju asked the man if he had seen any Fire Nation personnel around, much to the man's dismay.[1]

Jenju enjoyed some of the beverage, and soon was confronted as he had no money. This convinced the shop owner to call Liam, who attacked Jenju by Earthbending a rock into his stomach. Before more attacks could be made on Jenju, Sha Lu came to the rescue. After saving someone he didn't even know, he threw a bomb at the shop, destroying it once again.[1]

Description Edit

The outpost is a small, makeshift shop meant to persuade visitors into thinking it is a safe place to buy things. It was once made of proper building materials until it was destroyed. It was rebuilt with inferior wood and building materials, and after being destroyed once again by the Fire Nation, it was built using chunks of mud and rock.

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