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Avatar: The Days After the War


Elements, Dreams and Visions



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March 19 2013

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Sozin's Comet, Part 4: Avatar Aang

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After their kiss Aang and Katara enter the tea shop they stare each other for a moment and then they sit. At this very moment Sokka and Suki share kiss, so Mai and Zuko. As Iroh is watching them he drops a tear and has a flashback of his son in the war getting killed by an earthbender, as Iroh screamed "No!" [in the flashback] he generated lightning and killed the earthbender who took away his son then he firebent from his mouth and burnt an entire city. Then Aang watches a vision of an Air Nomad girl, [Aang looks shocked], Katara asks him what happened but Aang asks to be left alone so Katara says "Sure" then Aang's vision continues with Aang in the Eastern Air Temple watching Sister Iio who was teaching the Air Nomad girl, Tenzina, Aang's best friend just like Katara, but Aang wasn't able to tell her how he felt about her because she died when Sozin's Comet arrived. The first time they met each other they knew there was something special in their relationship they played a lot of airball and other games of the Air Nomads. But one day Tenzina told Aang that she didn't like Airball but Aang didn't care he just liked her for what she was, in that very moment Aang gave a kiss to her cheek and told her Happy Birthday. Tenzina asked him how did he know that it was her birthday. And Aang answered that he just cared about her, the vision stops. Aang talking to himself, "Guru Pathik was right the Air Nomads' love and especially Tenzina's for me has not left this world. It is still inside of my heart, and is reborn in the form of new love, Katara." Aang watches a new vision talking to monk Gyatso.

Aang - About this whole Avatar thing, m-maybe the monks made a mistake.

Gyatso - The only mistake they made was telling you before you turned sixteen.

Aang - Gyatso it's real that war may be upon us?

Gyatso - I am afraid, yes, why?

Aang - Well, we are peace people we may fight but we won't kill anyone but "they" are ruthless, what if I lose someone I love?

Gyatso - Who is he?

Aang - It's you and ... Tenzina, I-I love her.

Gyatso - Having you, Avatar, we won't hurt anyone and we won't get hurt.

Aang - Thank you monk Gyatso.

Aang snaps out of the vision once again, blaming himself that it was his fault. Suddenly the spirit of Gyatso appears in front of him.

Gyatso - No, Aang it's not your fault.

Aang - Gyatso?

Gyatso - Aang, if you had stayed, they would have killed you. Even if you had survived, you wouldn't have liked to see Tenzina getting killed by ... Prince Azulon.

Aang - What!!!... No, No, No, Nooo!

Gyatso - I can only tell you that she loved you too. But you must forget and accept what is happened and the universe will reward you, in very, very strange ways, I can tell you that. Goodbye Aang

Aang - [crying] Goodbye Gyatso. I am too late, I may defeated Ozai before the Comet comes but he also had come 100 years ago and helped the Firebenders destroy my people

Katara - Aang what happened?

Aang - Nothing sweetie, just go inside and I'll be back in a few.

Katara - Sure. (!)

Aang enters the Avatar State for a moment and he drops a tear, after that he has the control of his body again and enters the teashop, while he is entering the teashop his tear evaporates and creates a bright column of light, shaping the clouds looking like Zuko, Sokka and Katara. You will be surprised to know that Zuko's mother, Ursa, saw the cloud which looks like her son, and started to run as fast as she could towards the cloud. After the cloud disappears, the column of light becomes brighter and brighter and the brightest light ray hit Toph's eyes letting her unconscious, then in front of Katara the spirit of... Kya appears.

Katara [shocked] - Mother? ... Is-Is that you?

Kya - Yes, it's me. [smiles]

Katara - Where were you? Why didn't you talk to us, just like now?

Kya - I couldn't sweetie, I couldn't. [cries] I can, now because something changed, I don't know what but something changed.

Aang [thinking] - The light, the universe,... her.

Kya - But the only I can tell you for now is that you can see me whenever you want, but all this time I was in here [points her heart]. The same for you, my little warrior. Goodbye.

Katara and Sokka - Goodbye mom.

After two days Toph wakes up really dizzy, she opens her eyes.

Toph - Oh man what is that colours [Team Avatar enters the room] Katara, Sokka, Zuko, Suki, Aang is that you?

Katara, Sokka, Zuko, Suki, Aang - Yeah. (?)

Toph - [touches Katara's hair] And that is you hair?

Katara - Yeah, stop it, why are you acting so weird?

Toph - Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God. Yeah, I can see, yeah I can't believe it, I am not blind any more, Sokka you are so beautiful mooha [kisses him on his cheek, Suki giggles].

Aang - This is what Gyatso meant.

Toph - What do you mean, Aang?

Aang - Gyatso's spirit said that I must forget her and the universe will reward me, in very, very strange ways.

Toph - You know what I just heard? Blah, blah, spiritual mumbo jumbo blah, blah, something about Gyatso. I can see!

Katara - Forget who Aang?

Aang - Sweetie is a long story, I will tell you another time. [Looks sad]

At the sunset Katara finds Aang meditating outside the teashop. She sits next to him.

Katara - I know and you know that you are sad about what happened to the Air Nomads, but it doesn't mean you can't talk about it.

Aang - Let's go inside sweetie.

Katara - You know we can tell Sokka about our relationship, if you really love me.

Aang - Of course I love you and I agree to tell Sokka about us. [They share a kiss]

Katara - Well that was easy. You know Aunt Wu told me that I will marry you.

Aang - I know.

Katara - How do you know?

Aang - I had heard that.

Katara - Then why you didn't tell anything?

Aang - Because it was hard for me to express my feelings about you then, but now that I did, you're my forever girl.

Katara - Did you just made that up?

Aang - Not exactly.

Then the two of them share a kiss and a hug. After that Aang stares Katara and with tears in his eyes his smiles at her. Aang now realises that he loves Katara but he knows that in her body there is Tenzina's spirit. Aang maybe look sad but at least he smiles.

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