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The Unseen

Aang had fought Vader for quite a while, and decided it was time to retreat. The Avatar snapped out his glider and took off. Two clones prepared to open fire, but the Dark Lord stopped them.

"Let him go," Darth Vader said.

Vader walked back toward the Executor. He was on board the ship in a matter of minutes.

"My Lord, Commander Cable's squadron has infiltrated the palace. We've received word that the Avatar is attempting to escape," Admiral Ozzel said.

Darth Vader booted the hologram and spoke with Cable.

"Commander Cable, did you and your squadron activate the sleeping agents you implanted on the Avatar's bison?" Vader said.

"Yes my Lord," Cable said.

"Good. Find the Avatar and his guardians, and set your phasers for 'stun'," Vader said.

"Yes my Lord," Cable said.

Commander Cable and his squadron busted into the room where Team Avatar was taking care of Sokka.

"Open fire!" Cable said.

Team Avatar raced outside as Cable and his squadron raced after them.

"Any ideas?" Katara said.

"Retreat!" Aang said.

"WHAT?!" Katara, Sokka, Toph and Suki said.

"Their military is too strong. Fighting back would be a death wish," Aang said.

"So the Northern Water Tribe has fallen?" Sokka said.

"I'm afraid so," Aang said.

"We can't go back to Ba Sing Se. The Empire has already taken control of half of the city," Suki said.

"I know the one place where we'll be safe. The Fire Nation," Aang said.

Team Avatar reached Appa and climbed on board.

"Appa, yip yip!" Aang said.

The bison didn't move.

"Appa?" Aang said.

"What's going on Aang?" Katara asked.

"Appa's asleep!" Aang said.

"Oh boy," Sokka said.

Appa opened his eyes warily.

"Yip yip!" Aang said.

Appa flew off.

"Everything okay?" Toph said.

"Things couldn't get much worse," Sokka said.

Suddenly, three TIE Fighter soared through the air and opened fire. Appa was heading right toward the Executor.

"The universe just loves proving me wrong, doesn't it?" Sokka said.

"You make it too easy!" Toph said.

"I have an idea!" Aang said.

Appa flew straight toward the Executor with the TIE Fighters in hot pursuit. At the last minute, Appa veered away from the Executor and the TIE Fighters smashed into it. Appa flew away, and Team Avatar was safe.

On the Executor's bridge, Admiral Ozzel gasped, then looked at Vader and cringed. Vader was still facing the viewport, gazing at the area where the Avatar's bison had been just moments before escaping. He turned slowly, then proceeded across the walkway, away from the viewport. Vader barely noticed Admiral Ozzel. As angry as the Dark Lord was at losing the Avatar, Vader knew Ozzel was not at fault.

Without a word, Darth Vader left the bridge.

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