Back to the North, Part 1
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Aang, Toph and Suki landed in front of Katara. Momo landed on Aang's shoulder.

"Suki, take Sokka inside. We'll handle this. Toph, go with her," Aang said.

Darth Vader turned to face Aang and Katara.

"Katara GO! I'll handle this!" Aang said.

"Aang-" Katara began.

"GO!" Aang yelled.

Katara raced inside.

Aang turned to face Vader.

"I don't know how you survived at all. Darth Vader, when I first met you, I thought you were a power-hungry, selfish person who wanted to rule the world, just like Fire Lord Ozai. Now I see that I was wrong. You're not're pure evil!" The Avatar said.

Aang shot two air blasts at Darth Vader, but Vader swung his lightsaber and deflected Aang's attack. Aang then lashed out with a water whip, but the Dark Lord jumped into the air and dodged the attack.

My Earthbending is useless here, but I still have fire! Aang thought.

Aang shot a large stream of fire at the Sith Lord, but Vader blocked the attack. The Dark Lord of the Sith charged at Aang and swung, but Aang created an air shield and blocked the attack. Vader swung again, but the Avatar created a water shield and blocked the second attack. Aang shot a fireball at the Dark Lord, but Vader dodged the attack. Aang created an air wheel and rammed right into Vader. The Sith Lord snarled and attacked. Aang created ice claws and shot them at Vader, but the Dark Lord sliced through them all. Aang propelled himself toward Vader using Firebending, but the Sith Lord used the Force, and Aang was sent flying backwards. Aang created an air spout, lifting him high into the air, and then shot ice discs at Vader. All of them grazed through Vader's armor. Vader leaped into the air, preparing to bring his weapon down on Aang, but the Avatar created a wall of flames. Vader sliced through the wall and attacked. Aang created a tornado, and the tornado rammed right into Vader. The Dark Lord charged at Aang and swung his lightsaber, but the Avatar created a water pinwheel and blocked the attack.

"You don't know the power of the dark side," Darth Vader said.

Aang knew all too well that the duel had just begun.

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