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Book One: Air



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December 29, 2010

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Not Alone

The Fortuneteller

"Aang, do we really have to stop at that village. Can't we stop at another one? Please?" Sokka asked for the third time.

"I told you already, no! Appa needs his rest, and no other village is closer!" Aang said, clearly annoyed.

"What's so bad about this 'Makapu' place anyway Sokka?" Jason asked curiously.

"You'll see." Sokka said grumpily.

"Sokka didn't exactly get along with one of the people there." Katara said with a laugh.

"How bad could one person be?" Jason asked.

"Well, you're about to find out. We're here." Aang said, they descended into a small village. A small crowd greeted them with applause.

"The Avatar has once again graced us with his presence! Oh, as well as the Firelord and his Lady as well! Just as I predicted!" an old woman said.

"Not her." Sokka said, rubbing his temples.

"Who's she?" Jason whispered to Aang.

"Aunt Wu. She's the leader of the village. Be nice." Aang whispered back.

"Hello, dear friends. Why has fate brought you here this day?" Aunt Wu asked.

"We need to rest today, Appa can't fly another inch." Aang said.

"Understandable. You're bison may stay for the night." Aunt Wu agreed

"Just like your prediction, Aunt Wu! A creature of air shall stay for the moon's light!" one man cried.

"Yes, yes, I know." Aunt Wu said, waving the man off, "Anyway, shall we show you your rooms? I thought that we should set them up, just in case."

"Well, that was nice, I guess." Sokka mumbled.

"Though, there was one person I didn't think might come." Aunt Wu said, looking over to Jason, "Who are you?"

"I'm Jason. Nice to meet you." Jason replied, sticking out his hand, but Aunt Wu didn't take it, which made Jason look foolish.

"Well, none of the Avatar's friends shall complain about mistreatment in Makapu!" Aunt Wu said. She clapped her hands, and a girl and boy walked from behind her.

"Meng, you know where the the rooms are for the Avatar and friends, right?" Aunt Wu asked the girl.

"Yes, I'll take them there." Meng answered, and took Aang's hand, who to Jason looked rather squemish when she did.

"C'mon, Avatar Aang, I'll take you and your friends to thier rooms." Meng said, pulling Aang into a large house near him, the rest of the gang following him.

"Shadow, I believe we might have a spare room, up on the second floor. Can you see if it can be turned into a nice bedroom for our surprise guest?"

"I will try my best, Aunt Wu." Shadow said, and motioned to Jason for him to follow.

"Thanks Meng" Aang said, as she led him into his room. The room, out of everyone's, was the most extravagant, so he guessed that Meng had helped with its preparation.

"So you like the room?" Meng asked.

"'s really...fancy." Aang replied.

"You like anything else?" Meng asked slyly.

"Uhh..." Aang said, desprate to change the topic,"Who's Shadow? I don't remember him from the last time we came here." Aang asked quickly.

Meng sighed "We don't really know. He came a few days ago, saying he wanted a room to stay in. He was alone, no parents or anybody, so we agreed as long as he helped out around the village. He's acually suppossed to leave tonight."

"Oh." Aang said rather stupidly, and Meng and Aang sat in silence.

"Your dating the waterbender, aren't you?" Meng asked sadly, breaking the silence.

"It's not you.." Aang started, but Meng put up her hand.

"I know why your dating her. I'm not a little girl anymore. Besides, I'm too busy here to be all mushy about you not here."

"Well, I'm glad you understand, and....i'm sorry " Aang said.

I know you are." Meng said with a sad smile, and walked out of Aang's room.

Jason and Shadow walked out of the now finished bedroom. The room had been hard to convert to a bedroom, given that it was a storage room before. It had taken some serious placement and balancing in order to fit the bed in, but it was worth it, and Jason and Shadow had agreed to go to the local shop to buy some food to please thier hunger.

"So, you know Aunt Wu, or are you her family?" Jason said, swallowing the last of his koi fish stew.

"Nah, I needed somewhere to stay for a while. They let me stay as long as I helped around. Acually, I think tonight I'm leaving." Jason said, pushing away his stew, which he hadn't touched.

"You don't like this stuff? It's delicious! Besides, I thought you were hungry." Jason said, licking his lips.

"That's before I remembered it was fish stew. I hate fish." Shadow grumbled, "Anyway, why are you here?"

"Oh, I'm going with the Avatar and friends to this temple. Apparently, a genius or something lives there from what I can understand."

"Ahh, the Mechanist. Not surprised."

"You know him Shadow?" Jason asked.

"Only by word of mouth." Shadow answered. Suddenly, he got up.

"What? You're leaving already?" Jason asked.

"I have to pack. I'm leaving tonight, remember? Go get your fortune read or something." Shadow said stubbornly.

"Only girls get thier fortune read, or really superstitious people." Jason replied, annoyed at Shadow.

"Hey, the fortunetellers on this world at least do a better job at predicting the future." Shadow said with a laugh, and walked out the door with a stunned Jason behind him

Wangji pulled his spears out of their scabbards. The armed Firebender in front of him clanged his sword and shield, trying to bait Wangji to attack him, but Wangji wasn't falling for it. He shot to the side of the warrior, hoping to get behind him, but his movement was blocked by the shield, and Wangji was knocked back and almost wasn't able to block the warrior's strikes as he advanced. Wangji gathered his wits together and in a bold move feinted to strike at the warrior's face. The trick worked, and the man raised his shield to block the blow. But instead, he slamed them on the warrior's wrist, and the sword skittered out of sight. Wangji smiled, but he was slammed back as the warrior swung his shield. Wangji struck the shield again and again to no avail, and Wangji had to change tatics again. Going to the side, Wangji was able to hook one of his spears into the shield's handle, and he and the warrior spun around, each attempting to loosen the grip of the other on the shield. Finally, Wangji was able to trip the warrior with his other spear, and skillfullly yanked the shield away from the warrior. Faced with desperation, the warrior's hands blazed with fire, and Wangji put up a defensive stance. The warrior blasted Wangji with fire, but Wangji shot through the blasts, spears piercing through them, and Wangji slammed the warrior into the canyon corner, spear pointed at his throat. Slowly a smile crept across the warrior's face, and with a laugh rose his arms in defeat. Swinging his spears back in their sheaths, Wangji helped the warrior up onto his feet.

"You are very skilled for a man with no memories." the warrior said.

"You weren't bad yourself Ti'al." Wangji chuckled in reply. A hand placed itself on Wangji's shoulder.

"Do not be shy. That performance was truly worth compliments." Hrui told him, and with a wave from his hand all the rest of the Bandits came over to congradualate Wangji.

Pushing them away, Wangji smiled sheepishly and walked away. As much as he wished to stay, his eyelids were droopy with sleep, and the bed in his tent would sure be good news to his ears about now.

As he slipped into his sleeping bag, Wangji remembered all that had happened since he had woken up yesterday, so that he wouldn't forget. It was not like he would forget it all the next day, but rather, a reassurance that he wouldn't.

The man known by the Bandits as Wangji woke up yesterday in pain. Groaning as he rose from the ground, he fell right back down, dizziness overcoming him. It took many minutes for the ground to stop spinning for Wangji. Finally getting up, he gathered his things, which in truth were little more than his spears and a bag of food. Starting to walk away, Wangji thought "Well, whatever happens, at least I have my dignity as...."

Wangji paused in his thought, and with surprise he found he couldn't remember his name! With horror growing in him, Wangji paced around the forest grove he had woken in. His fear only grew when he found that his name wasn't the only thing he forgot. His past, his life, even where he was was lost from his memory. His mind was a blank slate. His hope dying, he sat down on the ground, dazed.

Slowly his hands, out of thier own accord, pulled the spears from thier sheaths with a screech. With tremendous speed, thoughts raced through Wangji's head. Pictures and images played in his head. Spear thrust there, back thrust there...the images kept coming through him, all about spear fighting. With nothing to lose, Wangji tried the movements that were rushing through his mind. Each and every move of the spear was perfect, as if it was part of Wangji himself. With joy Wangji swung his spears through the clearing, sweat flying off his brow. Finally, in a panting breath, he returned the spears to thier sheaths. Wangi's hope had returned to him. If he could remember how to handle his spears, how long could it be untill the rest of his memories came back as well? Wangi smiled, but it turned into a confused frown when he looked around him. Even if he would get his memories back eventually, he did not have them now, and he had no idea where he was! His eyes searched untill finally they lifted to the sky, and there up above was a mighty line of mountains, thier white peaks just visible to him. If he could just make it to them, and climb for a while, he might see a town, or at least some sign of civilization.

Once again throwing his bag upon his back, he started to walk towards the mountains, a jump in his step. As the sun sank lower into the sky, and as the forest became gradually darker, Wangji started to trot faster towards the mountains. He did not know what animals lived in these woods, but in the mountains at least he have the advantage of any attack on him would be seen quite easily. Breathing a sigh of relief, Wangji made it to the foot of one of the mountains, and to his surprise a small, rough, rocky pass was ahead of him, though the rocks around it's entrance made it hard to see. Smiling, Wangji took a step...and had a bag thrown over him.

"Hold him down!" one of the unknown assailants said urgently.

"I can't!" the other assailant uttered with annoyance, "he's moving too much!"

"Do I have to do everything?" the first man complained. Wangji heard the man groan, as if he was picking something heavy up. Suddenly there was a flash, and Wangji was out.

The next few hours were like a blur to Wangi..

He felt himself being dragged on what felt like a dirt road, but he passed out before long...

Wangji was smacked into awareness by his two assailants, and without a word they left Wangji, who only then realized he was tied to a chair in a dark room...

Wangji was in a white room this time, two different men with him, questioning him horribly. To all the questions Wangji answered the same way: "I don't know. I can't remember anything!"...

His two assailants from before coming back to drag him to thier leader. It was there where he learned of the name these group of people called themselves, the 'Burning Bandits'.

The meeting with thier leader, the Red Spirit...

His two assailants, ironically now his comrades, leading him to his new post as a guard of the east pass...

Meeting with the commander of the post, General Hrui, and learning of why Hrui was there by his new comrade turned friend Ti'al. Hrui had been disgraced, and as a result been recommisioned as the new commander for the east pass guard, with his loyal men right behind him...

His duel against Ti'al, which was quite fun..

As Wangji closed his eyes and sleep started to overtake him, Wangji only had one thought in his mind.

He didn't know about his life before, but now? Wangji was a very lucky man indeed.

The Future Unclear

"Ha! You're more likely to get your future from a dragon moose than her!" Sokka sneered as he and Katara accompanied Jason over to Aunt Wu's fortune telling room.

"Oh yeah? Then why does every prediction she make always come to be? Or are you saying me and Aang aren't together?" Katara asked slyly.

"But..but.." Sokka sputtered, "they're so general! Eventually in one way or another they would happen!"

"Of course they are Sokka." Katara said sarcastically, but Jason tapped the two of them on the shoulder and pointed over behind him. They had reached Aunt Wu's room, and Katara knocked on the door.

Aunt Wu peaked out of her room, a tired and slightly startled look on her face. "Girl, what fortune do you want now?"

"Not me, Aunt Wu, though you were right about the melon! Jason wants his fortune read." Katara replied, and Aunt Wu smiled, as well as breathed a silent sigh of relief, and opened the door.

"Ahh, so another wishes to have his future unclouded. Well, come in Jason. You came to the right place."

Shadow sat down upon the edge of the foot of the volcano. His lance felt quite heavy slung across his back. His pack had been hidden, and all Shadow had to do now was climb the volcano, just like how he practiced while hs stayed at the village. This mission was vital. If he didn't do this...well, he didn't want to think about it. With skilled ease, Shadow grasped one of the lower hanging cliffs and lifted himself into the air. As he climbed, thoughs kept rushing through his head...

How can I fix this? How can I know that this time I won't mess it up?

Even if I'm sucessful here, who knows if he will listen to me?

Supposed it was a trick?

No, it couldn't be. He is honorable, I know that. If Aides says he will hear me out if I do this, I'm willing to bet that he will.

His train of thought abruptly stopped as he reached the crater of the volcano. As expected, the four targets he was supposed to eliminate, more shadowbender assassins to kill Jason, had reached the summit as well. With strange stares they looked at Shadow.

"Hey kid, get away from here. We're, ahh, need to do something." one of the men said, annoyed.

"Jump into the crater and I'll go away." Shadow replied slyly, taking out his lance.

"You acually want to fight the four of us kid? I don't think your a big enough boy yet to do that!" the other scoffed, and the rest of the assassins laughed.

Shadow smiled, and with a thrust of his hand light shot out and enveloped one of the assassins. With perfect aim, he threw the man down the crater, where he screamed as he fell into lava.

"A Lightbender?" one assassin cried with disbelief.

"Aren't they exticnt or something?" another asked.

"Fools! Our master told us some might come back since we have returned. Though I wonder if they have become stupid by choosing a mere boy with the power." the third snapped. Shadow didn't answer, only watched carefully at the assassins, as if to contemplate what best way to attack.

"No more words, idiot? Fine, then your death shall be a silent one." the assassin said at Shadow, and with a gesture the three assassins leaped at him.

Shadow avidly dodged to one side, and as two of the assassins missed him, the third was blocked by Shadow's lance. With a push the assassin fell off of the crater.

The other two gawked at the boy for a second, but then their faces shifted into angry glares, and quickly started blasting darkness Shadow's way. He blocked them with his lance while returning fire by shooting light in their direction. Finally one of Shadow's blasts hit an assassin square in the chest, and he fell into the crater like the other assassin. The remaining assassin on the crater edge started slowly to move back, and tried to make a run for it. But light struck his feet, and he tumbled into the lava below. Shadow looked around, and started to walk off. But a dark explosion erupted under his feet, and Shadow was thrown to the innner part of the crater, where he hung for dear life. The shadowbender that Shadow had pushed before gingerly climbed up to the crater edge with the piece of rock that had saved him in his hand.

"You're full of surprises, aren't you? You thought you could..urgh..beat me boy? Wel..urgh..think again!" the assassin cried, and throwing the stone away, blasted the side of the volcano with darkness. When the smoke cleared, Shadow was nowhere to be seen.

"Now, to finish with that..urgh..mission. Right after I have a good rest though." the assassin mumbled.

"The only rest your having is with the rest of your friends." a voice replied darkly out of nowhere. Turning swiftly around, the assassin gasped as he saw what he could not believe. The boy, Shadow had survived! Bruised, but alive, and even more mysteriously, had snuck up on him with out him knowing!

"How?.." the assassin stuttered, but then Shadow caught the assassin with a stream of darkness, and held him over the crater.

" can you shadowbend?!" the assassin cried in disbelief, "It's impossible!"

Shadow only smiled. "Like you said before, I'm full of surprises."

Without another word, the assassin fell into the lava of the volcano.

"So, you want your fortune read hmm?" Aunt Wu asked Jason. He was more focused on trying not to gag from the smell of the candles, but he resepctfully nodded, though his hands still pinched his nostrils together.

Aunt Wu lead Jason to two dusty chairs and a fire. Given some bones by Aunt Wu, Jason threw them into the fire, and Aunt Wu stared at them for a while as the heat of the fire carved cracks in the pale bones.

"Intresting..I haven't ever seen these pairs before.." Aunt Wu mumbled, and with a small shake from his head sat down beside Jason on the other chair.

"You're fortune has been..well, difficult to make out. I have seen pairs today that haven't happened in generations of my family. I was able to make some sense of it though." Aunt Wu said in an awed tone.

"So..what did you make out?" Jason asked bluntly.

Aunt Wu rolled her eyes."First, I was able to see that you will have a long life."

Jason rolled his eyes. This was usual fortuneteller gibberish. He was starting to believe what Sokka had said earlier.

"Besides that, your fortune has turned down an ominous road. After I saw your long life, I saw some things that have seemed strange to me..."

Jason leaned forward, eyes and ears focused, full of interest now.

"I had seen a betrayal in your future, by one of your blood. Do not fear, for it will be redeemed by the powers of Love and Hope. You yourself shall fall into darkness thrice, only to be saved by a kiss, then your memories, and finally the Light itself. You shall also be the guardian of a power far greater than any imaginable, and though destruction will try to detroy both you and it through many...worlds, you will hold. Finally, when all is said and done, light shall rise you up."

Jason sat there for a few moments, quietly stunned. Finally, he muttered "You got that all by looking at breaking, burning bones?"

"Yes. But do not despair, for like I told the Avatar long ago, fortunes are not set."

"And that means?" Jason questioned.

"It means that although your future is unclear and clouded, you can shape your own destiny."

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