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The Ba Sing Se Raids were the final battles of the Great War.


After the final war council meeting, the big leaders agreed on three simultaneous offensives - one at Katara River and two airborne at Ba Sing Se and Omashu. While the Omashu and Katara River offensives were aimed to take land, the Ba Sing Se landing was a raid to capture Ephialtes.

Philip Hellene spearheaded the raid with a detachment of the Royal Hellenic Marines.


A bombing raid from airships and biplanes damaged Ba Sing Se (although not the parts of cultural significance). Philip and his men deployed themselves from the ship, raided the palace, battled the guards and took Ephialtes.


The capture of Ephialtes decisively ended the Great War. Combined with Omashu and Katara River, the Earth Army was crushed.

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