Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Ba Sing Se - Secrets of the Siege in the last hundred years.

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Part I
Of Desire and Traitors

A Bar - The Middle Ring

Lower Ring

Part I: Of Desire and Traitors

Raucous cheers tore through the air; a messy mixture of cat calls, wolf whistles and glasses banging against wood. Everyone who was still sober looked avidly at the girl standing in the middle of the large room, whose hand rested on the hilt of the dagger attached to her belt. Across the room, a man twice her age and size leaned against the wall, but she seemed unperturbed.

"Here's how this'll go down, missy. I win, and you will spend a night with me." He leered at her and Amaya looked at him in distaste.

Even from across the room she could see that the man was swaying in his place, a tankard of ale clutched in his hand. The noise level rose by several decibels and she could sense the crowd's impatience. Not bothering to waste any more time, Amaya shrugged off the hood of her black robe and ran a finger lovingly down the blade of her dagger. Her gaze intensified and in a flash, she unsheathed the dagger and sent it flying through the air.

It lodged itself firmly into the wood through the material of his shirt and an ugly scowl replaced his previously drunken expression.

"Seems like I win." She said simply.

The crowd let out a sound of exasperation at the fight ending so quickly and Amaya turned away, her back stiffening slightly as she closed her eyes. The noise levels around her seemed to magnify but she heard what she was listening for; the slight 'clunk' of the dagger dislodging itself from the wood and then the thundering of the man's feet against the floor. When the man was barely a foot away from her she turned around, flinging her hand outwards. The earth beneath her rumbled and a stone column shot out, connecting solidly with his stomach.

Amaya stood there, laughing quietly at the man who now lay in a heap across the room. She made her way over to him, lightly nudging the side of his head with her boot. Then slowly she turned, her arms raised in victory and the drunk men and women lining the side of the room cheered once more.

Two boys shuffled towards the unconscious man and picked him up. Making their way over to the corner, they dumped him unceremoniously onto a chair, letting his head loll forward.

Amaya brushed the specks of dust off her robe before taking a seat at the bar and ordering a drink. Her eyes carefully surveyed the whole room, looking for someone interesting but not spotting anyone she turned back to the bar. She took her drink and was just sipping it when she sensed someone's gaze on her. Turning her head a fraction to the left, Amaya calmly looked at the boy staring at her.

"Can I help you?" She asked, raising her eyebrows lightly.

"Yes, you most certainly can." He drawled, a smirk playing on his lips. Catching the gist of what he was saying, she laughed, her eyes sparkling with amusement as she studied his appearance. The boy had sharp features, high aristocratic cheekbones and pale skin. His black hair hung loosely around his eyes, adding a sultry aspect to his look but it was his eyes that caught her attention. They were unlike any that she had ever seen before; the color of liquid gold.

"Wow." Amaya breathed to herself as she felt her eyes widening. His gaze locked with hers and she cleared her throat hastily, feeling her cheeks burning.

"Wow, indeed." He said, his eyes shamelessly roving up and down her body.

"Eyes up here, mister. I'd hate to ruin that pretty face of yours." Amaya said, once she had regained her composure.

The boy merely chuckled deeply, his eyes sparkling with amusement. "Feisty, I see." He said lightly, taking a sip from his drink. Leaning forward, he placed his mouth next to her ear before speaking. "I like that." He murmured, his warm breath ghosting on her neck.

Amaya shoved him away but he merely smiled in satisfaction at her slightly flushed cheeks. "What's your name?" She asked, abruptly changing the subject.

"Lu Ten." He said. "You?"

"I'm Amaya."

He hummed in acknowledgement and downed his whole drink, causing Amaya to skeptically stare at all the empty shot glasses lined up in front of him. "You usually drink so much this early in the evening?" She questioned.

"Depends..." Lu Ten said quietly, even thought there was a hint of finalization in his voice. Understanding that he probably didn't want to talk about why he was drinking, she did not question him further on the topic. "So, Miss Amaya, where do you come from?"

"Around here, obviously." She said with a roll of her eyes. "You?"

"Oh, around, obviously." He said mockingly, causing Amaya's lips to twitch.

Suddenly, he hooked his foot around the leg of her chair and pulled it forward. Amaya almost fell off but managed to regain her balance just as the chair came to a halt. "A little warning, perhaps." She said irritably. Blatantly ignoring her, Lu Ten's hands moved to her waist and he pressed his body flush against her. Amaya felt the blood rush to her cheeks and shuffled uncomfortably.

"I wouldn't have thought that you of all people would be a prude, Amaya." Lu Ten challengingly.

"You thought right." She said turning her head so that their lips were mere inches apart. A smile played on her lips as she stared into his eyes, which had darkened with lust. Lu Ten leaned in, abruptly closing the distance between them as he pressed his lips against hers. Placing one hand on her neck, he pulled her forward to deepen the kiss while the other rested on her waist.

His tongue nudged her lips open and she parted them. Amaya, all too aware of the taste of alcohol in his mouth and realizing that making out with a drunk boy was hardly appropriate, reluctantly pulled away. She heard him groan at the sudden loss of contact and smiled wryly at him.

"You're drunk." Amaya said softly as she stood up. Reaching into her pocket, she paid for both of their drinks before turning to Lu Ten, only to see that his head was resting on the counter top. Even though she would very much have liked to get out of their, she couldn't just leave him there. Besides, she had a feeling he would have an incredible headache once he woke up.

Frowning, she pulled him up and began to earth bend him upstairs. Unfortunately, though, the second story's floors were made of wood so she laboriously began to pull him into a room.

Kicking open the door, she dragged him in and left him on the floor beside the bed. Yawning, she kicked off her boots before shrugging off her robes, revealing a simple white kimono underneath. Amaya shut the door and locked it before unsheathing her dagger and coin purse and placing them on the dresser beside the bed. Stepping over Lu Ten, she snuggled into the bed and lapsed into a light sleep.

Fire Nation Base - Outer Wall

The light from the flame illuminated the spacious tent, throwing distorted shadows here and there. A mahogany desk stood in the middle of the tent and a man sat behind it, carefully surveying the sheets of parchments sprawled across the tabletop. A merry fire burned a few meters behind the desk at the very back of the tent and two guards in Fire Nation armor manned the entrance to the tent. The general fervently pored over the diagrams of the Outer Wall of Ba Sing Se, underneath which were elaborate and detailed measurements. He continued to survey the parchment for several minutes before leaning back in his chair and tiredly rubbing his eyes.

"Perhaps you would like to step out for a few moments. Get some fresh air." General Iroh said to the two guards at the entrance.

"As you wish, sir." Came the muffled reply from behind the helmet and they turned and exited the tent. Iroh continued to sit there for a few seconds before standing up and moving to a cabinet sitting in the corner of the tent. Pulling it open, he took out a box of tea leaves, some water and a porcelain cup.

A few minutes later he sat comfortably behind his desk, sipping a steaming cup of Ginseng tea. The desk had been tidied up; the parchments neatly stacked in a pile and his writing utensils in their places. He calmly continued to sip his tea, sighing with satisfaction as the steaming tea warmed him up. He relaxed into the chair and had almost fallen asleep when a large commotion was heard outside.

The sound of earth rumbling reached his ears, followed by shouts and then finally a young boyish yell, laced with anger. Iroh stood up and pushed aside the flaps leading into his tents, stepping out into the open. Every eye was fixed on a young boy, of about 17, who was kneeling on the ground. A cut on his cheek and upper lip was bleeding profusely, the blood dripping onto his Earth Kingdom clothing.

"What is the meaning of this?" Iroh said loudly, and at once silence fell.

"General Iroh! This peasant was trying to ambush us." A soldier declared, his hand clutched around the scruff of the boy's shirt.

"NO!" He yelled, enraged. "I wasn't trying to attack anyone."

The soldier hit him hard across the face and the blood continued to flow in little rivulets down his face.

"Enough." Iroh said sharply. "If the boy was here to attack, he would have brought a larger force. I hardly think a child would be stupid enough to ambush the whole Fire Nation Military single handedly." The soldier nodded sheepishly and let go of the boy.

"Take him to my tent and you, fetch the doctor." Iroh ordered. The two soldiers immediately set to the tasks assigned to them and the general turned around to face the soldiers. "How did he get here?"

"He's an earth bender, sir. He tunneled into the ground, presumably from the Inner City and came here. He seemed intent on talking to you but Lee was convinced that he was an assassin." A soldier explained.

Iroh nodded silently and then entered his tent once again. The boy had already earth bended himself a chair and was sitting on it, waiting for Iroh. "General." He greeted.

"What is your name?" Iroh questioned.

"They call me Feng, sir." He said quietly.

"Why are you here?" The general said, as he seated himself behind the desk.

"I am a rogue earth bender, sir. I wish to use my bending prowess in the name of the Fire Nation." Feng said hurriedly, his eyes shining with enthusiasm. "I want to help you breach the walls."

"How do I know that you're not a spy?" Iroh asked.

"Keep me here, in your camps. No one in the city will miss me." Feng said.

Iroh considered him, his eyes carefully studying his expression.

The boy had a raw enthusiasm and he doubted that the soldiers would take to him but an earth bender was exactly what they were looking for. The Fire Nation had been continuing their assault for almost nine months now but had not managed to penetrate the wall, even yet. It was incredibly dense and even after the Outer Wall, there was nothing pleasing on the other side. They would have to cover miles of flat land on foot before arriving at the Inner Wall and once again, the assault would begin. Iroh suspected that without an earth bender it could take at least one more year for them to penetrate both walls.

This process was merely hindered by the earth benders on top of the wall who had relentlessly dropped boulders on them. In addition, every time the Fire Nation made any progress, the earth benders would once again repair the wall.

"Very well." Iroh said decisively.

"And what will I get in return, General?" Feng asked, his eyes glinting as a smirk played on his lips.

"500 gold pieces?" Iroh offered.

"I would have thought that the Fire Nation would pay a heftier price for an earth bender." Feng drawled. "I am talking 2500 gold pieces."

"2000." Iroh said firmly.

"2200." Feng promptly said.

"2100." Iroh said firmly. "My final price."


Lu Ten stirred, his vision swimming dangerously as he opened his eyes. His head felt like it was about to split open and he groaned in pain. Not yet realizing that there was someone else in the room, Lu Ten rolled over onto his stomach and slowly began to heave himself up on all fours. He jumped violently when an arm circled his waist and helped him up. He leaned gratefully onto the support and whoever it was gently laid him down onto a bed.

"How do you feel?" A female voice said, managing to penetrate his hazy senses.

Lu Ten at once jerked forward, realizing that it was a girl that had helped him up. He hastily ran a hand over his body to check that he was fully dressed and sighed with relief as he felt the coarse material of his clothing underneath his fingers.

He heard the girl laugh and slowly he felt his headache receding, as his vision sharpened. "Water." He managed to croak out.

"Yeah, sure. Just hold on a second." She said, reaching over to a jug of water and an empty glass which were perched on the dresser. Filling up the glass, she handed it to him and watched with amusement as he greedily downed it all. Setting aside the glass, Lu Ten stared carefully at the girl who was now perched on the edge of the bed, right next to his legs. She was pretty, with jet black hair that fell to her shoulders, and one strand hanging in between her eyes. Her grey eyes watched him worriedly and her lips were curved into an uncertain smile.

Some part of his mind recognized her and he felt snippets of their conversation returning to him. The shameless flirting, the kiss. He felt himself jolt again, his fingers reaching up to touch his lips uncertainly.

"I'm sorry." Lu Ten blurted out suddenly, feeling his breath catching in his throat as she looked at him questioningly. "For kissing you. I was a little drunk." He said hurriedly before moving to get out of the bed. However, a hand reached out, blocking his escape.

"You shouldn't go around running so soon, Lu Ten. You did drink a lot." She said with a concerned smile. "And it's okay." She said with another one of her adorable smiles.

Lu Ten stupidly stared at her, suddenly curious to find out what it felt like to kiss her red lips. Noticing his intense gaze, Amaya looked up at him and looked expectantly at him. When he remained silent, she reached over to the dresser and handed him a steaming cup. "Here, I thought you might need this once you woke up."

Lu Ten took it, smiling gratefully at her. As he silently sipped his tea, she got up and moved towards the window. He took this opportunity to stare avidly at her, hating how he was suddenly acting like a pervert. But try as hard as he might, he could not tear his eyes from her body, which was clad in a rather clingy kimono.

Shaking himself hard, he mentally reproached himself. He was the esteemed prince of the Fire Nation and a high ranking soldier, he did not go around ogling at random girls.

"It's Amaya, isn't it?" Lu Ten said from the other side of the room.

She turned around to look at him and nodded slightly. Amaya glanced once more at the sky that was visible through the window and then moved to the chair on which her things were piled. "Well, since you're awake, I'll be going now." She said hesitantly. She didn't mind taking care of Lu Ten but the tension in the air was becoming too much for her and she could sense Lu Ten's wandering gaze.

Amaya hurried pulled on her boots and fastened the buckle before shrugging on her robe. She made her way over to dresser beside the bed and picked up her coin purse and dagger. Attaching them to her belt, she was just about to turn away when Lu Ten's hand closed around her wrist.

"Thank you." He said with a boyish smile. "For everything."

"You're welcome." Amaya said, her own lips curving into a smile as she looked at Lu Ten's wide grin. She turned away from him and opened the door.

"I'll see you around." He called from the bed. Amaya shot him one last smile before shutting the door as she exited the room. Even so, she caught the two words which he said to himself before the door clicked shut.

"I hope."

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