By Gingalover Part of the Ginga Densetsu Avatar continuity.
Earth Kingdom throne room
Ba Sing Se
Physical information

Earth Kingdom


High ranking City (temporary), ghost town

Form of Government

Primeval (under one king/queen), none


Unnamed King (temporary), Hougen (temporary), none


Dai Li (temporary)

First appearance
  • Book 2: Earth ~ Ba Sing Se - Book 2: Earth ~ World so Cold
  • Book 4: Air ~ GB's last stand
Location on map
Northeast Earth Kingdom

Ba Sing Se was once the most lively and largest city in the world. It went under ruling of a great Earth King, going under ranking throughout the city from rich rank (nearby the palace), and low rank (near the borders). The city was under management to the Dai Li, whom were like the police in Ba Sing Se.

However when the Earth King was killed and Hougen took control, the city's ranking changed so much that it turned into a ghost town! Hougen had turned humans there to slaves, resulting in the whole town deserted. What was once a thriving city was now only home to any animal passing through, like a small bird or a scurrying mouse.

Book 2 - Known residents

Dai Li

Team Avatar

- Tom

- Genba

Book 4 - Known residents

- Hougen

- Bat

- Bruge

- Kite

Events in Ba Sing Se

  1. The death of the Earth King, killed during invasion from Hougen. Scene of Aang's "Death".
  2. Fire Nation Lord Hougen took control over Ba Sing Se.
  3. Ba Sing Se turned into a ghost town.
  4. Transformed into Hougen Forest

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