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Ganto - Airbender From Northern Air Temple





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June 6th ,2012

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The Island.

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It's been many hours since they left the island,Ganto waked up.

Teo turns to Ganto happily"Hey Ganto, look there is the bid and huge city of Ba Sing Se! "points down.

Ganto looks down, enjoyed the amazing city behind the wall. "Wow.... " He stammered.

"Can't believe my eyes, it's so huge! " Teo exclaimed in excitement.

"Yeah, it's totally huge... " Ganto said.

"Welcome to the city of the opportunities, well.... That's how people call it." Teo said. Ganto just giggling out, looking back at the amazing great city.

"Where exactly should we land?" Teo asked.

" I don't know.. " Ganto looks around.

Teo looks down searching for a place where to land.

"Most of city is crowed with people.. Where can we land? " Ganto said and keep looking.

Teo search for a place, "Outside the city? " he shrugged.

"Maybe.... Because I don't see any other place where to land " Ganto answered.

"What if we search deeper? Maybe is less crowded there. " Teo sad.


"Or maybe in a roof"Teo asked.

"What about.....That "Ganto points to not so heavily crowded and not many houses are around there.

"That looks perfect to me, let's go down there"He said.

Ropa growls and lands on ground.Teo looks excited."I can't wait to meet the big city! And the Dai li's!"

Ganto smiling, "So do I"

"We're so close,so close,so close, so close, wow that looks very familiar" Teo exclaimed excited "we're her,we're here,we're here.....Yeah we're here!"

Ganto glares at Teo, "Yes,we are..."

Teo ignores Ganto's glare and raises his arms, "Yes!"

"Okay..First,we need to find a place where to stay" Ganto said.

"What about the place where your family stayed when they survived from the war?"

"There?It's been a long time since I were there,but okay..Let's go and check"

Teo nods and follows Ganto as looking around.

"It's pretty far away from here,we will get there after an hour"

"Excellent! Then we can take a look around while we get there"

"Yep,we can"He smiles.

"Great!"Teo looks around while following Ganto."this city has everything"

"Yeah,it has..."Ganto remembers something,he get sad.

Turns to Ganto and gets worried "Is. Everything alright Ganto?"

"M-my mother...She...."

Teo gasp and looks down "She died here?"

"Yes,when I was 6... I remember it as yesterday,At night,everything was calm..The wind didn't blow at all.I was in my room,then I heard some one getting in,i walked out..And then I saw him,the one who killed my mother,a firebender..He grabed me and was about to kill me,i mother heard that and ran out,then she said. Leave my son alone,please! .Then firebender firebend at my father came home from work,he gasped and angrily looked at firebender,he attacked the firbender..meanwhile I saw her dying...My father almost killed the firbender,but spared his life and said If I will ever see you again,i won't spare your life!...." Tears appears in Ganto's eyes.

Teo touches Ganto's arm comfortly "I never met my mother, to be realistic. My father alway took care of me, I miss her anyways"

Ganto looks at Teo "Better let's change subject and talk about something else..."

Teo naps back from his thoughts "yeah..better"

Ganto keep walking to his old home.

Teo follows Ganto silently.

1 hours and few minutes later they finally ge there."We're almost there..."

Teo looks up "was it really this far?"

"Yep.."Ganto stops and points to old and abandoned house"there it is..."

Teo looks at the house and then turns worried to Ganto."If you want..we can stay in another place"

"It's okay,i can stay there..But if you want other place,i can find one"

Yeo waves his hands "it's okay with me"

"Alright "He alks to the house and opes door using strong wind.

Teo follows Ganto inside the house taking a look at it "It's been a long time...."

"I know..."

Teo looks at the house with mouth open.

Ganto walks inside and looks around.

"You okay with...staying here?"

"Yes..I am..."

"If you say so... "goes deeper the house looking at it.

"I'll clean this house first..."Ganto gets ready to airbend.

"Okay , I'll look around"

Ganto starts to airbend dust and even some insects away.

30 minutes late house is completely clean,almost like new."wow Ganto, your family has many relics here"

Ganto is tired from work and sits down "I know,here we left lot of stuff"

"And why did you moved to the air temple?"

"No one have been in the air temple's after war...The only air temple where people lived was Northern temple,my father decided to move there"

"To keep you safe?"

"Yes,after what happened..My father didn't want to let anything happen to me,so we stayed there"

"Okay let's go to buy food " Teo goes to the exit.

"Alright" Ganto follows Teo,closes door behind him.

"You remember where the shop is?"

"Uhh..." Ganto tries to remember"Not really...." Suddenly he remembered, "Wait, I got it!"

Teo turns to Ganto "What exactly?"

"The shop! I hope it is still there..."

"Then let's head to the shop"

Ganto walked to the shop. Teo follows Ganto thinking at the same time. Ganto walks deeply in city then stops"Here is the shop"he points to the shop.

Teo gasped, "Well, for a 6 year old boy, and having a little of amnesia... You have a good memory"

"I know, I remember everything fast...." He smiled.

Teo smiled back, "Now, let's hurry before it gets dark"

Ganto gets in the shop.

Teo looks around and stops "what should we take? Like some fruits?"

"Yeah, fruits will be great"

"Alright, then we'll take fruits "Teo goes to the fruits and takes some.

"What else should we take?Maybe some vegetables?"

"Alright,you go for the vegetables"

Ganto goes to vegetables and takes some.

"Should I take some tea?" whispers as he placed a hand on his chin thinking.

"Yes,that would be great"

"Alright what kind of tea do you like?" moves of place to observe the teas.

"Green Tea"

"Alright " Teo takes some green teas and goes to pay "we're done I guess."

"Yep, we are."

"Okay" Teo goes to pay and gives the things to the woman" how much is it?"

"That will be 16 Yuans."Said the seller.

Teo takes some coins from his pocket "Ganto, have some money?"

Ganto takes out 10 Yuans "It's all I have"

Teo takes the 10 and looks at the coins and gives it to the woman "This will do"

"Alright" Seller took the money. "Have a nice day..."

"Thanks" Teo takes the bag and goes out of the shop"Phew that was close"

Ganto walks out "Yeah, totally"

Teo starts heading to the house"Are you planing to stay here for a long time?"

"Yeah,for some months"

"Alright, now let's get back." Said Teo and they went home.

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