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Collision Course

Captain Ba was a Fire Nation officer in the later years of the War, serving during the reign of Fire Lord Azulon. His final mission was escorting Ruon to a port that would take him to the Fire Nation.



Ba was born into a poor Fire Nation family in the outer islands. After his Firebending talents were discovered, his family began his training, pushing him to master the art in order to gain a flow of income into their house. Ba joined the Navy at the age of 17, sending his pay home to support his family. Ba worked diligently while employed in the Navy, ensuring he was not discharged or forced to take a pay cut.

He fought in many battles against the Earth Kingdom Navy, earning the respect of those around him as well as his commanding officers. He was eventually promoted to Captain, a rank he remained content with for many years. He had an excellent reputation in completing his missions, though they were frequently of little importance. Ba nonetheless took pride in his accomplishments, severely reprimanding those who he felt responsible for his failures.

Eventually, in 92 AG, Ba was tasked with transporting Councilman Ruon from his post in Yu Dao back to the Fire Nation islands for medical attention. In order to assure protection, Ba ordered his ship flanked by several jet skis. When these vehicles were destroyed and his ship boarded, Ba retreated to the bottom deck to ensure Ruon's safety. When Shenji, Kuro, and Kuan arrive, Ba attacks them along with some of his remaining soldiers. Ba is defeated and frozen to the ship's floor as the enemy soldiers enter Ruon's quarters. After spending an extended period in the room, the group leaves and escapes from the ship.

Later in the day, Inata and Tazo board the ship looking for supplies in their search for the same soldiers that attacked Ba. The two free Ba and suggest he warm up in the sun in order to prepare for revenge. After enough preparations, Ba is shocked to see Inata holding a bloody dagger which he found in the bottom level of the ship. Consumed by rage, Ba vows revenge and agrees to follow Inata and Tazo on their quest to kill their newly mutual enemies.

When the three Firebenders encounter their targets, Ba becomes enraged and begins attacking Shenji, deducing that a non-bender would be most likely to use a knife to kill. The enemies duel for an extended period, ending when Shenji inadvertently cuts Ba's throat, slowly killing him through suffocation.


Ba is characterized by his perfectionism. From a young age, he was convinced that perfection was the only way to provide for his family and later that it was the only way to advance in the Navy. He is known for issuing harsh punishments for failures, especially negligence and a minor failure that would lead to a larger problem. His anger was frequently expressed when his underlings failed to complete their assignments.


Eyepatched firebender

Ba Firebending.

Ba was a competent Firebender, killing many enemies throughout his years of military service. His abilities kept his underlings obeying his orders in order to prevent violence. When in combat, Ba was single-minded on killing his enemies, especially if they wronged him. While attacking Shenji, Ba used large fire strikes in an attempt to kill his enemy. In addition to his powerful offense, Ba is also shown using Firebending for defense as well, utilizing small fire bursts near his body to prevent Shenji from striking his body.


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