By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe II continuity.
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Knight Cooper PT2

BEN is a young and cheeky member of the SCP. Often confused by newcomers, and sometimes old friends, as a particular green kid swordsman of the Zelda series, BEN is probably one of a couple of kids who Slenderman decided to enroll into the foundation.

He was made famous in the real world for his unique (yet disturbing) story, whom haunted a majova's mask cartridge, and completely changed the plot. He made the music go backwards, remove other NPC's, and even cursed the real link with a statue that popped up wherever he went. He especially hated that glitch on how he can continue longer than the 3 days he supposed so he hacked it in to literally kill him each time he tried! The only one who never mixes up him with Link is Toph, who says that his footsteps and soul are unmistakable.

Avatar: New Universe II

BEN first appears with Smile Dog and Ghost, when he was given a special mission to get Suki and Longshot. He was actually supposed to be used as bait for Pyramid Head so he can leave Smile Dog and Ghost alone, but BEN didn't know that. He immediately tries to go in and challenge Longshot, but he was just dropped outside, obviously not being feared.

He reveals later on that he is able to take control over electrical devices when he takes over one of Penelope's robots and then her black knight suit, but not before he bowed and gagged Penelope upside-down. He changes the plans from an invasion to a recruiting mission to find Suki and Longshot. Before he could though, Azula had already done it and he simply lets Galleth go and goes with her for the transport.

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