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The Request

It was late Friday night and Azulon was enjoying his tea. Normally Azulon would have been calm and relaxed but tonight he was not. Iroh was returning home without a son, oh Lu Ten. Azulon had always thought that Iroh and Lu Ten were the most important things in the world after Ilah died but now Iroh was all that was left.

The next night the news went to Ozai who asked for an audience with the Fire Lord. "Father. Iroh has lost the final link of his family. With lu ten gone who will take his place as Fire Lord. "I should become the Fire Lord due to the Fact that I have two surviving children," Ozai said.

Azulon was applauded he would never skip over Iroh not at any time on any day. "HOW DARE YOU SUGGEST THAT I BETRAY IROH. AND NOW YOUR PUNISHMENT SHALL FIT YOUR CRIMES!"

Ozai would have to kill Zuko.

Ozai cries out in pain

Ozai's death

Ozai knew that if he did his father would give him the throne so he was on his way to Zuko's room that night when Ursa arrived home. "NO, don't kill him!" she shouted. "I must become Fire Lord for the good of the nation I must do this. '"No you don't I have a plan and the means to do it!"

Ozai had to admit that Ursa had surprised him. That night Ursa delivered Azulon's nightly tea. But she had snuck poison into it. Azulon drank it. "It does not taste right who made th...." Then the Fire Lord yelled in rage as the poison stopped him from breathing and tightened his body "What have you done!" Azulon roared. "Azulon, you crossed the line when you tried to kill my son!" Ursa said.

"Fools. You are banished and now you die." Azulon blasted out with a wave of flames the lightning but Ozai stopped them all. "Have a nice rest father." Ozai said stabbing him with a fire dagger.

At 95 AG 12:00 in the morning the same time as his birth Azulon died.

"No one can find the body. Hide it when you leave," Ozai ordered. He then placed a note on the Fire Lords seat that said that Ozai was next in line for the throne.

But time caught up with Ozai as when he scarred Zuko the spirits released Aang who would kill Ozai on the royal throne in the Avatar State.

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