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The Second Prince

Fire Lord Azulon is the tyrannical ruler of the Fire Nation, the father of Iroh and Ozai. If all Fire Lords are Firebending Masters, Azulon is a Firebending prodigy, enabling him, among other things, to create blue flames. He is believed to be one of the most powerful Firebenders of his time.

The only child of feared Fire Lord Sozin and Fire Lady Hirohitaba, Azulon is the husband of Ilah and the eventual grandfather of Lu Ten, Zuko and Azula. He was the husband of Ilah and by her had two children, Iroh and Ozai. As soon as he reached the appropriate age, he served alongside his father in the early stages of the War. His father died when he was twenty, making Azulon one of the youngest Fire Lords to ever reign.

Like his father before him, Azulon sought to conquer the other nations and become the supreme ruler of the world. However, being born on the very day Sozin used the Great Comet of Power to destroy the entire Air Nomad civilization, he knew it was very unlikely for him to live long enough to harness the might of the Comet and end the War. This only hardened his conviction and determination ; all his life he desperately tried to win the War without any help of the Comet, which would have made him a god to his people ; his fame would have eclipsed his father's. He is remembered as one of the strongest and most effective Fire Lords in history.


Early life (0 AG - 20 AG)

Azulon was born at the exact minute Sozin's Comet entered the atmosphere of the world of Avatar. Some have supposed this is what made him such a powerful Firebender, and what allowed him to eventually live for so long.

Azulon grew up with fear of his father, Fire Lord Sozin, who constantly pressured him, never appreciating or complimenting Azulon's progress. This forged Azulon, as he eventually decided to settle only on perfection. Under the constant pressure and stress, by the age of 12, Crown Prince Azulon had effectively become a Firebending Master.

Seeking to earn his father's love and respect, Azulon tried to gain prestige by hunting down a dragon ; however, most of them had already been killed or tamed by Sozin's armies or Sozin himself. They were rumored to be extinct. At age 14, he started a desperate quest to find the missing Avatar, who had been missing since the beginning of the War. He failed, unsurprisingly, but he knew he couldn't go home empty-handed, as he didn't dare imagine his father's reaction. By a huge stroke of luck, he however stumbled on a very old dragon who had been hiding on the top of the Si Wong Rock in the Earth Kingdom. After an outstanding battle which lasted a whole day, Azulon returned to the Fire Nation at age 17, victorious, having killed what he thought was the last dragon.

When Azulon turned 18, Sozin's brought his son with him constantly on the battlefield. Azulon started immediately with the rank of general. This is around this time that he became acquainted with Colonel Hayao .

Pohuai Stronghold

Pohuai Stronghold, Azulon's main base in the taking of the Hu Xin Provinces

In a single year, Azulon became a legend among his troops, as he conquered the entire Hu Xin Provinces save from its northern borders and its capital, Taku. Azulon, now head of half of his father's army, was still not powerful enough to defeat the powerful city ; he instead decided to prepare for the eventual battle against Taku by building a series of strongholds around the city, effectively blockading it. Based in Pohuai Stronghold, Azulon waited for the army led by Sozin to arrive, striking regularly fast attacks on the towns of the nearby Qi Wan Dhi Provinces. His father's army arrived six months later ; Taku, from this moment, was already doomed.

The once grand city of Taku

During the Battle of Taku, one of the bloodiest slaughters of the War, Azulon, then aged 19, disobeyed a direct order from his father. Although this made the Fire Nation win the battle and take over a key place in their conquest of the Earth Kingdom, Sozin partially burnt his lower left leg. It was a way to teach obedience. Azulon still has the scar.

In the following year, Azulon's forces alone pierced through the Qi Wan Dhi Provinces, which culminated in the apocalyptic Battle of Garsai. This was later considered to be Azulon's greatest victory.

Sozin died soon after in his sleep, and Azulon was crowned Fire Lord in the twentieth year after the coming of Sozin's Comet.

Reign as Fire Lord (20 AG - present)

Active role on the Front and Home Front (20 AG - 52 AG)

The taking of Taku and Garsai reinforced the position of the Fire Nation in the western Earth Kingdom, as many minor cities and villages were left leaderless and without a regular and trained army. Under his reign, he continued to push the Earth Kingdom forces east towards the capital of Ba Sing Se. He soon conquered all the lands between Garsai and the Si Wong Desert and went north to the southernmost banks of the Western Serpent's Lake. Soon most northwestern lands in the Earth Kingdom were Fire Nation.

Southern Raiders flag

The insignia of the Southern Raiders

Azulon was also responsible for the almost complete destruction of the Southern Water Tribe. Indeed, unlike its more spiritual sister tribe which had secluded itself in 15 AG, the Southern Water Tribe, whose culture was more inclined towards warfare, helped the southern Earth Kingdom against the Fire Nation, organized raids and slowed down the progress of the Fire Nation Navy in the Southern Ocean. Starting around 40 AG, he began ordering regular attacks on the tribe's main city and villages in an attempt to destroy the tribe. The Southern Raiders were created to carry out these attacks. Their main objective was to capture the tribe's Waterbenders, who were seen as the greatest threat to Fire Nation dominance ; Azulon imprisoned the Waterbenders in large internment camps in the Fire Nation.

Fire Nation map

The walls built on the coasts can be clearly seen on this map as bolder black lines.

Azulon's main quality was to always think things through ; although very unlikely, the possibility of an attack on the Fire Nation mainland was still a threat. He thus decreed early in his reign a series of measures to protect the Fire Nation : this included, but isn't limited to, the construction of walls on the archipelago's edges and battlements in the Capital, the creation of a more effective war economy which crushed the people but helped build more weapon factories, the renovation and extension of Fire Lord Sozin's Bunker under the volcano of the Capital and, last but not least, the building of the Great Gates of Azulon, which protected the main island.

Time at home (52 AG - present)

Around 52 AG and the birth of his second son, Ozai, Azulon began to regularly leave the battlefields to oversee the education of his elder son, Crown Prince Iroh, who was nearing his 16th year. He made sure that nothing interfered with Iroh's intensive training. His relationship with Iroh knew bitter moments around this time.

Personality and Traits

Azulon was a frightening and cruel man who always demanded perfection. His striving for perfection was so important that it deteriorated his relationship with the ones who were close to him, sometimes for a limited period of time, sometimes forever.

Azulon was also ruthless. He was ready to do whatever it took to achieve his goals, even if it meant attacking his elder son with potentially lethal attacks. He also led many of the villages of the Fire Nation to ruin by placing the War's interests before those of his own people.

Physical appearance

Azulon's portrait

Azulon as depicted on his official portrait.

In the middle of his life, Azulon was a strong tall man, towering at a height of 6 feet tall. Despite his strong musculature, he was trim and thin. At age 52, he was a little balding, with waist-long black hair. He sported a goatee and a mustache. His eyes were the colour of pale gold and as all Fire Nation citizens his skin was rather pale.

Azulon's left lower leg was adorned with a deep scar, his skin molten by the blazing bite of the flames his father Sozin had firebent at him.


Azulon was one of the greatest Firebenders that ever lived, a prodigy. He was able to firebend for the first time at the incredibly young age of 4, and as stated above was a master at age 12. He spontaneously generated blue fire which was hotter and more intense than the regular orange or yellow flames. He also used Firebending in very personal and diverse ways, such as creating spheres of fire from which he summoned more classical attacks, such as fireballs, or heating up his fingers enough to allow him to put them in the ground to slow him down without any damage made to his phalanges.

Azulon was also able to incinerate things on sight, as he showed when he burnt down a portrait of Sozin simply by focusing on it. However, this needed tremendous concentration and hatred to do so, as well as having a dry subject. To burn a soaked cloth or someone was nearly impossible, as both objects held too much water, when it was rather easy to burn down a wooden house.

Azulon also had a genius-level intellect, making him one of the greatest minds of the Fire Nation and one of the most feared strategists.

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