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Revenge and Debts





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February 20, 2011

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The Cliffs

Azula staggered through the woods. She was tired, more tired than she's ever been in her life. But soon, she would rest easy, knowing that she was victorious at last..

Yesterday, she had been locked up in a prison. The loyal guards were always respectful, except one. She had destroyed him out of pure rage and hate, and as she looked on, she began to have a plan. She blew her fingers to ward off the smoke, and started screaming. Guards flocked to her cell.

"What is it, Princess?"

"The guard...he...he...threw fire at me, and I threw it back in defense, and he got hit by the flames!" She pretended to not know exactly what happened.

"We'll move him, Princess."

Then, she generated her lightning. "I'm horribly sorry, but I'm getting out of this place. Zu-Zu needs justice."

To the guards, she lit up the room with an incredible heat wave, and knocked them out. But to Azula, she merely generated a weak blast of lightning. At least there was a hole in the wall, large enough to escape through. She propelled herself out of the prison with several large fire blasts, and laughed cruelly.

"My brother may be a coward, but the Avatar might pose a real threat. No matter. I'll just kill him too."

So here she was, walking aimlessly through a forest, wondering what to do next, when she happened upon a village. Here, she will humble herself, she decided, and try to lose her regal demeanor. Otherwise, her brother will find out where she is and send the entire army to apprehend her again. She could sell her gold jewelry to earn some money, and live off of that. Azula walked casually to the marketplace, and took a few large breaths. This could take some work.

Indifferent Azula

Azula @ marketplace

The market women looked at her curiously, with her oddly-colored eyes and regal stature.

"Um...may I please have some?" Good, not at all a bad try.

"Which do you want, dear?"

"Oh, never mind that. Just anything." Not looking good, Azula silently berated herself.

The woman silently filled a basket, and Azula gave her some money. Then she took the basket and walked away.

"What a curious girl." The woman wondered.

Azula didn't notice. She had a pit stop to make. A retired army officer lived around here with his mother. Filthy half-life. She knew someone as cowed as that would never tell anyone she was here. She knocked on the door.

"Yes?" A wheezy old groan came from the inside.

"I am Princess Azula. Bow down and let me in."

The man fell to the floor and uttered a moan. "L-l-Lady Azula" he said fearfully. "I am Yon Rha, former captain of the Southern Raiders."

"I don't care who you are. Just get me the latest news, now."

"Well, the Avatar and the new Fire Lord are vacationing in Ba Sing Se..."

"Excellent. I must be off now." Azula said haughtily. Then she kills Yon Rha and his irritable mother with one fire blast. As they lay dying, she smirks. "Zu-Zu will come back to find the palace in ruins."

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