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This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Ozai and Azula
Azula and Ozai's Plot
"So, is the boat ready for our plot of revenge?"
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Sozin's Comet, Part 4: Avatar Aang



Azula and Ozai's Plot takes place fifteen years in the future. Everyone is at peace. Except two people.

Production History

I thought of the name while I was watching Sozin's Comet. The original name was Azula and Ozai's Revenge, but I didn't want to copy off VJavatar's great story Azula's Revenge. I never really thought about putting it up on Fanon, but here I am. I thought what if Azula and Ozai came back and tried to get rid of Team Avatar, and then the rest of the World.


The story is set fifteen years since Sozin's Comet last came. The setting takes place all over the world, from the Southern Water Tribe to the heart of Ba Sing Se.


Fifteen years have passed since Sozin's Comet last came and The War ended, everyone has been living peacefully, everyone seems happy. Except for two people. Azula and Ozai have been miserable for the last fifteen years. Azula as been at a mental health facility, where she is monitored around the clock. Zuko made sure his sister was treated better than most people. Ozai was imprisoned at the Capitol City Prison. Zuko made regular visits here. He also made sure Ozai was treated with better care, but as a punishment for trying to bring an end to the world he had punishments to go under. Now, everyone else is happy Avatar Aang married Katara, settled down at the Southern Water Tribe, and had four kids. Sokka and Suki have settled down at the Southern Water Tribe, and have had two kids. Toph has become the heir to the throne and will be the next Earth Queen and has opened a school for metalbending, Fire Lord Zuko has found his mother hiding out in the Earth Kingdom and has settled down in the Fire Nation Royal Palace with his wife Fire Lady Mai, his son and his daughter. Iroh is now happily retired and still running the Jasmine Dragon. But, Azula and Ozai won't give up they want revenge and Team Avatar knows they will be back, so they will scour the world to find them. Team Avatar was back!

The Adults

Team Avatar fanart

Most of the characters in this fanon.

Air Nomads

Aang: The 27 year old Avatar, husband to Katara, father to his two sons, Wu Lee and Han, and his two daughters Kya and Kua Mai.

Water Tribe

Katara: The 29 year old Waterbending Master, wife to Aang, and mother to four children.

Sokka: The 30 year old hero, husband to Suki, father to Quan and Min Lee, second in command to his father, and next chief to the Southern Water Tribe.

Earth Kingdom

Suki: The 30 year old leader of the Kyoshi Warriors, wife to Sokka, mother to two children.

Toph: The 27 year old Earthbending Master, she is the heir to the throne after Earth King Kuei.

Fire Nation

Zuko: The 31 year old Fire Lord, Firebending Master, husband to Mai, and father to Prince Lu Ten and Princess Ty Ming.

Iroh: The 78 year old Firebending Master, owner of the Jasmine Dragon, and stays with Mai and Ursa to watch the kids.

Mai: The 30 year old Fire Lady, wife to Zuko, mother to two children, stays with Ursa and Iroh to watch the kids.

Ty Lee: The 29 year old Kyoshi Warrior, second in command to Suki.

Ursa: Mother to Zuko and Azula, former wife of Ozai, stays with Mai and Iroh to watch the kids.

Azula: The 29 year old former Fire Nation princess, plots revenge against the world with her father.

Ozai: The former Fire Lord, father to Zuko and Azula, plots revenge with his daughter.

Phoenix Raiders: A group of 50 guards assigned to guard Ozai and Azula. They are secretly working with Ozai and Azula.

The Kids

Air Nomads

Wu Lee: Aang and Katara's 6 year old, Airbending son. He is best friends with Quan.

Kua Mai: Aang and Katara's 2 year old, Airbending daughter. She is best friends with Min Lee

Water Tribe

Kahn: Aang and Katara's 5 year old, Waterbending son. He is best friends with Prince Lu Ten.

Kya: Aang and Katara's 4 year old, Waterbending daughter, named after Katara's mother. She is best friends with Princess Ty Ming.

Earth Kingdom

Quan: Sokka and Suki's 6 year old, Earthbending son. He is best friends with Wu Lee.

Min Lee: Sokka and Suki's 3 year old daughter, training to become a Kyoshi Warrior under her mother. She is best friends with Kua Mai

Fire Nation

Princess Ty Ming: Zuko and Mai's 7 year old, Firebending daughter. She best friends with Kya.

Prince Lu Ten: Zuko and Mai's 6 year old, Firebending son, named after Iroh's son. He is best friends with Kahn.

The Animals

Appa: Aang's flying bison.

Momo: Aang's flying lemur.


  • The original name was Azula and Ozai's Revenge, but I didn't want to copy VJavatar's great story.

Azula and Ozai's Plot Chapters
Book One: Water
Jailbreak - Word Gets Out - To the Southern Water Tribe - The Assault on the Southern Water Tribe, Part 1 - The Assault on the Southern Water Tribe, Part 2
Book Two: Earth
Book Three: Fire
Book 4: Air
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