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Have you ever heard the country/western song 'Alyssa Lies' by Jason Michael Carroll? Ever since I first listened to it, I knew I was going to write a parody. It was too perfect a syllabic opportunity to pass up. I wrote this awhile back, and it got favorable comments from my Avatar-fan friends, but I think my readers will especially appreciate it, because it hints at events that occur in 'Air' (vaguely), which no one ever understood.

So, here we are! This is a song parody, so it works best if you know the tune. Enjoy!

Azula Lies

"My little girl is a monster?"
Ursa's aversion
Was clear as she treated
Baby turtleduck's concussion.
"She didn't just find him," Zuko cries
He bravely goes on, "Azula always lies."
Ursa didn't know what to say
As Zuko continued, "Azula wanted me to play
"With her down at the pond,
"Throwing bread loaves at the babies, running from the mom."
And he said

Azula lies; she's a bad girl
Azula lies; you'd be so appalled
Azula lies; she's no angel
And she fries her ev'ry toy and doll.

"My little girl looks so innocent,
"Her eyes so big and wide,
"Eyes tearing, lips trembling."
'Mother, how could you think that I would lie?'
Ursa sadly shakes her head
"Azula, tell me truly,
Did you aim at the duck's head?"

But Azula lied to her mother
When Azula lies, her stories sell
Azula lies, there's no denyin'
When she lies, not even Toph can tell.

Nothing's changed much over all these years
'Cept that now we know Azula's only fears.
To be treated just like Zuko, or betrayed
Just like she was, at the Boiling Rock by Ty Lee and Mai.

"My little girl, I always
"Loved your dark and lustrous mane
"Why did you so cruelly cut it?
"Why'd you so eas'ly go insane?"
Now Zuko sits on the Fire throne
And locked up tight is Azula
Safe from hurting anyone.

But she still lies, into the darkness
She still lies, and giggles to herself
Azula lies to her warden
Because her sanity flew off it's shelf.

They don't realize
That someone's just biding their time
Azula always lies

Always remember, don't forget why
Azula lies.

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