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Biographical information

Fire Nation

Birth place

Fire Nation Capital




86 AG

Physical description


Hair color


Personal information
Weapon of choice


Bending style(s)



Ozai, Fire Lord Zuko, Iroh, Lu Ten, Ursa, Azulon, Sozin


Admiral Shinzou, Long Feng, The Red Revolt


Avatar Aang, Hokai, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Iroh, Fire Lord Zuko, Ty Lee, Mai, Kuei

Chronological and political information
  • Firebending Prodigy
  • Leader of the Red Revolt
  • Leader of the Dai Li (formerly)
  • Heir to the Fire Nation throne (formerly)
  • Azula's team (formerly)
  • Fire Nation
  • Red Revolt
  • Dai Li (formerly)
Azula is the former Fire Nation Princess and Heir to the throne, the former Earth Kingdom Queen, and the current leader of the Red Revolt.


Azula was born as the second child of Fire Lord Sozin and her mother Ursa in 86 AG, two years after the birth of her brother, Zuko. She was born after her famous Grandfather, Fire Lord Sozin.

Azula spend her childhood in the idyllic surroundings of the Fire Nation Royal Palace. Her sharp wits and the fact that she was a Firebending prodigy gained her great attention and acclaim, which quickly made her Ozai's favorite child. Her father began raising her as his true heir from an early stage, taking her into his confidence and grooming her in politics, while on the other hand neglecting Zuko. At a young age she attended the Fire Nation Royal Academy for girls, where she met Mai and Ty Lee, two daughters of Fire Nation nobles.

Even when she was only nine years old, Azula displayed her natural talents, along with her tendency for perfection. She had a great pleasure teasing and embarrassing her brother, Zuko. She felt enormous love and compassion towards her father, but no to her mother.

After her Grandfather died she was watching her father's coronation with glee. No love developed between her and Zuko throughout the next few years, as Ozai apparently began to favor her more over her brother during this period.

Azula, alongside Iroh and Zhao, watched Zuko's Agni Kai with his father. When Ozai burned her brother's face, she was seen smiling, along with Zhao. When Zuko was banished from the Fire Nation, Azula officially became Ozai's successor. For the next three years, she would continue her training in Firebending, strategy, and combat.

When Admiral Zhao's attack on the Northern Water Tribe failed she was summoned by her father to deal with the newly developed problem personally. She hunted Zuko and her Uncle, until she realized that there was an even greater prize awaiting her; the Avatar. She eventually found and battled Aang in Ba Sing Se, after the coup.

After the coup at Ba Sing Se Azula was an important figure during the Invasion of the Fire Nation and officially became the successor of her father, as the new Fire Lord.

After the Agni Kai with her brother Azula was transferred to a health facility, but eventually she was freed by members of the Red Revolt and became their new leader, after Admiral Shinzou's powers depleted. She led the Red Revolt Navy during the Battle for the North.

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